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Wingchun Charm Lies

Wingchun charm lies
Wingchun is never equal to the usual fitness style. It is a kind of advocate "unity of mind and body" philosophy of life, both can get the coordination and health of all aspects of the body function, a higher level is to cultivate people focus on peace, calm and objective good attitude, people self-cultivation, access to the body, Spirit of a unified state of health. This is the other fitness can not match a major feature.
To a certain extent, Wingchun advocates the harmony of the body and the soul, is its scientific basis.
Wingchun practice can be divided into eight stages, also called 8 branch method, that is: constraints; discipline; posture and posture; interest rate adjustment; control sensory; introspection; meditation; Samadhi, that mind unity, detached realm. All of these, are to adjust the physical and mental exercise in all aspects of the function, so that coordinated and orderly, balanced and healthy.
Wingchun's posture and posture exercises are an in-depth stretching exercise that slowly stimulates the body's muscles, nerves, endocrine systems and digestive systems through slow and coordinated stretching and contraction, improving blood circulation and hormone secretion, The waste toxins are excluded from the body. Continuous exercise can enhance the flexibility of the body, so that the body lines become slender symmetry, enhance the sensitivity of the limbs. And through breathing, meditation and other exercises, you can quiet nerves, peace and mind, make people open-minded, calm and calm,
Such a fitness and physical exercise can be a way to exercise, do not need to assist any fitness equipment, unlike other fitness items such as ball, swimming and other places by the restrictions. But practicing Wingchun is not just a day out of time to carry out the training or meditation, Wingchun's thoughts will run through all aspects of your life. Such as the choice of quiet natural life atmosphere, light diet, soothing music, cheerful peace of mind and so on.
In terms of diet, Wingchun advocates healthy eating habits, that diet not only affect the body, but also have a significant impact on the mind and spirit. Wingchun divides food into three, lazy foods, food and transsexual food.
Inert food is easy to cause neglect, disease and mental retardation of food, such food is harmful to the heart, the body is useless, including greasy and fried food, especially meat; Yue food is rich in nutrition, rarely use spices and spices , Cooking simple, eating these foods can cultivate noble sentiments, make the body healthy, pure, energetic, so that the mind is quiet and pleasant, beneficial body and mind, including all fresh, delicious vegetables, fruit, very little taste of food , Cereals and legumes, milk; transgender food is able to provide energy, beneficial to the body but not the mind of the food, often use will cause physical and mental impetuous, such as adding too much flavor of food. From the food ingredients point of view, Yue food contains a lot of natural protein and vitamins, is a healthy diet.
In addition to these, Wingchun diet important principles include: to promote vegetarian and balanced diet, every day to eat fresh fruits and vegetables and fruits; can not eat too much, to chew, eat to Bacheng full; every day to drink plenty of water, Water can wash the body of toxins produced in the body to prevent premature aging.