Tongbi fist has a long history in ethnic han traditional martial arts and is widely spread. Legend differs regarding its origins. Some people said that it started during the warring states period. According to a legend, when “Guigu Xianshi” was preaching in Yunmeng mountain he imitated the apes hunting, fighting, and survival methods, and then assimilated the essence of them and rejected the useless. Tongbi fist was originally imitating shape of apes, aiming at lengthening the arm and striking at the same time. At the end of the Qing dynasty, a master named Qixin taught his son this style who then adopted the advantages of a few other styles and combined them with the one-hand tongbi strikes, skills and practice methods. The characteristics of this style of fist are: moving as the situation changes when confronting the enemy, alternating softness with hardness, and moving forward. It utilizes a special training method, unique attack skills, flexible and quick change. Tongbi fist is mainly composed by throwing, slapping, smashing thrusting and drilling. Due to including the concept of yin and yang (the two opposing principle in nature) and five elements (Wu Xing), metal, wood, water, fire, and earth, wu xing tongbi fist is separated from the original ape-shaped imitation. It adopts the scientific and reasonable exercise principles of the human body, exerts the power from waist to reaching the tip of the palm. Using the whole body, up and down, internal and external, rigid and soft, agitation and strength, the Wuxing tongbi fist proper utilizes the metal cultivation methods, physical cultivation methods, and inner power. It has become a special type of fist in martial arts and is quite different from “shaolin” and “wudang”.
  • Qishi Tongbei

    Qishi Tongbei

    Qishi Tongbei tongbeiquan emphasizes martial art, exquisite hand eye body and feet. Beginner first exercises "punching bag" in, supplemented by the basic skills, such as the "living law" living | arm "waist" and "live hip", "living...Read More
  • Baiyuan Tongbei

    Baiyuan Tongbei

    The Baiyuan Tongbei, also called White Ape Tong Bei, is a kind of ancient Chinese martial arts. The ape back or monkey arm take potential and the name, commonly known as "the back of the ape". Just take this boxing ape ape potential and do not take shape, and there is a great...Read More
  • Wuhou Tongbei

    Wuhou Tongbei

    Wuhou Tongbei or ​Five Monkey Tongbei cuan belongs to Wudang internal fist form. There are two meanings: firstly, through blood communication in arms and back and interconnection between the arms, body is thorough connected. Secondly ,it stands for long and flexible body of...Read More
  • Wuxing Tongbei

    Wuxing Tongbei

    To research the history of Tongbei chuan("Spreading Power from the Back Boxing", tong "through," bei "back" and quan "fist"), the author found that there is much misinformation about. For example: "Guiguzi", Bin Chuan Tong Bei...Read More