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The Shape Of The XIngyi Into The Open

"Hard to play hard in the Wu Shi" people know that it is representative of the style of boxing and martial arts characteristics. However, in the shape of the door some people think it is just practicing the shape of the fist of the Ming Kung Fu, Preliminary stage. Not really.

The Shape Italy Fist is has just (Ming), The soft (dark) and the strength three steps kungfu, three strength different process and the attainments. However, Mr. Shang Yunxiang said: "These three are not completely separate, is not a phased single Bandi practice can be obtained, the actual is" just to soft, soft pure self ", there is no clear-cut boundaries. Now we see the practice of the form to lift, practice really Ming (just) strength not much, and practice is called "soft", or practice called "inner strength" is indeed quite a lot. Since these friends have been practicing "soft" or "internal strength", that they have completed the initial stage, that is, to achieve "the work of the Ming Jin, easy bone strength of the whole, to practice the work of refined Qi is also completed." If this is really the case, it should be said that the "hard to play hard into the naked" of the martial arts situation! But the truth is. Just as some of these like-minded people said to me: "The reason seems quite clear, practice is also like very exciting, but ask yourself, if you do not borrow hands and feet to the impact force, hand to the other body, want to fight but not move, what strength also send out." "Like this, can you say that the practice is good?" Such a basis for the practice of "soft", "inner strength" can achieve results? Of course, for the elderly and frail, weak and weak, and lack of knowledge, in order to remove disease fitness, another matter. If it is to improve the technology, but also to explore the effectiveness of boxing, the theory and practice of the shape of the boxing proved that this is worth studying.

Take me personally, can also be said to be the teacher advice, also after 60 years of exercise and sharpening, Ming Jin Kung fu also under a lot of, if the first division of Mr. Shang Yunxiang required to speak of strength, "the body longitudinal force" still feel unsatisfied. To tell you the truth, it is not because of the hard work or because of the difficulty of the Ming. How to prove it is to take the "hard to play in the naked" to measure. It is because self-knowledge is not enough to borrow this article suggests that we should take the "hard to play hard into the naked" of this martial arts standard face-to-face mirror, for their own advantage. At least measure their skills and kung Fu, what is the level? Find the gap, but also good understanding of how to do? It's a good thing to be a fan of the spaghetti boxing!

To control, you have to understand first, "hard to get in the open" is how to return to prison? And how to measure its level?

To illustrate this point, it should be explained that the predecessors ' views are not identical. Although Mr. Shang Yunxiang and Sun Lu Tang have been with the Guo Yun deep old gentleman's advice, in a different technical point of view, the "hard to enter the naked" of the role of the attack. This is not strange, with all their strengths. But Mr Suen has been writing his arguments, and he knows more, and his views are quoted by many people. But Mr. Evergreen just dictated, and the choice of more strict, to spread not widely, less people know. In this talk, so that the vast number of enthusiasts know, or useful and non-destructive it!

"Hard hard to enter" is not only the hands and feet to

Inside the boxing in the martial art of combat, often talked about the point of view: "Impress, do not play static," to static braking, and then hair. "This is seen as one of the characteristics of the inner fist." Only the shape Italy boxing more-a "hard to go without a play" of the martial arts requirements, this demand for thought-provoking, to be determined. Mr. Shang Yunxiang's life-style, regardless of other, with this unique technology, not unrelated.

Inside the home speak "impress, do not play static" "to static braking, after the hair" is reasonable. All know, to motivate each other in the dynamic, and can only borrow its force, and its root is not solid, hit the easy hair. If the other side in the static, Stand steady, is a small step, will also step real roots solid, hair is not easy. Do not blame the old man some people often say "I this station, you ask not move!" "It is true that his three-piece pile is deep and difficult to ask." However, it should be said that it can be asked to move. If you don't move, you should blame yourself for not practicing, the strength is not. Just as some people worry about, "others stand there so you fight, hand to body is not a strength to come!" "Actually this is the Ming Jin has not played, will not talk about what inside strength and hair person!" This also shows that it is difficult to play static, it is not easy to make the effort! and "Hard to play hard" in the "hard hit" can knock development strength, play static door, with it to control, easy to fully verify their own.

Mr. Still teaches people, pay attention to practice, find strength, rarely speak Shifa. Think that Shifa will vary from person to person, not practical. So stress find strength, strength. In the talk of strength, the most often mentioned is "The fire machine a Fasse must Fall", "hard to play hard into the naked." "Specifically mentioned" hard hard to enter "is not a single hand to the Leng-Qi, to speak of" hard play "can not be trained to" six Yang, vigorous, "the inner strength can not be born, you can not have the true ability to hair. "To make sense of this, you have to understand first," said the man. said: "Hard hit" is regardless of each other "is moving, is static, move also dozen, static also dozen, want to play can put!" "Say" hard dozen "regardless of each other" is just, is soft, just also dozen, soft also dozen, do not borrow inertia, do not borrow his power. On the step also dozen, not on the step also dozen, touch the person has the ability to hair. "Then more can, cover also dozen, stop also dozen, dip where dozen." "It's the only way to call it hard." Compared to the "static braking." "Headed and hit" and so on, but more convenient! According to Mr. Shang, this "hard hit" is much more difficult, this power is also amazing! With this ability to send people, it really has the "initiative." "Hit like walking, see people like wormwood." When the hands, want to hard to hit solid can succeed should heart, if do not want to hard, whether it is to try each other, or refused to fall to each other, or meet arrogant play to educate each other can ease the flexibility should be relaxed, and will be able to easily. And not to hit the "Dip Body longitudinal Force" itself is "dark strength" practical skills. This also means that "hard hit" There is "dark strength" can be?

It's not kicking with your feet in the form of a punch. The "foot" is understood as the leg method, it has obliterated the shape meaning characteristic. After the cloud: "Boxing all is the FA, kicking the whole body is empty" is to say not to kick, "far away from the feet, hair feet do not hit" or said that although far away, also do not advocate kicking with the foot. Unless special cases are rarely used. In front of the formation of the people also have a good foot, it is his personal knowledge and practice of other types of boxing formed habit. Guo Yun and Shang Yunxiang both said "foot fight" but did not talk about kicking. And their old two-bit hard hard to break into the half step, but the person is a stunt, powerful shocking. This shows that the use of foot, is the shape of the boxing unique, with the connotation and power of the foot and hard to enter the technique. After the cloud: "The foot dozen seven break up dozen three, five elements four to complete, the mind at any time to use, hard to play hard into the naked." Mr. Shang said: "The four words of the said" No. It is not to say that there is no means of the dangers, but that there is no way to resist. This involves skill and kung fu, spirit and temperament, to understand technology and how to use it. "The skill lies in teaching (the level of the teacher)," said Mr. " Skill and Kungfu are two different things, Kung fu is not equal to high skill, but high skill and must pass Qinxuekulian, down to Kungfu, can become their actual skills. Kung Fu in peacetime. Skills for an instant. Outside the essence of the fist, the intrinsic emotional, but also must be "God" through. Quoted above the four sentences of the fist, that is, under the correct technical guidance, under the Kung Fu, Liu Liuhe, launched five.

From the above some specific technology to the street volume "hard to play hard into the naked" not only has a high strength and dark strength, and has stepped into the level of strength, but not to "do not send" the situation. Therefore, it is not accurate to classify it as the initial stage of the form. I think, particularly thoughtful is: "The first hand out, one step into the" Even so much attention, how fascinating ah! How can we not martial Germany, the "three Know", Bing "two precepts" open-minded to seek! Unfortunately Guo more than the Department of Hobbies, time, energy limited, difficult to reach the Nirvana, is willing to photographing skills, mutual encouragement.

How to practice "hard to hard into the naked" Mr. Still had regrets to say: Only mastered the "hard to beat into the naked" true ability, only to calculate the taste of the true flavor of the fist! The words are simple but meaningful! How to Practice? How can you practice "hard to beat into the naked" true ability? In a word, "No shortcuts!" "We must first play well, to practice from the natural harmony to the rapid and the real

Sir, "only to do the natural harmony, can make" the shape is smooth, the strength from, the internal quality neutralization, the Gas natural life "can make" so once you temperament to return to one, eliminate the acquired humble force "according to the rules of practice, and gradually find" up and down, together, internal and external unity, "the" So that the "personal scattered air, into the Hara, the whole body, become complete and angry." This naturally will converge harmoniously, inside and outside blend to practice, naturally will gradually form "return to congenital" without the hard work of the complete strength of the day after tomorrow. Inner strength is also born from the eruption. In the beginning of the complete strength, but also from the nature of the association to further pursue, practiced both complete and swift and violent, only the strength of the practice to the swift and violent, in order to achieve "as the wind, fall like an arrow, down still too slow", "as an arrow, fall like wind, the herd does not relax" play requirements. can also make the inner strength gradually filling, play real, put far, potential if Ben Lei. With this sudden onset of disease, rapid and real outbreak of strength, there is no need to borrow external forces all by their own strength of the cost. And then through practice and enlightenment, so that the inner strength gradually filled, just in the soft, softness, in the "move", the move is "punching three not-shaped" "" ups and downs have always been the third force, "" The strength from the internal change, that is hair "" dozen but do not know, stained with the difficult to change "entered the dark strength of the wonderland. What "Fire machine-Fasse will fall", what "hard to enter without a", what "touch which dozen" will become the matter, le how yes! (Liwenbin)