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The Source Of Chinese Martial Arts

Chinese Martial Arts The source of Chinese martial arts. What is martial arts? Wu, Zhi Ge for the military; surgery, thinking fortune, along with the behavior of surgery

  Martial arts, stop the invasion, stop fighting the technology. Has the power to stop the war, the peace of peace, through the spread of Wuhua, is the material security and guidance.

  It is a misunderstanding that some people understand the "move and move with the people, want to be with the beast", the resulting fallacy is the "only" understanding: to toe. The understanding of the Wu will be misinterpreted as "move by one" rather than "only for the Wu" the original intention of the. "Only" word, is "one foot (toe)" means, "step" the word before the foot, behind a foot no longer set foot on, stop the meaning of the line before. [2]

  Wu (wu) pronunciation from the dance. Dance is in the Wu did not appear before, for others to highlight the strong health, magnificent and flexible behavior. Later, because of the struggle, then Liwu: to stop the fighting behavior. Six feet for the step, half step (only) for the military. Wu, that is, defines the scope of human safety. [3]

  Wu and the same tone of mind: E, wu, knowing. From Pie from Ge,. "Pie" means "no". "Ge" and "丿" together that "do not move the". The center of the fifty, and "Wu Bao half step (three feet) of the security" consistent. [3]

  Chinese Martial Arts Martial arts, is a practice to stop the invasion of a high degree of self-protection technology, it is effective in solving security problems on the basis of our minds to be adaptable training, easy, easy to enhance people's spirit and physical fitness, defense Fitness, excellent excellence, happy accommodation

  Chinese culture, is the soft power of China; China Wuhua, is the strength of China. Greek philosophy, mainly to solve the relationship between people and things, more inclined to physical research, weaken the national differences. Indian philosophy, mainly to explain the relationship between man and God, although the philosophical level is the most profound, but the face of reality is very weak, resulting in India in the history of thousands of years by another foreign enemy repeatedly occupied, and Lost their own inheritance. Chinese philosophy, mainly to solve the relationship between man and man: the close relationship between people to establish, so that people in this area to form a strong sense of identity and the same sense of the outside; highly developed civilization, formed The civilization of the surrounding tribes; huge civilized gap, making the Chinese civilization to maintain a strong integration of the surrounding tribes, had to maintain their own national culture and national spirit of the purity, not by foreigners erosion, destruction, and education, Return (expensive) positive, assimilate foreigners.

  Chinese Martial Arts And the other ancient civilizations of the world, such as Egypt, Babylon, are submerged in the desert, and now the Egyptians with the ancient Egyptians is not a thing, and now the Iraqis are not the heir to the ancient Babylonian civilization: Greek civilization was The ruthless invasion of Rome's poor imitation submerged, but fortunately in the Germanic tribes of the political and cultural life has been carried forward: the ancient Indian culture was Aryan people to sweep away, brilliant Maya culture was also caught by the Spaniards. The only uninterrupted record, and inherited down the ancient civilization, is the Chinese civilization