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What Is The Difference Between Qigong And Taichi?

What is the difference between Qigong and Taichi?
Qigong and Taichi are the same in many ways, but they also have many differences. As the name suggests, Taichi is one of the martial arts boxing, some people call it "flexible martial arts." Taichi movement of the specific content, in addition to boxing routines, there are basic skills, pushing hands, Sanshou and equipment routines and so on. As martial arts content, its main role is to attack and defense.
Taichi and qigong are the same as the two are:
First of all, with the development of society, martial arts as one of the Taichi, in the social life gradually reduced the role of martial arts, and more prominent Taichi exercise fitness value and traditional artistic performance value. Taichi masters in the "thirteen potential song" in the "detailed intention of what the end of life, longevity is not old spring" point of view. Therefore, from the Taichi also has a fitness effect in terms of this, and qigong has the same place.
Second, from the generation of Taichi speaking, it not only comprehensively absorbed the martial arts many boxing strengths, but also absorb the ancient guide, spit and other health essence of the law, so that some of the essentials of qigong exercise, Taichi basic skills Which is part of the important content.
Third, from the requirements of qigong exercise in terms of Taichi exercise also pay attention to the guidance of ideas, requiring quiet, loose body, but also asked to adjust, adjust interest rates, self-aligning, from this point of view, can also be Taichi One of the qigong exercises.
Fourthly, in theory, they use the ancient Chinese yin and yang theory as a guide, and the use of traditional Chinese medicine meridian theory to explain the phenomenon of their own exercise.
Although qigong and Taichi have many similarities, but because of their formation and development of the ultimate purpose of different, resulting in their differences in many ways, qigong and Taichi similarities and differences:
First of all, from the formation and development of speaking, Taichi is in order to fight on the battlefield, to win the needs of the resulting, and in the continuous practice of martial arts which gradually developed; and Qigong mainly in the medical practice for the realization of fitness needs And formed and developed.
Second, from the methods of exercise and essentials, qigong mainly through the body to relax, the spirit of relaxation and to achieve the static qigong state, in order to achieve the purpose of fitness, God is the core of its content; Taichi from the body action to start, after "By the loose into the soft, cumbersome into the" process and exercise a flexible, continuous, with the penetration of the wrapped heart.
Third, from their ultimate purpose and role in terms of Taichi is through the "to Italy to gas, to the gravitational" continuous practice, and ultimately to Italy, gas, the perfect combination of realm, so as to achieve in the martial arts To the gas to the gas to the force; the ultimate goal of qigong is the medical effect, is through the Qigong exercises, strong body, longevity.
In short, qigong and Taichi similar and not exactly the same. Qigong has become an important part of the basic practice of Taichi, and some of the methods of Taichi has also become a qigong industry to create Taichi Qigong reference content.