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        Master Qu started to learn Martial arts from his childhood. After over twenty years of hard work and effort, he started to mark his own name by teaching what he had learned from his masters. At the same time, he got more opportunities to enrich his experience when he followed his master to take part in some international exchanges and competitions. He also found more and more foreigners were attracted by Chinese martial arts and Chinese culture. So the dream of opening his own martial arts school began to form. He discussed his ideas with his master, and got a positive response. He then needed a place to begin his dream. When he traveled to Weihai city Shengjing mountains, it seemed that this beautiful environment and fresh air called to him, he then found that this is the birthplace of Taoism and quanzhen. So he decided to set up his school here. 
After long months of preparation by the master, his friends and students it became an established and functioning kung fu school. Allowing students from all over the world to let their dreams come true. Adhering to a strict training regime they excel above and beyond all expectations.