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Wing Chun Quan Makes Girl Easy To Prevent Wolf

Wing Chun Boxing in China has been more than 200 years of history, the legend is that five division is too creative. With the release of "Ye asked", Wing Chun swept the mainland.

Yong Chun Boxing is a softness, both inside and outside of a boxing. Its characteristics near body bunt, known as the "fist to play in the land of cattle," is quite suitable for female practice. Last month, an airline in Hong Kong organised an air hostess training in Wing Chun to cope with "rogue passengers".

Zhou Jirong, president of the World Wing Chun Boxing Wuhan Promotion Center, said that Ms. Xi's practice of Yong Chun Quan, in self-defense, fitness at the same time, Silk Hao will not affect its beautiful. "No move, no one can see you are a master." Once done, the bad guys can only hate to kick themselves to the plate. This kind of boxing method can be said to fully embodies the ' static as a virgin, Miro ' realm. ”

Taekwondo has the opportunity to sign international "Wu Tai"

Taekwondo originated in South Korea, now has become the Olympic Games, its popularity can be seen.

Taekwondo is mainly based on legs, supplemented by hand, mainly in the use of leg method. Taekwondo Attack method plays a leading role in the LEG method, leg technology in the overall use of about 3/4, because the length and strength of the legs is the largest human body, followed by the hand. In Chinese martial art an old saying, "Fist is two doors, all by foot hit." "This movement can be interpreted."

At present, has reached the black Belt Teacher's level of the weekly Dragon said, taekwondo ordinary use may not be too extensive, but as a fitness is a good sport. "Especially children, born to move." Learning this sport will not be boring. And if learning has become, but also can board the international ' Wu Tai ', for the country glory. ”

Sanda is quicker to respond

Sanda, it can be said that there is no routine to speak. It's hard to say that children fight. However, some people in China have played Sanda to a fairly high level, and that is the legendary Bruce Lee. That year, Bruce Lee launched the Cut boxing road, hit the American martial arts master. In fact, his idea is sanda. "Not bound by routines, in the fastest, most simple way, hit, knock down opponents." ”

In 1989, won the International Shaolin Wushu boxing champion of the Zhou Long also said that the routine is dead, how to use the flexibility is the key. "Sanda is the embodiment of a martial, in the shortest possible time, the use of their greatest strength." If you practice more, you will have a conditioned reflex, like walking to meet the pit, will naturally choose to cross over. ”

The Thai fist opens the veil for you.

Thai Boxing is a traditional martial arts project of Thailand, it is renowned for its fierce and fierce. Because it is not prevalent at home, it is also a veil of secrecy.

The Dragon in the 1996 free Fight competition, became the first to use Thai boxing rules, defeated the Thai champion of the Chinese samurai, known as China Wu Champion. Believe that he has a thorough understanding of Thai Boxing, we have any questions, curiosity, you can go to the scene to find a dragon coach to seek answers.