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Why Qigong Is A Self-exercise Method

Why Qigong is a self-exercise method
 1, where the "heart" refers to the psychological, spiritual, "body" refers to the body and its physiological function. As the name suggests, self-psychosomatic training method is to play a sense of initiative, the spirit of their own, physical training of a class of methods. 1, Qigong exercise is rich in psychological exercise content: Chinese medicine classics "Yellow Emperor" in the talk about Qigong wrote: "tranquil nothing, infuriating from the spirit of the defenders, sick from the past," breathing fine, Muscle if a ". Here the "spirit of the defenders" and "independent Shou Shen", clearly expressed the ancients in the Qigong exercise on the spirit of the request. Qigong terminology "depends entirely on the practice of kung fu" more shows the psychological activities in the Qigong exercise in the dominant position. An important part of Qigong exercise is to make consciousness into the "sleeping like sleep, wake up wake up" into the static state. This initiative to adjust their state of consciousness from the sober to the quiet process, but also the embodiment of self-psychological exercise. As for the specific practice of a variety of methods, such as the imagination of the feet like a tree rooting, intended to keep the pubic region, on the object of the "like non-defensive", the feelings of the location of the body, and so on, it is psychological perception , Attention, imagination, self-suggestion, self-hypnosis and other content of the direct use.

2, Qigong exercise on the body is achieved from two ways: the first way is the direct exercise of the body. This is mainly manifested in the dynamic exercise. The so-called "outside the practice of bones" refers to the Qigong or external power on the body of the direct effect. In the Qigong exercise exercise, although the body looks like the body slowly gentle, but beginners in a period of time will still feel the body fatigue, showing that this slow and gentle movement on the physical, physical exercise is also quite strong The As for static work, such as station pile, also has a very strong physical exercise. The intensity of this effect also changes with the height of the station pile. The lower the posture, the greater the intensity of physical exercise. The second way Qigong is physical exercise is an indirect effect. The starting point of this approach is the practice of mental activity caused by the occurrence of health changes, psychological changes must be through the nerve and neuroendocrine links caused by changes in the body's physiological function, changes in physiological function will cause morphological changes. This effect is achieved through a psycho - physiological - morphological response. In summary, it can be clearly seen that Qigong can really play its unique role both from both spiritual and physical. In recent years, with the development of society, disease spectrum changes, people's health, disease and medical model of understanding, have undergone a fundamental change. More and more aware of the psychological and social factors in which the important position. But also from the practice to see the Qigong exercise to maintain the physical and mental health, the treatment of psychosomatic disease played an important role.