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Wuxing Tongbei Boxing Spectrum

Back to the Road

What is the back through the back? That is, the meaning of access, through the law; back is the back of the people, the action of the. The back, back shoulder, shoulder through elbow, elbow through the wrist, wrist through the palm, hands through means; shoulders down through the waist, waist through the hips, hip through knee, knee through foot, foot through step, step through the body , Body pass, body through the eyes, eye contact heart, heart through God, God, Italian meaning gallbladder, gallbladder air, blood through the blood, blood through tendons, tendons through force. Strength from the back, the root lies in the foot, beginning by the foot, runs through the back, from the back to the palm of your hand, both inside and outside through the atmosphere, the law put long hit, which means through back. 

There are three main outline of surgery: First, the basic situation of law;

Second, to formulate constant wisdom;

Third, the essence of Yin and Yang Five Elements. 

Which is divided into two ministries, that outside the strong and the heart. Outside the strong points are just outside the soft, strong and strong just, in order to exercise the breathing effect; the mind is to recuperate gas refining as the avenue, expensive to soft, refining the rule is soft, with the Gang, with the gas, Followed by this is the crux of art. Above, Zhuang is the appearance of the mind, that is, the appearance of the potential, according to law. The situation is also shaped person, law who also want to learn its potential must law, learning its form should be clear meaning. Recruits who is the innermost of the heart of thinking, its specialization, permanent stop thinking in the North, think of the eve of the times, all the time thinking, brainstorming. Spirit that is the change of yin and yang, the five elements of the theory of life, the spirit of the wonderful action, this really can be extremely good. Other different, different shapes and forms, is a good scholar, to understand the inside and outside of the humble, revealing the shape of the Tao, the meaning of its strategy, and strive to further their specialization, and then you can handy, the enemy to win, wonderful Scholars should clearly identify the various carry on. 

Technology to theory

Learn and sometimes special, clarify the principle Kai Kai side. 

Perseverance Long-lasting success, to learn fine to win the right. 

Desire for the essence of technology, Guizhige only carry on, constant and carry on, can be dedicated and constant, there is nothing wrong with the world, not to mention the district of micro-technology. It must be noted that in thinking, one still can not think, think again, think twice, then there is no thought, any difficulty hinder the self-realization of enlightenment, the essence of its subtle wisdom. The so-called thinking of thinking, this is self-sufficient, professional self-esteem. Tip is: technology magical gold needle raft, not unusual as it. From this point of view, special duties and constant, as the root of Pepsi. The so-called thinking of thinking, to say that a single constant, the meaning of the law, not refined and refined, not the smart and clever carry on. 

The basis of backpack boxing

Throughout the boxing martial arts within the meaning of the potential law of reason, the law can be deduced that Yin and Yang can change the road, the dawn of the five elements of Health, through the operation of breathing exercises, up to the gas refining of learning, good at the actual situation, just Sophistication of the subtle urgency, the study of its three-fold nine buckle of the rules, explain its five protection eight break the law, and to singularly coincidental machine to advance and retreat to avoid the Czech Republic, to recognize its cleverness of the accident, Break the tactic. 

Back Beam martial arts basic potential method for the six kinds of station piles, six rows of piles. 

Six stations of the station that is: Qiankun pile, Zhou days piles, radial piles, mixed yuan piles, five piles, and the pile. This six-way pile is divided into just soft, just that foreign piles, rigid and soft, rapid force, cold shock soft who said that the heart, the soft little, force out of nature, gentle and clever, through the piles of mind From this point also. Universe pile,

Zhou days piles, piles of foreign piles; mixed piles, five rows of piles

, And pile in mind. Therefore, the method of six each with stunt. Heaven and Earth piles of stunts Thunder Thunder, its exploration back loose shoulder, extended long hit, preemptive, anger like thunder, it is too dumbfounded. Zhou skills piles of artillery (apes sideways), their physical active pan, sudden flexion, evade (gentle live), hide and seek dodge spirit ape, agility like electricity agile. The skill of the Meridian Piles is the soul of the soul, its retractable and flexible, shaped like apes into the hole, heart sharp eyes, hands and feet sharp, Ben bolted to the inside of the door, hit its three tricuspidae, to make it breathless. Mixed yuan pile tips are a law all-encompassing, its content yin and yang infinite variety, adaptable to the enemy fool-proof, can be described as miraculous, the supreme magic method is also the supreme magic tactic. The essence of the five elements of the pile is that the five elements fall, shoot, wear, split, drill. Five elements of the palm of your hand for the soul of the devil, special attack two heads, three mountains (nose), the so-called two palms with three palm, immortal encounter this is also unbearable. And in the pile of the road, to neutralize the palm, this is one method (including tai chi, shadowless, invisible, rounded one, with static brake, the offender should be your servant, that Qiao system strong, , To ease the emergency), this wonderful skill can not describe the wonderful words. 

Back to attack the six-way line piling, what is the line piles?

Move that is the line, its master, eye, body method, footwork, including progress, regress, flash stride step, a series of steps, extremity, withdrawal step, knee step, magpie jump step, crane step, Plum blossom step, raccoon stride, tiger drive sheep step by step, step forward, leaping step forward, toe hair force that the spring step, the so-called step pile. Six rows of piles: First, that the Dapeng wings, two that the ape out of the hole, three that monkeys dodge, four that twelve ball-point guns, five that a word batter, six that odd shaped guns, which means six-way line pile. 

Stoic law, the old melt new trend changes, with scattered potential positive trend, through the series into five kinds of boxing, back to power, through the back fist, pass back palm, ape Peng Qi potential small chain, which should be on the The next three, anyway, single-handed approach, with one hand into six hands, six six or sixteen hand, which deduced 108 changes in hand, in addition there are * foreign *, extra-legal. Crane snake to be on the one hand that the Qijiaqi, odd situation, and palm, outside the seven * method, iron sand palm, cinnabar palm. Medication fumigation, anyway, fall, shoot, wear, split, save, and the means of transport, must be day and night, want to carry on. 

Back to back the most important person, hands, eyes, body, step, knee, back, chest, waist, foot, wrist, ribs, shoulders, hips, mood, blood muscles, spiritual movement, Combine: with the elbow together, with the knee fit, step with the eye, heart and heart, meaning, with the gas together, together with force, wood by gas, gas is blood, gas is strong, gas Strong then full, full strength is bold. Eye for the eighth, eye sharp hand Jie, ten fingers stretch like cone, curled back like a hook, the back of the hand like a pot, wrist, such as cotton, elbow buckle ring, arms like a whip, shoulders like a wind wheel, Like a hollow waist like a snake, hips like galloping horse, like a cold-knee, legs like cone, like the launch of the step-by-step spring. Tips and tricks: get inside and outside the specialization of the Road, the spirit of the meaning of the store, the appearance of the operation of the shape to try to figure out concise, so-called poor world truth, the world of art, the world

Miao, relocation of the magic, lost its cunning, although brave can not exert its power, its magic, health priests, see the enemy does not shy

, The same enemy, this is also said. 

The Theory of "Four Musts"

First, the static and dynamic theory: the static and dynamic rules, the dynamic of the points, the static is then; the static and dynamic, dynamic when static, static vivid, dynamic very static, static changes, moving the attack, The hit is urgent Xunfeng, make it windy and downturn, to be slow it becomes unpredictable. Static to stand by, take the opportunity to Royal, moving the odd hit unprepared. Wait for Xu Li, such as ambush attack, hair force such as artillery, shrink in with extension, storage and then hair, force in the back, the strength of the gas with the body moves with the manual eye, the movement appropriate, wait Move, glimpse the potential and not move, then why I carry on. 

Second, the actual situation: the actual situation lies in the heart is not shaped. If the heart is false, the shape is actually empty; heart is real, the shape is true and false. To attack in reality, but it is actually difficult to attack, but in fact easy to break. If I virtual reality, sexual greed, greed and force fierce, fierce then out of nothing, the potential mutation, loss of hand, foot and mind, although wise, change is also less. Law said: the actual situation corresponding to the adversarial enemy. 

Third, Rough and Flexible: Rough and soft, just settled in one, tenfold its nine. Gu Yun: just just easy to fold, with the soft can not be used alone with the just can not be used just with just phase with soft, soft phase with just, rigid and soft, just with soft, soft with just, soft into just With just receded and unpredictable move together. 

Fourth, rapid theory: rapid way, urgent XunXian, making it difficult to protect the enemy, like a yin and yang, magical changes, unpredictable. Urgency changeless, slow and easy to change, anxious is lost, slowed to be its change, slow into the emergency, retreat slow change, slow natural change. If he can turn I can follow, anxious if not the enemy, why change should be? Law said: Pro-hostility should be combined with immediate relief, which means that the art of attack also.

The theory of potential law

The law of the way to law first, there is no trend of the first rational, so there is good and bad management of the reason, there is no bad trend; there is fine with imprecision, along with no imprecise method. Therefore, we must first clarify the reason for keeping a good person and make ourselves wonderful. Desire for the essence of technology, should progressively, narration and into, must not be forced. 

Qiankun pile potential law 

Verse: Through the back of the initial universe pile, put a long fight far enemy hard to resist. 

Mirs wings universe change, pre-emptive most difficult to prevent. 

Began to split, split, with a belt, the wind wheel potential, split hug pick, back hand, open hand, put on the fly, Thunder Thunder, this method from one to nine, nine one by one. 

* Act of the principle: the initial should be a firm body, restless, the tongue on the palate, head flat head, collar neck collar, shoulders loosen, Chest breath, gas under the pubic region, Ting, legs stretched, toe buckle to the ground, the left foot in the front, after the right foot, two feet oblique row, the distance should be appropriate; right hand starting, left hand sagging forward, arm probe back loose, Wrist, fingers extended; tip to the right, tip of the nose, hand tip toe, single or double anyway, before and after the left and right, change the rotation non-stop, one to nine, from nine in one. 

Beginning of action, the right arm open, one arm forward non-stop arm rotation, change method, handy half turn right, one hand to the revolving arm rotation non-stop; for the left hand does not change step, do not turn around the left split round

Turn the same as before, action non-stop. Change the law, the right hand forward Youyou, left hand down You, both hands up and down transforms, leisurely, with the potential change and the same as before,

This is a good band. Arms like two leather whip with the type of change, both hands around the distribution, one hand forward to the back, up and down leisurely rotation, with the change and change, body turned back, both hands should be kept non-stop, which means wind and fire The wheel. Arms up and down as the fire wheel, up and down before and after the turn, both arms hug pick prompt, about the same, his arms folded, elbows move toward the forward micro-volts, the forefoot toes, then micro flex indeed, Unrestrained, non-stop, such as the shape of the wings of birds; change method, arms left and right up and forth separately, non-stop, bipedal and Qi, knees bent with the move, suddenly rise and fall, gas. Change method, two feet left and right, flat body from the proper distance, his arms to the left and right rotation, the cross before and after the Phi, the back and waist hips with the move, two toes change grind Jin, this is like a toe drill, which is Phi to hang, especially as two leather whips ridden. And then change the single hand slowly swirling, walk and move, such as the meteor walker, legs hand to yield, but also like the hammer suddenly in vain. Urgently like a thunder, it is not enough time; slow while recharge your batteries, so-called Thunder Thunder palm also. Sri Lanka's law, from a change of nine, ninety-nine one, this is designed to refine the tactics also. 

Qiankun pile is the basis of the mountain, the hill is the change of Qiankun pile 13, hard mountain, split, splitting, mountain climbing, mountain climbing, mountain picking, mountain hilltops, hilltops, Flower, this method points, on the sun, under the shade, yin and yang that the change is also (Shuaizhaolian elbow force in the hand). 

The principle of piling up law on Sunday

Verse: Law and rule of the week pile, yin and yang within the possession. 

Gentle and gentle combination of light, sticky viscous softening Gang Gang. 

A total of twelve rules: 1 Li Heshu Shu (left and right);

2. Ying Feng hand (palm fan), the wind sweep the leaves;

3. Golden Dragon Hop mouth;

4. Lion mouth (about the same), Ssangyong mixes, is the body flying tiger parked, roar lion angry;

Dragon claw;

6. go hand in hand

7. Touched the fish trend, prickly heat into the forest, rhinoceros Mochizuki, lion holding the ball, chest printing;

Turn around your legs;

9. Dragon water, swallow copy of water (about chain);

Rock shaking the sea;

11. apes sideways; 

12. Mustang shaking bristles, arms holding flowers, odd-shaped guns. 

* The law of the law: the beginning of straightening up its shape meaning, feet stand shoulder to shoulder with Qi, relieved, his hands closed, legs bent, right turn half of the move, both hands shaped like a crane, three Discount nine buckles, knees on the front legs. Li Heshu Shujian is a three-fold buckle of the shape of the deduction, that arms twists and turns, both hands together, hand song by the mouth, shoulder arm, hand care elbow, elbow ribs, body to fold, the front shoulder Inclined to the hips, elbows to the anterior knees, knees on the front legs (should be virtual) in the fold, tip point, hind legs slightly curved, like cold chicken, before and after the distance between the two feet appropriate, the whole is like a crane. 

Ying Feng Shou Shou (palm fan) Gentle live together, with the power sticky, Shun potential, by the force of people homeopathic and attack; wind sweep the leaves, this is the welcome change, took the opportunity to enter. 

Golden dragon mouth, lion mouth, this is the opportunity to receive the law. 

Ssangyong mix, that random and the former two potential

Similarities and differences. 

Flying tiger stumbling, roar lion aggression, this is a cover, blocking random and attack. 

Law-abiding and Taijiquan, gossip palm dodge similar or similar. 

Dragon claw with fishes touch the law, this method of body movement of the waist

Turn flexible, containing the trick to avoid. Linzi Qi is a subtle drill out of the law. Horn Mochizuki, this dodge; lion hug the ball, this together. 

Chest embroidered surprisingly dark legs, legs turn around with this is. 

Dragon water, this must be around the potential law. 

Swallow copy of the water, this is to hide away. 

Akira Akira, this is his just, but then soft force into it. 

Mustang shake bristle power is free cuddly, whole body cold, cool like cold fish off the fish also. 

Split flowers in Tibet that is hidden in reality, secretly hidden, so that the enemy is difficult to protect. 

Odd-shaped attack, which is called fraud and actualization of the hit, this method can not be articulated, only the ear would mind.

Meridian pile potential law 

Tactic: Yin and Yang out of the sub-pile, advance and retreat to avoid such as waves. 

Yaogong bow like bow and arrow, swinging his body oblique oblique drunk mad. 

Power arrows blast cold crisp, narrow and flexible clever system. 

Cold with magic, fall heart save heart. 

Began: Lion bells, cold with cannon, apes into the hole, shuttlecock stand up, take off with save heart cannons (left and right). Change the soul of the same around the same, this is the method to the lion bells as the basic principle, with the emergency zone is also the soul of the soul. 

* The law of the rules: This is the potential of the Central Plains, shaped like apes into the hole, small and flexible; Granville if the lion bells, the force of cold anxious, arrows bombs; Out Forehand hand palm, body 攉 squeeze, high and eyebrow Qi Qi, hand tip, nose tip, tip pointed tip alignment, after the hand heart, rib, hand tip, tiptoe elbow tip, knee fit. Sideways to mention the oblique side of the hips, forearm retreat hug Clogs belt, the back with hair, Jianquan save out, withdraw your hand as a full bow, punching the ball like a bolt. Withdrawal fist, fall elbow, the most taboo wrist force. Forefoot-like chickens, hind legs recline, legs slightly flexed, before and after the appropriate, 10 toe buckle, toes like to drill before the foot is virtual, palm back punch, fist back out of the palm, continuous ring, cold like fish off the hook , Which means that God's ghost into the tactics also. 

Hand tactic is to stretch, both inside and outside the match almost pure. 

Phase stroke hands to virtual extension, three fold nine buckle in the middle. 

Elbow hand elbow elbow care, a winner is not hard. 

Mental power destroying Qi, hand to step Qi Cai wins. 

Advance and retreat ups and downs such as waves, quick agitation vibration spirit. 

Shake the oblique oblique drunk, surprisingly coincidentally step into the body. 

Lengthen with arrow elastic, drop chase soul save enemy.

Mixed yuan pile potential law 

Verse: Mixed Yuan Yi Law package, wonderful wonderful inside Tibet. 

Change the two yin and yang palm, Wu protection eight off the door. 

Use Shu Shu Shu force, gentle and live together clever system. 

Straight out into the side into the random machine, welcome machine fill soft Gang. 

This pile of popular means that Shoulong shook his wrist, containing two to three, the mystery of the law, to take Nissei Yuki, to absorb the aura of the world. Began to stand up, restless, calm the top anti-items, drooping shoulders, with chest down gas, gas to the pubic region, the tail on the mention, pot back leg flexion, knees front legs, toes buckle, hind legs with flexor , Foot side oblique, distance between the two feet before and after the appropriate, moving at no cost

force. The tip of the hand, nose, toes relative use of stretch Shu, exploration back loose shoulders, natural force, along the elbow elbow wrist light arm, the finger before the probe to the extreme, force to be consistent with pointing, force through God, divine mind, Italian ventilation , Qi Tongli, both inside and outside one pass. This is Shujinhuoxue, boosting qi, and then whole body healthy God

Circulation of blood, which means that households are not bees, water is not rotten. Move the two yin yang back, continuous, around, gentle and live together, slowly out. Should not be too hasty, anxious then lost its meaning; not too fierce, Meng Li just, but just from the stagnation. Should not even seek, even if you do not reach. Most avoid anger and my humble power, when the operation, with breathing, first try to spit out the chest gasping to three for the degree, and then slowly inhaled new air, consciously lungs up. Then slowly exhale by the nose to 49 degrees limit, and then slowly increase, then the pubic region does not have the gas from time to time carry on, but the gas must be gradually developed, there are continuing success, hope scholars Concentrate on, not as a path of wild also. 

Mixed element verse:

Mixed rules, wonderful magic, knees forelegs, toe point. 

Legs slightly flexed, hind legs reclining, two feet before and after, the distance appropriate. 

Top anti-items, relieve chest, tongue on the palate, tail on the mention. 

Probe back loose shoulder, the most taboo force, elbow along the elbow, should not be angry. 

Fall shoulder elbow, Shushen exploration refers to the power of nature, through one breath. 

Hands and hands, wrist elbows, knees, chest and back, mind mood. 

Eupheimus ape, pan back chest suction, waist live like a snake, like a cold chicken. 

Magpie walking, moving the elastic, both inside and outside, everywhere. 

Mouth-to-mouth, pointed alignment, Yin Yang into the run through. 

Two-handed chain, not too hasty, slow and easy to change, the impulse of its intended. 

Uninterrupted, contacts flexion, the most avoidable stagnation, not too empty. 

Live and work, should not be late, power into the god, consistent with specific. 

Use Shu-Shu, Shu vitality, soft and flexible, live in harmony. 

Living ingenious, clever in the odd, capacity with clever, hardness and softness. 

Flexible, appropriate movement, the actual situation, into clever surprises. 

Jiqiaopaihe, Yingyouyizhu, all the laws, to push it. 

The potential jurisprudence, Staunton, the significance of which wonderful mystery. 

Five elements of yin and yang, hidden mystery, breathing guide, special breathing. 

Road innate, to turn the machine, Shujinhuoxue, boosting qi. 

Perseverance lasting, it should be thoughtful, insisted single, deep understanding of its management. 

Reason to push technology, good for excellence, endless changes, to the extreme. 

All-encompassing, all in one method, get it all together, get angry. 

Illnesses and sickness, physical fitness, old Confucianism, as few weak women. 

Child Tong Jie are learning, strong God beneficial, strong God body, concentrate on intent. 

Day and night stop to achieve the goal. 

This law station pile in the middle and lower three, air chest breathing exercise stretch Shu, yin and yang changes, the chain access also. To practice the method of footwork, physical and legal methods combined with change, all-encompassing, containing the five elements of neutralization, which is the basis of five elements pile, and the source of the pile. The so-called heart-to-heart palms, really unique supreme magic tactic also. Probe back loose shoulder, force cold bomb, the power of the whole body at the tip of the hand.