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What Is The Relationship Between Qigong And Beauty?

What is the relationship between Qigong and beauty?
People, especially women, mostly pay attention to beauty. "Beauty" has two meanings: the narrow sense of beauty, refers to the simple beauty of the face, such as a variety of ways to clean the face, the various nutrients applied to the face, as well as on the basis of the dress. Generalized beauty is to beautify the whole body and mind. Qigong beauty belongs to this range. Narrow facial beauty is only the face of the skin passive passive acceptance of external nutrients, and dress after the cover, cover and landscaping is only a moment of the appropriate. Qigong beauty is based on their own conditions of development, to face and overall, physical and spiritual comprehensive update and landscaping.
So how does Qigong play this role?
1, Qigong can effectively eliminate fatigue, restore strength, so that practitioners to maintain a strong energy. Modern society, the pace of life faster and faster, to bring people's psychological tension is also growing. A common reaction as tension is fatigue. People who are in a state of fatigue are often mentally exhausted and flesh relaxed, and Qigong exercises can effectively relieve and restore the nervous system of excessive excitement, quickly eliminate the body's fatigue, people dry up to full of vitality. Vitality is a symbol of youth, and youth is a symbol of beauty. Clear mind, full of energy, responsive image is an important aspect of human beauty.
2, cultivate infuriating, resistance to premature aging. An important role in Qigong exercise is to nurture infuriating. Chinese medicine that people's facial features, skin, etc. is the five internal organs of the external reflection and performance. Infuriating enough, five internal organs strong blood, five internal organs of the external performance is bound to full of vitality and moisturizing, showing a healthy beauty. For example, the theory of Chinese medicine, "liver resuscitation and head," the argument, full of liver eyes are bright and piercing, through Qigong exercise, infuriating more and more adequate, disease resistance, can be removed due to suffering from a variety of diseases caused Of premature aging, so that youth resident.
3, Qigong can improve the microcirculation, so that the face rosy, skin moist. Experimental observation found that Qigong exercise can improve the body's microcirculation function, so that more capillaries open, blood vessels within the blood vessels to speed up, thereby promoting the organization's metabolism, skin nutrients increased, improved skin tissue, become delicate and moist. In addition, Qigong can also regulate the endocrine system through the function to prevent skin aging and loss of elasticity, beautify the role of the skin.
4, Qigong can beautify the temperament, cultivate people's temperament. The real beauty is a kind of facial and body, body and spirit of harmony and unity. Which people's mental outlook, temperament, demeanor, etc. is the shape of the internal performance. Qigong exercise in the "self-aligning" means not only teach people intended to keep the contents of the quiet, but also has the important role of cultivating temperament. Usually pay attention to self-cultivation, can practice the heart and body and the external environment to achieve a balance, feel comfortable, open-minded, behavior Tanzania swing.
Qigong on the role of beauty is multifaceted, and these roles are also inclusive of each other. In the course of practicing Qigong, the most important thing is to understand the essence of Qigong, that is, "self-care," to do this, you will realize the mystery of Qigong beauty.
Qigong many schools, the genre and there are many different practice methods, although their practice is different, but the basic content of power law, nothing more than tampering, interest rate adjustment, three aspects of mind, referred to as "Three tone", also known as the three elements of Qigong. Each of the exercises is the combination of the three and the use of the three. The following are introduced:
1, Tone up: Tone is based on a certain purpose and requirements, relax the body, placed in a certain position, that is, adjust the body position. The exercise of the body is mainly the physical strength of the exercise. The so-called "outside the practice of bones" mainly refers to the exercise said. Different body size on the body has a different impact, with a specific fitness effect. At the same time, the appropriate body position is also a smooth condition for adjusting interest rates.
Qigong body potential is also divided into line, station type, sitting, horizontal four categories. Line style, standing so that a lot of muscle groups, especially the lower half of the body in a relatively tight state, strong bones, enhance physical strength is a great advantage. Sitting, horizontal can make the body relaxed, is conducive to quiet spirit, nurture infuriating, and more for quiet work.
2, interest rate adjustment: interest rate, also known as spit na, refers to the practice of breathing on the adjustment and exercise. Generally believed that interest rates not only play a direct tone machine, massage the internal organs of the special effects, but also help the body to relax and into the quiet.