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The Stylistic Features Of Cheng Style Bagua Palm

The Bagua Palm is the inner home boxing which takes the Palm method transformation and the walk moves mainly. As the practice of eight to go circle, every lap walk eight steps, just the gossip of the dry, Kan, gen, earthquake, Sunda, away, Kun, eight directions, as if the gossip on the gossip circle, it is called "eight".

First, the practice of Cheng style Bagua Palmt requires a palm forward, the circle of the heart, after a palm, placed in front of the elbow. Thumb, forefinger separate round brace, the remaining three refers to natural bending and separation, as if the claws of claws, so called "Dragon Claw Palm." "Dragon Claw Palm" is one of the main characteristics of Chengshi eight.

Second, practice Cheng style Bagua Palm pay attention to "three potential", that is, "steps such as the mud, the hands such as twisted rope, turn as grinding." Yin's palm take small steps, tend to rush, famous natural step. Chengshi Palm pay attention to the mud step, go to five toes to grasp the ground, double foot grinding shin, as if walking in muddy water, steady in seeking brisk and fast, called "mud step." Practice Chengshi eight to go round. The old-timers used to revolve around a small tree and turn for a long time, can be around the small tree out of a ditch. Unconsciously small and medium-sized trees have long thick and high, Kung Fu has been practiced, this is the old timers often speak of "tree long art, the elderly month ⑨, deep-rooted". When the circle, the arms forward, as if the mill general, it is called "Turn like grinding". When the arms are stretched forward, roll the diamond to make the wrap, the arms should be screwed, and the palms of the hands will be twisted toward the circle heart; the head wants to twist, two current circles of sight circle heart, the waist wants to twist, the chest namely mutton the hole position to circle the heart, but the double foot also wants to go along the circle alternately, therefore said "turns the palm like the rope", this is the practice eight essence and the Shang. Therefore, "three potential" is one of the characteristics of Chengshi eight.

Third, Cheng style Bagua Palm pay attention to "three plates." "Three plates" refers to the posture of the walking circle when the height. On the shelves high, such as the normal road, so the name "walk", suitable for the elderly practice, medium shelves, to bend the legs, walking to the legs out, easy to work, suitable for middle-aged, young people practice; the shelves are low, almost knee, hip, difficult to practice, and few people practice. So mnemonic Yue: "The palm of the law is divided into the middle and lower, up and down is only the palm armour, round and free but the pan, the whole leg changes." "So it is one of the characteristics of Chengshi eight to divide three plates.

Four, Cheng style Bagua Palm pay attention to "three-shaped". "Three-shaped" means "walking like a dragon, moving if a monkey, change the potential like an eagle." When the palm of the hand before stretching, fingers apart, like the Dragon's two front paws, twist the head, twist the arm, twist waist and line for long line, that is, "walking as Long." So Mr. Nin named his Chengshi Eight "dragon-shaped Eight". "Move if monkey" that refers to the pace to live, the law to live, the Palm method to live, only the upper and lower internal and external coordination, in order to rotate between fast, flexible, agile, like living monkeys in general. "Change potential like Eagle" refers to the Chengshi Eight's palm potential changes, that is, change the palm when the posture to stretch, the momentum to be magnificent, the body should be flexible, palm with internal force, like Eagle hit the sky general. This kind of Chengshi eight not only pose beautiful, but also form God both, see Kung Fu everywhere. So the work method "three shape" is also one of the characteristics of Chengshi eight.

Five, Mr. Cheng Yanhua practiced wrestling in his early years, he put the wrestling into the eight, full, perfect, formed his own unique style. When wrestling with obstruct, with good obstruct, can people fall. The obstruct into the eight step to form a pendulum and buckle step. So Chengshi eight to pendulum step, buckle step mainly, pendulum step, buckle step is one of the characteristics of Chengshi eight. In the practice of eight palms, almost every palm has "to live with" a potential, but also from the fall of the law evolved. "Walking by horse" is one of the characteristics of Chengshi eight.

Six, Yin's palm direct, pay attention to cold, crisp, hard, fast, good explosion strength, duncuo strength, so people called hard palm, Chengshi palm exquisite twist wrap drill, so much spiral strength. Mr. Cheng Yanhua called "Supernatural glasses Course", it is obvious that the palm of the deep and thick, so chengshi the majority of the gate. Good explosion, good absorption of the release, to "inch strength hurt people."

Seven, Cheng style Bagua Palm the leg method many, has the pendulum, the deduction, the kick, the point, collapses, turns over, splits, the tread, the pedal, the cut, cuts and so on, but with the point leg mainly. Chengshi in the door of the old-timers are using the "point" leg, that is, loose crotch, knees, the strength through to the tip of the foot, to Xu Point on each other, like a snake spit letter, both fast and powerful. But in the palm of the law, the combination of laws, close to hand-marvelous. Therefore, the use of "point leg" is also one of the characteristics of Chengshi eight.

Eight, Cheng style Bagua Palm pay attention to rigid-flexible, actual situation, opening and closing, movement, landing, retreat, disease Xu, oblique ... There are two aspects of contradiction. They are both opposite and unified, and constantly in the transformation of each other, these imply the "Zhouyi" of "rigid-flexible phase push, change in the" of the yin and yang. Chengshi eight pay attention to "yin and yang" is also one of the characteristics.

Nine, Cheng style Bagua Palm pay attention to twist wrap drill, show put tighten, to Italy collar Qi, to the meaning of the force, gas Shen Hara, internal and external unity. A move without a move, always everywhere to palm, step with the palm change, add body with, everywhere has changed, not only to form God both, but also to the strength intense, softness. In this way, as Mr Cheng Yanhua said, "When you are in the hands of the enemy, or stick or go, or open or close, or if you leave, or top or lose, flickering, or suddenly a Zhang Yu far away, suddenly back that is at present, or with the force of all, or with one hand, or two fingers, or one of the sections, suddenly empty, suddenly just suddenly soft, no shape, change contingency also. So said in the hands with the enemy when the palm of the hand, step with the palm, the intention to start with, there is no shape, everywhere change ", change contingency is also Chengshi eight one of the characteristics.

Ten, practice eight must walk circle, walk 9 steps, 10 steps or more steps can, but walk up circle too big, easy to make the palm method of loose, because the angle of twist waist is too small, also can not do "turn the palm such as wring rope", each circle walk six or seven steps or less step also may, but the circle is too small, not only the palm potential is restrained, the strength cannot reach, And it's not enough to practice eight. Can't practice eight. Eight's attack features one is "to walk for use", so take 8 steps is advisable, as if the foot tread dry, kan, gen, earthquake, Sunda, away, Kun, eight azimuth, so named "eight". Named as eight, so on the basis of "gossip" of the number of Gua, produced eight palm, 8,864 palm, 8,864 hands ... And because HuiChuan illiterate, can only Corne "each teach one art", so Yin Fu Shuna as "eight big trend", Cheng Yanhua for "eight palm" Shuna.

Chengshi Eight is the palm of the law, not gossip. Thus, there is no innate eight in Chengshi eight, the day after tomorrow eight, some palm for the gossip, some hanging for a palm, a certain hanging grams of a palm, a palm of the Xuan said. Because HuiChuan "because of the old skeleton" just out of the palace, at this time of advanced age, so many disciples were educated in Mr. Yin Fu, Mr. Cheng Yanhua. Mr. Liang was educated in HuiChuan, and more educated in Mr. Yin Fu and Mr. Cheng Yanhua, so Mr. Liang's eight palms had a single change of palms, double palms, and homeopathy palm. Because Mr. Cheng was killed by eight 52 years old, may be eight big palm has not passed the reason, so Chengshi eight in the single change Palm, double change palm, homeopathy palm are known as "old Palm." So no matter what Shi eight, as long as his eight palm old Palm, must have close relationship with Chengshi eight. So "old Palm" is not only the mark of Chengshi eight, but also one of the style features of Cheng style Bagua Palm.