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Wudang Liuhe Taichi - Xu Shen

Wudang Liuhe Taichi - Xu Shen
Since the martial arts since the faction, the yin and yang tai chi a pulse that is widely circulated, I am very fortunate to learn from Gong Yecheng Road long learn Wudang Liuhe tai chi. Master Gong is in the young thanks to Henan Tong White House of a cloud tour long as a teacher, learn Wudang Liuhe tai chi. In order to repay Gong's teach of the grace, I will Wudang Liuhe Taichi finishing, for lovers reference.

Wudang Liuhe Taichi is divided into eight sections of sixty-four, with particular emphasis on "Liuhe". Liuhe, that is, within the triple and triple. Meaning the strength of the combination of within the three coins; elbow shoulder and knee knees hips together for the outside triple. (Heart and meaning together, meaning and gas together, gas and force together), then talk about the three together (heart and meaning together, meaning and gas together, gas and force together) The In the line of practice, the gas running, opening and closing related, hardness and softness, speed freely. There is no move, a static no static. Just as overwhelming, soft as willow breeze. Line, such as water, endless; gas through the body, continuous. Force in the roots, dominated in the waist, shaped in hand.
1, Promise pile

Standing standing, head straight neck straight, his hands drooping naturally, feet close together, toe grip, two head as the front, natural breathing (Figure 1). Knees slightly bent, left and right hand slightly down, the right shift to the right, left to move to the left, toes first to the ground, slowly under the left heel at the same time, hands together with the meridian chain buckle (that is, the right hand thumb to grab the right hand in the fingertips, Thumb from the right side of the mouth of the tiger's mouth to insert, grabbed the right hand ring finger root, his hands overlap, his left hand, the right hand on the hands of both hands empty fist) deep breathing, breathing belly convex,

2, heaven and earth together

Connected to the type, his hands slowly separated, slowly carried to shoulder and flat, hands palm, palm up, consistent with the top of the head, and then overturned palm, palm down, fingers relative to the ball down the shape of the next press To the lower abdomen (Note: the atmosphere of the world gathered in the pubic region). (figure 2)

3, basaltic mountains

Connected to the type, palms around the rotation into a ball-like, palm up. At the same time, with the right heel for the right axis of the right hand, and the ground was 45 degrees angle, the right center of the right shift, the left foot was left at the same time, hands were standing palm forward, left palm in the front, right palm in the After the shape, such as snake head turtle out of the momentum of basaltic mountains.