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The Stance Of Wing Chun Quan

Horse-stance is one of the most important foundations of Kung Fu, and different kinds of martial arts require different action requirements. Bunt boxing horse's stance is: external clamp Yangma, Yangma, two-toe pliers yang, triangle (Tibetan tripod) pliers Yangma, lifting horse, Tantama, double butterfly horses.

External clamp Yangma: Left foot in front, right foot in from, stand up to not eight, the left knee to the outside of each other twist to move the hip backward, right knee to outward twist, make hip move forward, two knees force mutual pull open, two hips into phase clamp, right foot occupies three points force, left foot occupies seven cent force (37 horse); Frog Belly (that is, chest extraction, abdominal). The external clamp Yang Horse can make the force of the two feet from the rotation outward, so that the external muscle swelling strong.

Internal Clamp YANGMA: Two foot station is not eight, the joint to the internal twist pliers, the hip to open the right knee to the internal clamp, the formation of two-knee phase clamp The force, the hip joint force opposite to each other, the left foot accounted for seven, the right foot accounted for the three-point force. Body front flutter, swallow waist loose hip.

Double Toe clamp Yangma: Two feet left and right, the distance is slightly wider than the shoulders, two feet of the second toe tendon forcibly inward pull, the hip is also at the same time to pull each other, the force to the bone convergence.

Triangular clamp Yangma: Two feet stand on both sides of the body midline, and then from the toes began to shrink the joint and then folded with the joint, knee, hip, and locked tightly. External Clamp Yang Ma mainly outside the muscle and fascia, internal clamp Yangma The main training inside the muscles, two-toe clamp Yangma main reinforcement, triangular pliers Yangma the main training bone. Each horse is the change of the "step", the step is the muscle, bone, muscles and the changes produced by the dynamic.

Pliers Yang: "Move is Yang", "Yang" refers to the human body in the Yangqing, qi, kidney yang, heart yang, liver yang, du meridian, Yang Qiao Mai and the foot of the Sun bladder meridian. All those with pliers Yang to use some force, implicit Yang meridians tight, so that yin through the smooth, practiced to achieve balance between yin and yang, so the name pliers Yangma. Perseverance, careful experience. When the horse-stance movement is free, three sets also form, the primary routine more use above horse stance. The above views for enthusiasts to examine, and for the use of a discussion.