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The Nature Of Taichi

The Nature of Taichi
Taichi is respect for nature, advocating nature, advocate the nature of the boxing. Its core is to adapt to nature, in the harmony between man and nature to seek scientific fitness and self-defense. Can conform to nature, which is an important measure of the level of a person's Taichi, is also the best way to improve the quality of boxing.
Mentality naturally
In other words, Taichi no matter how high their posts, boxing art is good, should be ordinary, ordinary, calm, equality, peace of mind to treat others and everything. To have the correct outlook on life and good martial arts, modest and prudent, generous, respect for teachers, strict law and discipline, advancing with the times, to overcome and exclude fame and fortune, arrogant arrogance, hypocrisy * Do not match the psychological. Do not do something for nothing, loss of selfishness, deceitful pirate name, Taichi corruption and other laws are contrary to the law, regulations and things. To develop "within the heart, foreign letters in the people", and social groups live in harmony with the character, to maintain good and social development to adapt to the ability.
Quiet and natural
Quiet natural, heart and body loose. Taichi Since the beginning of the preparation of boxing, it should be ruled out all the distractions, quiet, thought concentrated, not scared, not happy, not sad, not resentful, concentrate on boxing, do move in the static, At the same time, Taichi from the spirit to the body should be completely relaxed, all the joints of the body, ligaments, muscles should be in a natural stretch state, without any restraint and oppression. Only so, the body can be flexible joints, muscles, ligaments were flexible, Taichi action can also calm, look dignified natural, leisurely, failing to panic, calmly.
Boxing is natural
First of all, practice boxing to step by step, Taichi can not be anxious. Otherwise, haste makes waste. Daily exercise time, the number of times to be determined by their own conditions. Second, all actions must be consistent with the human physiological function. Yi Shun, Qi Shun, Jun Shun, shaped Shun, limbs Baiwei, internal organs and Shun. The whole body inside and outside the balance, coordination, Taichi ups and downs have degrees, opening and closing, change orderly, the actual situation, advance and retreat freely, rigid and flexible coordination. Meaning to move with, shaped heart move, divine fit, naturally, free, there is no contrived, forcing the traces of the contradictory parties are always in the state of neutral. Third, we must have a strong will and perseverance, Taichi long-term adherence, hard to practice hard, cold and cold stopped working. But also to think, ask, more observation, timely summary of experience. Understand and master each of the movements of the essentials and offensive and defensive meaning, so that skilled. Cooked is live, live is Shun, Shun is natural. "Three days fishing, two days drying network" is practicing bad Taichi.
Breathe naturally
Beginning with natural breathing, Taichi the action after the use of abdominal breathing, so that action and breathing closely together. With the action of the guide, when the suction is suck, when the call is called. From the suction and call, open suction together call, received breath, stroked suction call, the two cycle replacement, and gradually to the deep, thin, gentle, uniform, so that through the internal organs, limbs, Shen in the pubic region. Not chest, do not mention the belly, do not hold your breath, no clumsy gas, do not stay on the gas.
Boxing proverb said: "Taichi nature of this, people willing to force." Nature is the lifeline of Taichi. Nature is the source of human survival. "Road law naturally", only all in accordance with the laws of nature to learn to practice good Taichi.