Wuhou Tongbei

Wuhou Tongbei or ​Five Monkey Tongbei cuan belongs to Wudang internal fist form. There are two meanings: firstly, through blood communication in arms and back and interconnection between the arms, body is thorough connected. Secondly ,it stands for long and flexible body of monkey.

Wuhou Tongbi also called five Monkey Tongbi fist which is belongs to Wudang fist form. There are two meanings of five monkey fist: firstly, connect the palm of the hand and the back by the circulation of blood. Secondly, five monkey fist represent the longevity and flexible body. It based on the theory of five elements of yin and yang.(yin yang is the two opposing principle in nature) mental, wood, water, fire, earth is correspondence with the palm of hand, namely, five basic techniques throwing, slapping, smashing, thrusting, and drilling.

Traditional Chinese martial arts cultivate interior and exterior of the individual. These methods are based on single-person operations and individual sneak attacks.

So the Tongbi fist emphasizes on swift hands, light body, flexible steps, and hard power. It looks simple and refined while we are practicing it, considering the shoulder as root, the arms swing like whips but as hard as steel. Zhang Ce five-element Tongbi fist is rich and varied, the movements in Tongbi fist are strength with softness, stretch with speed, ferocity with softness, intensity with peace.

It shows a loose shoulder moving backwards, arms moving like a vertical circle, exactly like an ape which has long arms and a soft body. All the power comes from the spine, reaching every joint of the body for further attack. 

it makes sounds like”Pipa, Tita”while people are practicing. The fist is famous for its coldness, elastics , crispness, fastness and hardness characteristics. It has been popular for a long time in Chinese Martial Arts industry.

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