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The Origin Of Taiji Nouns.

Taichi Tai Chi is an important concept and category in the history of Chinese Taoist culture. It is seen in the literature seen so far, beginning with "Zhuangzi": "Avenue, above the Tai Chi and not high; under the six poles Not deep; congenitally not long; longer than ancient and not old. " After the Chuang-tzu, after the people according to the "Book of Changes" related "Tai Chi" discussion and gradually Deduce the concept of mature Tai Chi, really absorbed the essence of Zhuangzi chaos philosophy.

  Taichi As with Zhuangzi's philosophy of chaos, the concept of Tai Chi's obscure rhyme treats the phenomenon of all things and the attitude of life, and the way of thinking itself, in fact, contains a clear and wise philosophy, the ultimate goal is to hope that human activities follow the road To the law of nature and nature, not for foreign objects arrested, "inaction and all for", and ultimately to reach an all-inclusive quiet and harmonious spiritual areas.

  "Easy to divorce" (Western Han Dynasty Mawangdui unearthed version) recorded "ancient Fu Xi's king of the world also, Yang is the view of the day, overlooking the view of the birds, Close to take the body, far from all things, so began to gossip "content. Meaning is the process of hexagrams, first there are tai chi, has not yet begun to separate yarrow (easy to divination with yarrow to do the tool), sub-Achillea, the formation of yin and yang two Yao, known as the two instruments. Two Yao added, there are four possible images, called four elephants. By their addition of a Yao, then into gossip. Here is the process of gossip painting. The original and astronomical meteorology and regional distance and related, and later by the Song Dynasty physicists to further explain the philosophical way.

  Taichi Tai Chi map there are many kinds, such as Zhou Dunyi Taiji map, congenital Taiji map (formerly known as "heaven and earth natural map", commonly known as "yin and yang fish map"), ancient Tai Chi Bagua map (congenital Taiji map with gossip around), to know tai chi Figure and the Qing Dynasty side of the kingdom of Tai Chi map. After the spread so far, the only tattoo map and the ancient taiji gossip figure is well known, therefore, the modern people called "Tai Chi map" that "yin and yang fish map" or "heaven and earth natural map", modern called "Tai Chi Bagua map" that is the ancient taiji gossip paradigm, and even often "Tai Chi Bagua map" simply called "Tai Chi map".