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Wing Chun Boxing: Hitting Auxiliary Instruments

Punching sandbags is an effective way to increase the strength and endurance of the punches. Common sandbags are: buried wall sandbags, hanging type sandbags, vertical sandbags. Buried wall sandbags, with soft canvas or leather sewn into about 28x38 square, can be filled with river sand, dried beans, beads, cloth pieces, and so on. First, do not fill the full, from light to heavy strokes, different stages of filling ratios. If you need to practice three road down three strokes, when made into the hanging type of buried wall sandbags; it's best to have light and heavy weight. But in practice, be aware that the sandbags are not too heavy and too hard at first. Wear protective pads on your hands, such as hand-wrapped bandages or finger gloves to prevent joint bruising and abrasions, Boxing back, boxing wheel contact with sandbags, do not hit the sandbags when the sandbags swing larger, so as to avoid wrist joint and knee contusion, to combat sandbags to use the overall strength.

Hitting speed ball practice is an effective training method to improve the speed and accuracy of punching. There are two kinds of speed ball in market, hanging type and vertical. The hanging is in the ball opposite ends each have a long band or small spring connection, one end of the rubber band is connected to fixed, a downward vertical ground connection fixed. The ball and the basic straight fist height is high, the practice blows vigorously, the ball is swinging in the elastic band to swing back and forth, blows faster, swings faster. A vertical speed ball with a solid ball (or inflatable ball) and iron pipe to make a club with a spring to connect to the ball frame or ground. Hit the ball when the club in the spring under the elastic force to drive the ball before and after swinging, the faster the impact, the faster the swing, can effectively improve the impact of the impact of the visual nerves, flashing, horse stance continuous attack ability.

Hitting your fists is an effective way to improve your judgment and the accuracy of your punches. The fist target is made of a piece of 20x25 hard sponge (foam, wood shavings, coconut-like filler) and wrapped in leather outside. The opposite side of the target is sewn with a finger sleeve, which is used to induce the other to pursue by grasping the grip in the finger sleeve. The foot target manufacture is similar, the size commonly used is the 20x40, the target's opposite sewing handle and the buckle belt holds the grip to be fixed. When used, the arm of the hand goes through the buckle belt ring, the palms hold the handle of the transverse suit, and the buckle belt is fixed. Targeted, can be fixed step can be moved to make a variety of attack positions, luring each other to exert a variety of boxing strokes, leg method, elbow skill hit. Focus on the rapid operation of the pursuit force, can improve the mobility of the boxing coordination ability, accuracy and detection of false action traps.