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What Is The Relationship Between Chinese Martial Arts And Mental Health?

What is the relationship between Chinese Martial Arts and mental health?
Ancient China has long been aware of the emotional (psychological) and physical health are closely related, and theoretically have a more clear understanding of this. World Health Organization Charter pointed out: "Health is not only no disease and not weak, but physical, psychological, social three-state comprehensive state." Began to realize that health is not only the body without disease and defects, but also a complete psychological state. This is the current "psychosomatic medicine", "social medicine", "behavioral medicine" attention to the problem.
Modern psychosomatic medicine or behavioral medicine that health psychology, including moderate emotional expression and control, good at rest, good ability to adapt to the environment, optimism, to maintain good interpersonal relationships and many other aspects. This is with the traditional requirements: "and joy and anger and place", "music its network, good people", "peace of mind and fear", "living often, labor and tireless", " Is consistent. We can see thousands of years ago our ancestors have begun this kind of cultivation and their own practice.
Chinese Martial Arts can not only brain puzzle, illnesses and physical, but also in many ways to adjust the human mental activity, behavior, so that harmony and unity.
Specifically, the Chinese Martial Arts can first eliminate the impact of disease on the partial happiness. Emotions are not simply a matter of psychological accomplishment, but on its material basis. For example, people with liver disease more irritability, Chinese medicine treatment to Shugan qi mainly after the Chinese Martial Arts exercise, so that the liver smooth, the spirit of reconciliation, not easy to anger.
Second, Chinese Martial Arts can prevent the impact of abnormal emotions on the body. People in life, the total may be because of this or that thing, causing excessive emotional activity. Chinese medicine believes that this excessive emotional fluctuations, will inevitably affect the function of internal organs. The ancients summarized as: anger liver, thinking spleen, hi sad, sad lung, fear of kidney injury. The degree of injury to the human body is often not dependent on the extent of external stimuli, but depends on the attitude of the stimulus, that is, the inner world response. Through long-term practice self-cultivation, can make people rationally deal with the problem, so that "follow the truth, good self-solution."
Again, Chinese Martial Arts can change personality characteristics to a certain extent. Personality refers to the person's mental outlook, refers to the individual to the people, on the object and the whole environment to adapt to the performance of the unique psychological characteristics. It is the human innate quality in the day after the different practice process, and the interaction of environmental conditions formed. Temperament, character is the content of personality characteristics, both of which are "difficult to move" side, there are "plastic" side, through the Chinese Martial Arts exercise, can make it more conducive to the development of physical and mental health.
Massage is not only closely related to Chinese Martial Arts in terms of origin and development, but also many of the traditional schools also emphasize that people who study and practice must carry out Chinese Martial Arts exercises, such as practicing Yi Jin Jing, Shaolin internal strength and other exercises to enhance the constitution To ensure their own health on the basis of the use of techniques for the treatment of other diseases. In many of the massage techniques, there is a class of Chinese Martial Arts (internal strength) massage techniques, requiring doctors on the basis of usual practice, in the treatment of mind set, standing shoulder, elbow, loose wrist, in the way requires lasting, powerful , Even, soft, so as to achieve "deep penetration", and even handy to use some special treatment, and achieved good results, so as "medical Kam Kam," said: "Once the clinical evidence, In the inside, hand heart to turn, the law from the hand out. And in the application of massage in the warming means, requires doctors to focus on the hand, with a more gentle and soft rhythm, so that the sense of warmth in depth, in order to warm the purpose of dispelling. "Su asked the pain on the theory," said: "cold gas in the back of the Yu Yu ... ... so cited and pain, according to the heat to the heat to the pain only carry on." Said at that time to know that with this combination of Chinese Martial Arts to dispel cold pain. In addition, the requirements of patients can take the initiative to cooperate with the treatment, as far as possible to relax the muscles, the spirit of stability, in the Chinese Martial Arts into the state, accept massage therapy to achieve better results.