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The Principle And Purpose Of Qigong Meditation

The principle and purpose of Qigong meditation
Such a look very simple to sit Qigong behavior, which contains a very deep truth.
Double disc, because the feet of the feet were stacked on the legs of the knee, the weight of the lower limbs, all pressed there, that is, the body of the blood and air veins on the basic lock. The The blood and the veins of the whole body is always running, and when the blood and air veins pass through the basic locking of the knee, because the two feet of the stack, it will be a very large resistance, blood and air through the pass Become very tough. Naturally slowed down the speed of operation. Almost in a way of Qigong squeeze in operation.
Initially this Qigong is very painful, may only adhere to a few minutes, the pain can not stand, it will put down on the knee in the foot of the foot. But insisted on doing so, there will be a situation. It is in this Qigong state, this person's blood flow slowed down, air pulse operation is also slowed down, then the body in the microscopic particles is actually in a high pressure state.
This high-pressure Qigong state in the micro-change the purity of the particles, but also the micro-particles attached to all the day after the impure material, that is, we want to talk about the bad material ---- "karma" gradually cleaning Out.
When this state of Qigong reaches a certain level of time, the body of the micro-particles in the energy will be more and more, more and more strong, in the end, micro-particles will be a qualitative change, There will be a strong energy to exist. And this time the meaning of people
Read in the drive of these energy, it will form a powerful energy in the microscopic flow of energy, you can in the microscopic state, change the microstructure and state of other substances. To show the status of the function.
 So, when the state of this Qigong reaches a higher level and the state, when the energy of the microscopic particles is so strong that it can be separated from the human body. The body of the body in fact refers to such a state of micro-particles.
Because these microscopic particles are part of the whole person, with all the information of this life, these microscopic particles are subject to the control of the human body, so it can be independent to the requirements of the body to do things. This is the way to feel the body of the body function in the mind of a mind, to do those who want to do things the truth.