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The Reason Why Chinese Martial Arts Will Be Analyzed

The reason why Chinese Martial Arts will be analyzed
People in the practice of Chinese Martial Arts in the process, will continue to appear some practice effect, these effects, many of the normal effect, but sometimes there may be abnormal effects. Some abnormal effects have a shorter duration and will soon disappear after appropriate adjustments.
There are some abnormal effects have not been timely correction, persistence, and gradually lead to persistent psychological and behavioral abnormalities, severe cases can affect the normal work, study and life. We will learn this by the Chinese Martial Arts caused by a variety of different levels of mental and physical barriers, called practice out of bias.
The ancients called it "with", "obsessed" and so on. Common Chinese Martial Arts out of the most common is a variety of sensory disturbances, such as the sense of the whole body gas, gas head feeling, chest tightness suffocating, etc .; In addition, there can be a variety of external phenomena; Chinese Martial Arts after the spirit of strange changes, and sometimes can be seen.
Why most people practice Chinese Martial Arts to obtain good benefits, and some people will be partial to answer this question will learn from the process of Chinese Martial Arts to analyze. The process of learning Chinese Martial Arts is actually practicing people to learn about Chinese Martial Arts theory and methods, and under the guidance of specific practice practice.
This practice will become a conditional reflex gradually deepen the fixed process. Chinese Martial Arts It can be seen that the correct understanding of the relevant theory, as well as the practice method properly or not, can decide whether to learn Chinese Martial Arts when the deviation, of course, with the practitioner's own psychological quality and physical.
1, the truth itself caused by the wrong side, for example, some practitioners in the merits of publicity: "life is the movement, a move all diseases are moving, moving the better", "infuriating strength is very strong, Once launched, want to control can not control. " Resulting in a lot of people practice blindly pursue the so-called "spontaneous movement", there is a big move of the phenomenon.
2, the right reason is correct, but the academicians learn Chinese Martial Arts to understand the error, or teach the level of low, can not correctly express, teach the wrong way, can cause practice out of bias.
3, in addition to the above reasons, Chinese Martial Arts the merit of their own psychological quality also plays an important role. For example, those who suggest a strong susceptibility to the wrong theory and guidance are also easy to react, and failed to correct, the formation of practice out of bias. Long time in the mood depressed, there are psychological barriers.
After the Chinese Martial Arts and failed to pay attention to the corresponding spiritual accomplishment, in the Chinese Martial Arts into the quiet state, the lifting of the inner suppression, emotional and other phenomena, individual awareness, emotions, behavior, behavior and personality traits , Leading to mental disorders.
4, other practice practice in the unusual stimulation, but also can cause practice out of bias. Such as in the practice of static into the process, no psychological preparation, suddenly heard shouting, loud, appear frightened phenomenon, causing panic, fear and other deviations.
In addition, the law is not suitable for their own physical fitness, Chinese Martial Arts illness, may also lead to practice out of bias. For example, hypertensive patients choose to keep the law on the pubic region, can be gas up, there head swelling, headache, or make the disease worse.