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Why Should The Bagua Palm Walk To The Mud Step

First, the mud step can be an qi irrigation foot bottom, the next disk Stability:

Eight to walk-oriented, in technology hit with a flexible footwork known. Footwork flexible body center of gravity transformation is more frequent, at this time must keep the next disk stable, not like the wind swaying willow. The popular saying is that in the walk of human body to like a tumbler. The reason why the tumbler can stand, is that his bottom has the pressure iron, the center of gravity is very low. People in the rapid move to maintain stability, must be gas shen Hara, and then gas irrigation feet, while maintaining a lower ring, in order to make the next disk solid. But inside straight outside buckle and inside pendulum outside buckle two kinds of mud step in how to implement gas irrigation foot bottom of the specific method is different.

The step outside the eight is the footwork used by most of the men. I personally experience, use this kind of footwork, request hind pedal, front foot Bandi forward, meaning fills forefoot toe. The front of the fore, as in the water, is like a ground-breaking plow, so the knees are to the top. Before the front foot, and back ankle grinding shank, to scissors legs. This kind of footwork is the foundation of the root strength exerting force, the fist tactic says: "The foot hits seven, the hand hits three, the hands and feet enters Mo slowly." Crotch beat, shoulder hit, commitment to squeeze on the dark top knee. "In particular, the body weight should be moved forward with the forefoot before the front leg," he said. This and the shape of the boxing requirements to the truth is the same, hands and feet to the actual body is the whole movement, hit when not only by hand to hit, but with the body of the whole person "hit" out, is to hit the potential. The big Punch is called the overall exerting force. This kind of footwork idea concentrates on the front toe, must have the tread on the foot when landing. A beam faction Vou You The strength of this step is summed up (hind foot) pedal, grind (grind shank), (forefoot) kick, probe, step five strength, compare better embodiment of this kind of footwork connotation. As the door to close to the attack of the main, so the pace is not small, after the foot trip out of the landing after the start of a flat, so that flat down. If the footwork is larger, in the use of the front foot to go out at the same time the center of gravity to significantly synchronized forward, hind legs must be followed, so the shape of the fist only half step with the argument.

There is a big difference between the step of the pendulum outside the flat and the way of the top. The practice is through the hip break, wrap-driven legs and then drive the front swing, buckle. The focus of the practice is not moving forward with the front foot, but the body sitting on the hind legs (at the beginning and intermediate stages) until the center of gravity of the front foot moves forward. This kind of practice also emphasizes the gas-filled feet, but not the front foot but the hind foot, to gas irrigation support feet soles. The formation of the hind foot springs--the crotch of the perineum--the head hundred this stable axis of rotation, the whole body supporting the legs is the supporting shaft, as if the rural axis of the door axis, rather than supporting the legs half side of the body is like the half of the door, not the whole forward but the whole rotation, to the head for the flag, three-plate unity. As the fist tactic said: "Twist to turn, pedal foot grinding shank, curved leg mud, full heart empty." From the flat down buckle, the chain of vertical and horizontal, waist, such as shaft, hand-like wheel line. ”

This practice of the front foot can be close to the ground trip, can also be vacant, because the front legs are "hanging" on the crotch, it is also called "hanging suction step." The crane-shaped step of the door is the front leg is elevated, but because the center of gravity sits on the hind leg but does not lift, therefore still is the gas sinks the foot bottom.

Second, the mud step is eight exercises the overall force and rotation of the main means of exerting force:

Internal strength is the basic Kung fu, but many people through the practice of the shape of the fist and so on to practice exerting force. And we are the internal strength to rub in the circle of practice, practice the palm, the exercise of the basic force structure, of course, in training methods and ideas to some changes.

For the straight outside of the practice, I apprentice in a circle practice, began to require the use of the above steps as uniform as possible to rotate, proficient in the flat down, buckle step, center of gravity Mobile and other technical essentials. At the same time through the gas-filled feet, gradually put the force into the feet, so that the real on the virtual. Basic skills to have, turn the palm is not uniform, but requires every step has speed, elastic change, start to slow, when the front landing to have explosive force, forefoot suddenly forward step, the whole body at the same time a tight, gradually developed elastic force. Fist tactic request: "Foot in the door seize position, palm line

Straight up and down busy. "First from the sinking pile to practice, to be the punch after the formation of the fist, and then exercise the palm, the three wear palm, double hit the palm, such as palm, so through the gradual gradually practiced holding the palm exerting force, wearing the palm exerting force, hit the palm exerting force, how to use."

And in the outside buckle this practice more emphasis on the body of the braces twist drill, exerting force is not a straight line, but with the waist and hip drive rotation exerting force, martial arts more use oblique out. The force can be from the root, force from the pedal to the foot of the upward spiral hand. Because external is with waist hip drive whole body to turn, the essence is to use the pubic region to drive the whole body, walk when more adopt embrace Yong Shou, that is to keep the Hara an OBE. Therefore exerting more use of the Hara is the source of power, with the tension of the pubic region to drive the whole body of the unwinding, rotation, at a high level, the body is not sitting on the hind legs, at this time the head of the spirit of the top strength, perineum, hundred--the axis of the formation of the perineum (in fact, the midrib) so that the body suspended, while the body of flesh and blood has been relaxed and sinking, especially the waist The mood of the gentleman to the flesh and blood minister. This practice pays more attention to the physical changes in the actual situation. At this time when the hands, feet in the accumulation of strength to the hara, when exerting force is to the pubic region as the center to the opposite direction of the eruption stretching, the front hand with the hands, forward, down step, so at this time the "trip" of the connotation and in the direct external deduction practice is different In addition, in the front of the hand, back to the yin and yang, is the back of the push to turn, so eight have "before the hands hit, hand exerting force" said.

Third, the mud step can make the body loose, under real virtual:

Eight stressed that the move to the mud step to the foot of the bottom of the feet there is also an important reason is only to reach the abdominal solid chest empty, loose waist sitting hip so that on the false. This is the practice of eight will not be a decisive factor. Because eight emphasize wrap twist drill, go when each big tendon is in the twist stretch state, very easy to make the whole body tension loose, appear chest oppressed, shoulder tension, arm sore and so on. The more you get sore, the easier it is to concentrate on your arms and create evil.

Sex cycle, which is called "the inverse of the strength." At this time only the idea transferred to the feet, with the mud step to guide the Qi and blood to the lower extremity concentration, the upper arm, shoulder, chest naturally will loosen down, this is called the idea transfer method. In addition, we should also pay attention to the extent of sticking to the drill to a small amount of increase, do not step in place. Any internal boxing should conform to the "Yellow Emperor Internal Sutra" required by the real on the virtual, yin and yang balance to martial arts, health and synchronous ascension. And the mud step is the shortest way to meet this requirement.