Qishi Tongbei

Qishi Tongbei tongbeiquan emphasizes martial art, exquisite hand eye body and feet. Beginner first exercises "punching bag" in, supplemented by the basic skills, such as the "living law" living | arm "waist" and "live hip", "living knee" and so...

Qishi Tongbei tongbeiquan emphasizes linking the hands, eyes, body and feet. Beginners will begin practicing on the punching bags in order to develop their basic skills and begin to understand the connection between the different parts of their body.


Qishi Tongbei has 108 kinds of methods for single movements, sometimes referred to as the Divided Fist. Students will learn how to produce, and control their internal power as well as develop an understanding for the methodology and applications of each movement.


Training one’s eyes is a necessary compliment to any martial art. Many times a practitioner will unintentionally develop the eyes along with the rest of their body, but Qishi Tongbei specifically focuses attention on optical development. A visual connection is an invaluable tool in learning to control ones movements.


The body is the basis of one’s strength, even in internal martial arts the physical body must be kept in prime condition. Students will learn how to move away from using force and instead use skill in order to maximize their endurance and the effect of each movement.

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