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The Praying Mantis Fist! Such Practice Will Come True!

The praying Mantis Fist! Such practice will come true!

The four core elements of the Mantis Fist boxing drill

Everything in the world has the laws of its occurrence, development and destruction, according to the thought of Chinese traditional culture, the change of everything follows the pattern of the changes of Yin and Yang, the cathode changes the sun, the anode becomes Yin.

Mantis Fist boxing can also be separated from Yin and Yang, and the rule of pushing hands is to stick to it, not to lose it, and to give it away from others. It also has its rules. Connect according to routine practice for many years, sums up the practice routine in addition to the always will implement the posture of essentials of Mantis Fist boxing (virtual led top strength, heavy shoulder drop elbow, chest back straight, etc.), must also grasp the four core elements,

The waist is the master; (1) virtual transformation (dynamic shift center of gravity, steady shift of center of gravity); Focus on the center of gravity; It's a constant.

Of course, these are the experiences of the Mantis Fist's predecessors, as well as in their work, and I want to talk about my own practice, and I want to help them.

The waist is the master

The waist is dominated by means of the movement of the mind under the command of the mind, with the waist to drive the limbs, in completing the operation of the boxing road, Mantis Fist the waist should play the dominant role of the above. I understood the waist, not only refers to the rump for the third quarter, "Ming hole, should also include thoracic (in the spine, shan corresponding Shinto hole, cervical vertebra (among the corresponding many holes). Virtual led top strength without cervical spine, chest back leave the thoracic vertebra, pull and backbone nerve direct control on the shoulder, elbow, hand and other upper limb, Mantis Fist waist nerve directly control the hip, knee, ankle, feet, Mantis Fist such as lower limb movement, so the small ridge drive to dominate is through the waist limbs, limb rotation should be used hip rotation, waist appropriate loose collapse and unfavorable rotation. Hip motionless and waist, there are three disadvantages: (1) forming screw spinal; (2) axis break easily; (3) feet is not flexible. His hips should have different division of labor.

Learn how to learn a method in the beginning, it is to use the hand, the foot punches, use the stiffness of the arm, the leg area, still won't use the waist to punch. It is only when you are skilled in the practice that you can understand your strength. It is the intention to practice the method without hard practice. You will gradually abandon your power and start punching with your lumbar spine. If the manual waist is not moving, it is rigid; If your legs don't move your hips, you're dead. The upper extremity should experience the feeling of waist drive, the feeling of passivity, Mantis Fist the feeling of the car, the lower limb should experience the feeling of walking around, meaning, the spirit wants to change the spirit. In a word, the limbs should not be automatic, moving and blind. If the limbs are moving, the body will be scattered, and if you can't practice the whole thing, you will have to use your waist to control the limbs.

2. Virtual real transformation (dynamic shift center of gravity, steady shift of center of gravity)

(1) "focus on the center of gravity"

What is the center of mass? The rump is the center of gravity. What is a move? When the rump sitting right foot, right foot to foot, focus fell on the right foot, Mantis Fist head, rump, heel up and down the line, so bring the left foot forward in place, the heel flattened, landing the process step to move. In this process, the center of gravity (rump) is always sitting on the right foot, which is called "moving the center of gravity".


The center of gravity cannot move when the foot is lifted, Mantis Fist and the rump still sits on the solid foot.

When the feet are lifted, the legs should not be automatic, but should be lifted with the waist, not with the pull of the legs, but with the strength of the waist to lift the foot. Mantis Fist This practice not only reflects the principle of the waist and limbs, but also embodies the "spirit to replace the spirit".

When the foot is mentioned, according to the teacher's words, the real foot is real again, the real foot is real, the foot produces the rebound energy direct to the back, using the spine strength to gently lift the foot. This is also the cat step of the Mantis Fist boxing, the foot is not pedal, the foot is silent, also conforms to the "every turn must sink" practice of the teacher. Do not force the conversion, only the inner strength generated by the intention and gas is converted.