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What a wonderful and peaceful place full of amazingly interesting people. The training was exactly what we was looking for, " Push the limits" was one of the catch phrase.

The food is very nice, the shifus helping us at all time and all the classes were very interesting. I definitely highly recommend this place.  

Anne-Charlotte and Boris


Marc, Denmark, 30 years old.


I spent 4 Weeks at the Shenjing Shan kongfu academy in november 2016 and had a great time there.


I had never done martial arts before so everything was new to me. Master Qu is a fantastic teacher, serious and disciplinary when needed but also helpful, supportive and patient when needed. The students were at different levels regarding kongfu skills but that did not interfere with the training because Master Qu is good at setting individual goals and help each person at the level they are at.

Furthermore I had I minor injury from before I started at the academy but it did not prevent from participating in any of the classes because Master Qu was good at taking my injury in to account and make individualized training exercises when needed.


There where 9 other students during my stay and there was a great atmosphere. I was very well welcomed and everybody where attentive and did not hesitate to help me with whatever came up during my stay.

We had some good times, went on trips to the surrounding cities in the weekend, occasionally went to one of the incredibly cheap and great local restaurants in the area and wandered in the mountains right besides the academy.


The living conditions were very nice with 1 or 2 people living in a spacey and well kept room, healthy food, and all the basic accommodations one will need during the stay.


The surrounding area is stunning with the nature and mountains right besides the academy, a small rural town and just beautiful scenery.


During my 4 weeks I learned a lot, had a good time with the other students, got a chance to see a beautiful area of China and improved physically and mentally.


All in all a experience I will highly recommend

VAN  ROEY KRIS 37 Belgium


1.Hello,i am Kris Van Roey from Belgium.I took a few months of work to come here and study Chen style Taiji and Qi Gong at the academy of Master Qu.

2.China has interested me for a long time before, and has been part of my life for a many years now as i now return to study here.

3.This time i studied here for two months,practicing Chen style Taiji,Qi Gong and Taiji sword.

4.Many years ago i studied at Kunyu mountain,that's where i met Master Qu for the first time.He made a lasting impression on me,so when i heard he had finally opened his own school,it was only natural i would visit and study here.

5.The location is stunning;inside the Shengjing Mountain Forest Park,with a beautiful view of the Daoist Temple and the big statue of Lao Tse, who are regularly enshrouded in a thick mist,making it a really mysterious and beautiful sight.The site is definitely worth while,even for a short visit,so training in this environment gives you more energy, gets you more balanced.

6.I definitely prefer the smal group environment.Training is much more compleet and correct in a small group.Shifu easily picks up on small mistakes and corrects accordingly,to make your practice more efficient and your skill level increase rapidly.With big groups you can train for months doing a movement with wrong balance or power,that will not happen here,as shifu picks up on everything.

7.My goals for coming here where learning a new style taiji,i only did Yang style before, and maybe a sword or fan-form.I feel my balance,strenght and stamina have improved doing Chen style,so i think i achieved my goals here and a little more.

8.The food here at Shengjing Shan is really good.The cook does her very best to make every meal nutricious and filling and succeeds every time with her fresh vegetables and family recipes.

9.If I had 3 pieces of advice for future students they would be:First...Never go anywhere without  toilet paper.Second...Always use sunscreen,even when you think the sun isn't that bad.Third....Don't think about it...just do it!

10.Honestly,this school is for everybody....the young, eager to learn external fighting skills ,and older people, chearching for that internal healing power....Both are at the right adress.

Anne dela Cruz, 27, Belgium

AB36DCB432EA295DDECD2480FF4364C8.jpgFirst of all, I’m really grateful to have been able to study for a month at Shengjing Shan Academy with Master Qu and my fellow students.

Before my arrival, back home, I felt like I needed some space for personal reflection and restoring my inner balance. Since I’ve always been keen on sports and physical exercise, coming to China to learn Kung Fu seemed like a perfect way to do this. After looking into different Kung Fu schools, I chose to come to Shengjing Shan Academy because of all its positive reviews from former students. And I must say, after my one month stay, all of these positive comments turned out to be true. I immediately felt at ease, thanks to the nice atmosphere and training with Master Qu, it was a great first experience  to learn Chen Tai ji, Qi Gong, Sanda and Mantis. Thanks to Master Qu I have managed to improve my body condition, flexibility and control, but most of all my internal enerqy flow. I would highly recommend this place to anyone. You’ll definitely get out of it what you’ve been looking for. Well at least I did.

With warm regards and thanks to Master Qu, David, Elliot, Jack, Nick and Simone



Name: Kasper Aagaard

Country: Denmark

Length of stay: 1 year + 3 months.

Shengjing Shan Traditional Kung Fu Academy was a big surprise to me. The accomodations, and the environment exceeded all of my expectations. The school is situated in the mountains, right next to a beautiful temple with the biggest statue i've ever seen. The air is clean, and the surroundings are great for a kung fu lifestyle.

Training is hard. As it is supposed to be. If you wan't to train in Shengjing Shan you have to understand that it is not a vacation – it is serious work. The literal meaning of kung fu is – great effort, so i reccomend that you are serious about your training and you will experience a great improvement of body and mind.

It is my second time with master qu, and not my last. He is like a chinese father to me. I can't imagine a better shifu. He really takes time with his students, focusing on small details to perfect every movement. You will also learn how effective his style is, being bagua or mantis.

I train mantis and i really love that style. It's so fluent, fast and powerful, not to mention how extremely useful it is.

I would recommend this school to anyone interested in the practice of traditional kung fu. This has been the best experience of my life.

If you have any questions feel free to email meatkasperat@live.dk.

Johan Polder

6361301054674532577390765.pngJohan Polder


I am finishing my last training day of a three-month stay at Shengjing Shan as I am writing.

Honestly my expectations were high; before making the decision to come here, I was living with a student of Master Qu, and his experiences and stories of training and daily life in a kung fu school, made me realise that this was what I needed.

At the time I was growing tired of the demands daily life in the city faces you with, and I felt I had no time to learn things that really mattered to me, and no space to grow.

Time and space are exactly the things I found after I had settled here - when combined with a master showing you the way a little at a time, and focused training with a group of likeminded students, I started feeling a change. At first the body, when I started using muscles I never even knew existed.

I started to grasp the meaning of the training as my body started adapting and becoming strong and flexible enough to sustain the power and stamina that kung fu requires.

The thing I realise now that my body and mind has finally been shaped to start learning kung fu, is that I will never be done with learning. In the end all my expectations were exceeded and I know I will have to come back to this place, because Shengjing Shan is not only a school with a master and  a bunch of students from around the world – its a family bound by shared hardships and victories.



I have a training experience with Master Qu of 6 months in addition to my prior martial arts background. I trained in Sheng Jing Shan Academy Taiji Praying Mantis as well as Chen Tai Ji.

Thanks to him I have improved a lot not only my fighting skills, flexibility and body condition but also the way of breathing, controlling my body as well as internal energy.

Training was hard but always occurred in a good spirit between the students themselves and with Master Qu.

Master Qu is always available for his students and very eager to help us and make our stay as worth as possible.

Finally, Sheng Jing Shan Academy is situated in a very nice location: being surrounded by mountains and close to a Taoist temple makes the experience even more special.

Anders Christensen 02 January 2016 --> 28 January 2016 


1. The Welcome

I was very happy, that Shifu came to Weihai airport to pick me up. Also that Shifu without any questioning helped me get my backpack, when it got lost in the airport of Beijing. 

Criticism: I would have liked a sheet of paper with rules of the school, and maybe a schedule for the training, cleaning, and food. Now I know that it's on the website, but maybe in future you should hang it up on the wall for all new-comings to see.

2. The Room and Roommate.

The room was very good and cozy. Alex, my roommate, was very friendly, and helped me with the schedule, rules, cleaning, etc.

Criticism: Even though having a roommate was nice, I think I would have been practising my Kung Fu more after classes, if I have had a room by myself. So maybe that should be an option for new student(maybe for extra pay).  

3. Training.

Was very good. All the smooth Kung Fu moments have been very new to me. So it was nice that Shifu was so patient, and tough/ serious sometimes. Shifu is a very good teacher. I feel like I have learned a lot, and I have gotten stronger - physically and mentally. Shifu has been, and is, a big inspiration to me. I filmed most of what I've learned, and I will keep practising when I get home to Denmark. 

4. Social life. 

Because of my roommate Alex, I had a great experience socially. Shifu was also a very good and friendly host. 

5. Food.

The food were fine.  

6. Meditation.

I live a quite stressful life back in Denmark, so it's been very nice to be isolated from stress and responsibility. The mountains, nature, physical work, no worries about making food, was all very relaxing. I feel very well rested and inspired to go study and work again. It's also good that the internet gets shut off at 9:30 PM, so that students don't sit on your computer all night. If it didn't I would probably have slept less.  

7. Future visits

I will, if it's possible for me to get a month of work/ studies, come back again. I will practise the forms, basics, tai chi, stretching, back at Denmark, so that I can get even better next time i get to the academy. I would also recommend my friends to go here, just as my friends told me. Thank you, for a great visit.


My Experience at Shenjing Shan

I have learnt a lot here at Shenjing Shan Kung fu academy under the guidance and patience of Master Qu.
The structure of the week and the varied training including forms, applications, sanda, power stretching and power training, tai chi and qigong kept me on my toes, pushed me to my limits and at the same time left me with a real feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment.
I will continue to develop what I have learnt in the short time that I have been here and it will be with me for the rest of my life.
Master Qu is a calm, modest and knowledgable teacher and really knows how to pass on the knowledge, wisdom and techniques of Kung fu in an effective and understandable way and for this I am grateful.
I will always remember my experience and training here at Shenjing Shan.

Matthew Thijs Kramer,,uk


As a complete newcomer to kung fu and China I was understandably apprehensive upon arriving at the school. However I was immediately made to feel part of the 'family' and given plenty of guidance when training alongside the other students at my own pace. The biggest benefit of studying here is that due to the relatively smaller group size there is a strong focus on student development, I had a number of sessions where I trained in a pair or individually with Master Qu, allowing fast improvement. I leave the school having enjoyed a number of new mental, physical, cultural and social experiences; morning Qigong, Mantis training, calligraphy classes and weekend trips to the city. The school is set in beautiful, remote surroundings and I have really enjoying starting the day by climbing the mountain to watch the sunrise.

Matthias H., 29, Switzerland


A few months ago, I decided to travel to Shandong province in China to learn Northern Praying Mantis (it is said to be the birthplace of Mantis Kung Fu) to understand the differences between the Northern style and the Southern style that I have been studying back home. I found out about Shifu Qu’s school by chance through some other students at the Academy I was in during my first month in China, which prompted me to switch over to this school after hearing so many good things about it. And what a great decision that was! The school itself used to be a hotel, so the level of comfort in general is far superior to other academies I have seen or heard of. The location is also ideal for training – right at the base of the mountains, overlooking a small typical Chinese village, there are no distractions and the setting is gorgeous. The school has a great cook and most vegetables come from the garden; a good diet and food that you can easily digest is primordial when doing intense physical exercise like this, so that is something that I really appreciated as food quality in other academies is an issue many students complain about. Concerning transportation, there are buses that go into town from the village, so you are not completely cut off from society and can go into town on weekends for example if you are the curious or adventurous type.
The training schedule and the training intensity were perfect for me – intense enough so that I would always have muscle pains, with the weekend being there just to recuperate; yet not to the extent where injuries were inevitable. Shifu Qu manages to push you just past your limits where you enter “survival mode”, but stops you before you risk injury. And in an art where injuries can happen very easily and can put you out of training for weeks or even months, this kind of individual attention is much appreciated – especially when you are only here for a couple of months. It is also great to have a Shifu that is very detail-oriented; he will correct even the smallest of mistakes. In two months, I learnt two full Mantis forms which were great fun to learn and a lot more physically demanding that I imagined (especially the second form!), however in that time I also learnt a Tai Chi form and improved my striking skills quite a bit with Sanda (Chinese kickboxing).
Shifu Qu is a kind and patient man who really knows his stuff, so I would recommend this school to anyone who is looking to come to China to learn Mantis or Bagua. It is always impressive to see him demonstrate any movement or form; his movements look so effortless it is like he is weightless and can fly! Overall my experience here at Shengjing Shan Traditional Kung Fu Academy with Shifu Qu has been very positive, and I am very happy that I had the opportunity to train here. Hopefully I will have time to come back in the near future – until then, good luck to all you Kung Fu practitioners!


Anthony Lisa (USA), 

I arrived at Sheng Jing Shan Kung Fu Academy at the beginning of July for a month long stay. To briefly describe,

I enjoyed my time here immensely. From the training to exploring the surrounding mountains on the weekends to practicing Chinese language with the people from the local village, everything is either a lesson or an adventure.

I studied Bagua Palm and Tai Chi Fist. Master Qu is an incredible martial artist but more than that he’s a very talented teacher (a skill so few possess). Unfortunately there isn’t a word in english that can properly express what Master Qu has been to me, but suffice to say he is the epitome of the Chinese “shifu” (master/father/teacher). I need only add one more word, friend.

Training is extremely difficult but well worth the effort. There are four hours of kung fu classes everyday with another optional hour of tai chi and meditation in the morning. After a month or two of classes, students are also encouraged to train in their own time. Training is very physically demanding however no previous skill or strength is required or even needed beforehand.

Sheng Jing Shan (literally “Bible Mountain”) is fairly remote with some tourist attraction, such as the long standing Taoist temple (hence the name) as well as the giant statue of LaoZi. Every morning tai chi class is greeted with a sunrise over the mountain creating a beautiful silhouette over the aforementioned temple and statue.

The local village is a 5 minute walk from the school. Most of the students walk down the shops at least once a day for snacks or soda. If you Arrive during the summer I highly suggest your first two purchases should be a five gallon jug of water (have fun carrying that back) and an electric fan. On the flip side if you arrive during the winter you might want a thermos and an extra blanket, northern China gets both ends of the spectrum.

Overall I cannot recommend this school highly enough. This has been my second time training at ShengJingShan with Master Qu and I can say without a doubt it wont be my last.