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The Skill Of The Bagua Serial Palm Is Fastidious

The Palm type has the palm, the palm, the vertical palm, holds the palm, wears the palm, splits the palm, the palm, picks the palm, collapses the palm, hits the palm, tuck Palm and so on.

The Palm law mainly has: Dodge lead, pull buckle hack. Wear flash intercept, touch and stick with. Cut and split, wrapped around the tricky. The collapse tuck bump, slice to cut to turn over.

Step type: Break step, buckle step, valet step, half horse stance and so on.

Footwork: Ups and downs of the pendulum buckle, retreat and withdrawal, open break plug flashing and so on.

The legs are shaped like scissors, and they walk as Wade mud. Leg method: The pendulum buckle kicks, the pocket collapses to kick, the split pedal cut. The gossip serial palm has the Ming leg, the dark leg use, but takes the leg the palm to be all, the dark leg mainly.

Gossip serial palm body shape dragon, waist such as shaft, the body is fastidious twist wrap drill, circle Live, with step, palm change, step with palm, up and down coordination. The whole body of a move without a move, twist and turn like water, up and down like arrogant dragon.

Take the palm as the method, take the walk as the use, dissolve kicks and fall take as one, follow the phase to live without end. Avoid just on the slant, homeopathy Shun Jin, the actual situation is not measured, the escape of the shadow. The soft is petitions, sticky with the adhesion, just cold bomb exploded, fast as Lightning thunder.

The gossip practice starts from the walk step, the internal strength is the foundation, the positive shape, the ventilation, understands the vigor, the ripe technique, the Ming change. With eight palm as the mother Palm, the different style of practical palm law and routines evolved. There are many kinds of devices, especially the most famous gossip knives.

Gossip serial palm is not only one of China's famous three domestic boxing, widely circulated throughout the country, and more international friends love and spread widely.

Gossip serial palm, go first, and then put, go namely also, change to the actual step in the.

Walk like the wind, stand like nails, and the shift of the pendulum is clear. Waist for tents, qi for the flag, eye view Liu Lu brothers first.

As long as the dragon, sitting like a tiger, moving like a river as quiet as mountains. The yin and yang hand, up and down, sinking shoulder fall elbow gas to Dan.

Hold the Liuhe, do not scatter, gas the body naturally. Buckle the step, carefully plate, conversion and retreat in the waist.

The foot hits seven, the hand hits three, the hands and feet enters Mo slowly. Crotch beat, shoulder hit, commitment to squeeze on the dark top knee.

High not choke, low not stop, the wind into the most first. Few words Sheng in the palm of the hand, not pure work also in vain.