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The Present Situation And Future Of Taichi

The present situation and future of Taichi

Core tip: I grew up contact with Taichi, eighteen formal learning Taichi and at the age of 22 in chenjiagou at 10 years, as the days went past, now is already over the decade, who didn't do two things, from beginning to end the etheric born extremely, with the opening for the family to live in the school, can be called "Taichi". The time of mixing in Taichi circles is long, and naturally knows many things inside and outside of the circle, about the present situation and the future of Taichi, and about my own shallow view. ...

1. The propagation of Taichi

(1) the division of Taichi

Taiji originated from Chen jia, which is recognized as the present, although there are different sounds within the boundaries, but there is not enough evidence to overturn the previous research. Chen wangting to Chen changxing for five generations, completed the transformation from the military brigade combat skills to the domestic kung fu.

"Sigh that year, splendid, swept through group atmosphere, several top risks! Gift, waste in vain. To today, old deeds. Only end up" huang-ting "a roll with you partner; idle when boxing, come busy farming, while leisure, teach children and grandchildren, under some disciples ChengLongCheng tiger convenient." According to the legend, Chen wang has a five-way boxing ring, a long one hundred and eight of the way, the gunbeat all the way. For the first time, I put forward the taiji theory of "all around me". Chen wang created the fist method, which absorbed the 29 style of the Ming dynasty qi jiguang military boxing. After that, Chen changxing was based on the basic general practice of the heirloom, which was based on the general practice of "bogui" and "refined", which developed into the present Chen taiji road and the second road. Posterity is called Taichi Lao. Put forward the combination of Yin and Yang theory and the boxing method, "the best of luck, and the purpose of boxing, and the art of boxing, finally this is it!"

It was not until Chen xin, Chen xivi, made it clear that "I keep my frontier, and I will not be humble". The Taichi system is basically complete.

(2) the transformation of the folk to the city

The yongnian people of hebei, Yang dezen, three times in the 18 years of Chen guogou, the essence of Chen changxing. At the time of the art, he was in his forties. In order to live, he taught Taichi in his hometown for yongnian, and was recommended to Beijing in xianfeng years. Because of martial arts, he was called "Yang invincibility". When he gave a fist in Beijing, he was a poor and sick man, who was a poor and sick man. Taking into account the physical qualities and health needs of these people, Yang was able to simplify some of the difficult punching shelves in Taichi, making the posture easier and easier to practice. It is suitable for people who wear long shirts and braids, and it is good for the fitness, but it is later set to Yang Taichi. Its characteristic is: gentle and slow, relaxed and easy, the speed is gentle, soft and soft, deep and deep, and light and heavy. At that time, it was the fashion of the city. Fist, in Beijing, tianjin region, scholar, and all the while the Chen family boxing is still within the Chen, the warrior Yang Jizi poet wrote: "the kingdom of the north Chen family boxing, but lai JiNa Yang Guchuan", thus, Taichi is done by Yang lu-ch 'an from folk to urban transformation, from now on Taichi out of villages, came to the city.

(3) to broadcast the whole country and to the world

The qing government collapsed, the republic of China advocated the national martial arts, the establishment of the national art museum, Taichi was set to the domestic boxing. At that time, as the national government was appointed in nanjing, the national art museum moved south, and the Taichi began to spread south of the Yangtze river.

After the founding of new China, the state sports commission advocated Taichi movement, the country's leaders inscription and take the lead in study practice, especially after the reform and opening to the outside world, Taichi, outside the factions Taichi home to study abroad in succession, the fist for three decades, Taichi present a thriving scene. According to statistics, hundreds of millions of people around the world practice Taichi, and Taichi has become a popular world health campaign.

I was a taichi who came along with Taichi in the three decades of reform and opening-up. These thirty years are the thirty years of ideological liberation and the three decades of blind development. So what is the status of Taichi in China?