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Why Taichi Is A Scientific Health Care Method

Why Taichi is a scientific health care method
There are many ways of health care campaigns. Taichi is our Chinese nation in the long process of practice to find a kind of advanced scientific and artistic health care methods.
The original Taichi is "dance" this form of movement. Such as "Lu's Spring and Autumn ancient music chapter" records: "Xitao Tang began, overcast and stagnation and Zhan plot, waterway congestion, not its source, people stagnation and stagnation, Propaganda ". At the end of the Ming Dynasty, Hua Tuo, who was guided by the idea of keeping the tiger, deer, bear, apes and birds, was created by the idea of " More vividly shows that Taichi is a kind of exercise with the role of health care methods. As for the idea, breathing as the main means of exercise quiet work, although the body shape from the point of view no movement, but it is stressed that the internal idea of regulation, in fact, "outside the static movement", so quiet and dynamic Has a good health care role.
Taichi as a way of health care movement, in the long-term practice gradually accumulated and formed a theoretical understanding of their own characteristics. In addition to Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism, Wu and other families have contributed to the formation of Taiji theory, the core of Taichi theory is based on traditional Chinese medicine theory, so that Taichi as a component of Chinese medicine can be identified as An independent discipline boarded the hall of science. In recent years, Taichi work in the theoretical discussion, power law finishing, clinical treatment, mechanism research, personnel training, expanding the application areas and many other aspects have a greater development. With the use of some modern scientific theories and methods, the essence of Taichi is gradually being revealed. Taiji therapy mainly in the psychological - physiological - self - adjusting mechanism to play the role of its health care role in the practical significance and theoretical significance of the final understanding, will be more shows the depth and breadth of Taichi scientific connotation.
Taichi as a scientific way of health care movement, through the sense of sleep in the sleeping, like a wake of a special state (Taichi state) when a special movement and play a role in the body and mind adjustment. Different from the general movement, Taichi state movement with a quiet natural, static and dynamic, coordinated stretch, a motionless, a static and so quiet and many other features. With these characteristics of the dynamic, often gives a beautiful art to enjoy. And practitioners with the idea of the activities of the mood, with their own feelings and sometimes, such as Dapeng wings, sometimes as dragon dance, sometimes like a peacock open screen, sometimes as wild horse mane, heart and body completely immersed, intoxicated in a very comfortable and beautiful feeling in. The artistry of Taichi is also embodied in the combination of other arts, such as calligraphy, painting, drama, music, dance and other artistic performance of the process, are accompanied by Taichi components.
 Ancient China has long been aware of emotional (psychological) and physical health are closely related, and theoretically have a more clear understanding of this. World Health Organization Charter pointed out: "Health is not only no disease and not weak, but the physical, psychological, social three aspects of the integrated state." Began to realize that health is not only the body without disease and defects, but also a complete psychological state. This is the current "psychosomatic medicine", "social medicine", "behavioral medicine" attention to the problem.
Modern psychosomatic medicine or behavioral medicine believes that healthy psychology includes moderate emotional expression and control, good at rest, good adaptability to the environment, optimism, can maintain good interpersonal relationships and many other aspects. This is the traditional requirements: "and joy and anger and place", "music of its network, good people", "peace of mind and fear", "living often, labor and tireless", " Is consistent. We can see thousands of years ago our ancestors have begun this cultivation and their own practice.
Taichi can not only brain puzzle, illness and physical, but also in many ways to adjust the human mental activity, behavior, so that harmony and unity.
Specifically, Taichi can first eliminate the impact of lesions on the situation of partial happiness. Emotions are not simply a matter of psychological accomplishment, but in its material basis. For example, people with liver disease more irritability, Chinese medicine treatment to Shugan qi mainly after Taichi exercise, so that the liver smooth, the spirit of reconciliation, not easy to anger.