Its said that all Kung Fu comes from Shaolin. It is a very special treasure of Chinese culture, which comes from Song Mountain, Dengfeng city in Henan Province. Shaolin Kung Fu originated in the Northern Wei Dynasty, and has around 1500 years of history. The characteristics of Shaolin Kung Fu are hard and fierce, simple and practical. There are many stories about Shaolin, the most famous being the 13 monks using their staffs to help the Tang Emperor during the end of the Sui, beginning of the Tang. Also during the Ming Dynasty, the Shaolin monks were enrolled to help defend the southern coast against Japanese pirates. Shaolin not only focuses on martial arts, but also on Zen. It is said that a student should use their martial arts training as a vehicle to develop a Zen-like mind, to cultivate themselves. Shaolin Kung Fu was developed by many people over the years passing through the temple, and teaching the martial arts they knew there. Over time, Shaolin developed a comprehensive system of basics, forms and combat, and united this with Zen training to become something unique. The forms of the style include, Da Hong Quan, Xiao Hong Quan, Lao Hong Quan, Luohan Quan, Shaoyang Quan, Meihua Quan, Pao Quan, Qixing Quan and Rou Quan. Besides this, there is the Xinyi Ba, a secret set of fighting techniques, which includes Yi Shen Ba, Xinyi Ba, Hupu Ba, Shizi Luan Ba etc. After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, many folk schools opened up around Dengfeng city. Many people from around the world come here to learn Shaolin, and many schools and clubs have opened up. In addition, many competitions and performances are regularly held here.