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The Method Of Kidney Qi Returning To The Basic Strength Of Wing Chun Quan Door

The practice of Qigong, people immediately remember to observe the hara and open up the size of the Sunday of the statutes. Qigong is closely related to mystery and unknown interest. However, Yong Chun Qigong is simple and effective.

The kidney qi return to Yuan Gong method, is Yong Chun's health qigong. It is by the contemporary Wing Chun sincere gate master Cennon according to "The Dharma Easy Tendon classics" the basic principle, unifies the practice of practicing and original.

Qigong exercise is the use of special body and relaxation method in the body of five Liu Yan and Meridian points, the use of space material elements, through the "vomit" or "guidance" method to strengthen the human body function, to promote blood circulation, to maintain the vitality of a method, is after thousands of years of long-term practice, An effective traditional fitness method with Chinese characteristics.

The kidney qi return to Yuan Qi Qigong advocates nature. In the work of the law is natural breathing, not other than the other Qigong breath to suppress the abdominal type of slow, fine, leisurely, long, do not need to cling to the hara. This method can dredge the intestines of various meridians, rapid, effective, so that God, body, Qi Three is the human spirit, body and breath effectively combined, after the loop gradually, holding the serious exercise, so that five Liu Yan, 12 meridians, qi through eight veins and so get full recuperation, and then achieve health care, disease prevention and treatment, resist premature aging, The purpose of longevity.

According to Mr. Cennon, the kidney-qi return to the Yuan Gongfa is the Yong Chun Quan's method of collection. After practicing the various boxing laws of Wing Chun (such as small ideas, seek bridge, mark, etc.) and work method (Jong Pile, crouching tiger work, red sand hand, etc.), all must practise the kidney qi return to Yuan Gong, is intended to exercise the skill of the law into the body, for own possession, the so-called work method is also. Therefore, Yong Chun with the same, you have to practice.


First, the exercise time: Kidney Qi return to the law practice time should be Shen to Haishi (that is, 5 o'clock in the afternoon to the evening 11 o'clock). This period of time exercise can be active kidney na Qi, promote heart and kidney intersection, nourish five Liu Yan, play to practice gasification essence, practice the essence of QI, the role of tonifying the essence of kidney. Of course, in the morning or the rest of the time to practice can also be, without any negative effect, will not be possessed.

Second, the practice environment: the most appropriate air fresh, people less quiet place, to avoid the sun and cold wind.

Third, in this exercise to moderate sexual life.

Four, drink not excessive, to drink less, drunk can be disorderly, less drink also can help gas.

Do not be angry, anger injury to the liver, the gas reverse, harmful to the body.

Don't talk in practice.

Seven, the general three months after the life of the door has a warm feeling, from the point and face throughout the whole body, but must not blindly pursue, to the fate of, and laissez-faire. This pleasure is a guide to the Enlightenment, but do not deliberately pursue.

Now the method of exercise of the kidney gas is summarized as follows: 14.

Type one: Preliminary

Legs naturally stand separately, slightly with shoulder width. Shoulder level, whole body muscle and size joint relaxed. The hands of natural droop, palm relative, finger merge, especially the middle finger and ring finger and tight (communication middle hand Jue Yin pericardium and the hand of the ring finger Jiao three), nasal exhale, not deliberately suppressed. Whole body meditation, no need to keep the hara, let its natural. Lips gently close, the tip of the tongue naturally light on the top of the mouth (communication ren du two veins), two eyes micro-closed head (high vision is the gas, under the gas).

Second type: deep breathing

On the basis of preparation, two Palm four fingers merged, thumb up, curved forearm slowly from side to body to lift, palm of the thumb up, rose to chest. Naturally turn the palm, palm toward the ground, the thumb buckle to the palm, slowly down to restore. Natural respiration, restore after the second time, so loop, can be done 6 consecutive. This type of function: Can make the hand three Yin, Sanyang meridians of the gas machine at the same time operation, promote the intestine qi and blood operation. From the thumb up, can make the hand of the lunar lung through the gas machine from less commercial point to move to the central government point, promote lung circulation, accelerate the lung oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange, promote the role of self-release.

The third type: lifting the wrist

On the basis of deep breathing, hands perpendicular to the hook, close to the femur, with the wrist backward flexion. At the same time both heel lift up, with forefoot palm support body weight. Natural respiration. Then, slowly revert to the preliminary form. 3 consecutive loops (this type in five, seven, nine, 11, 13-style after all to do once, that is, after each type repeat to do once). This type of function: Make foot yangming stomach meridian, foot less yin kidney meridian, foot of the spleen, the Sun bladder meridian, foot less Yang Gall, foot Jue liver meridian, make foot three yin Sanyang Meridian Gas machine operation.

Type IV: Body side

On the basis of the above-style, hands flat lifting chest, palms down slightly clenched. Natural respiration. With the waist as the axis to the left twist, the right hand bending in front of the left shoulder, left straighten outreach. Natural respiration. Back to the front. Put your hands down and restore. After the left side is completed, the right swivel is followed by the same movement and opposite direction. About 3 times. This type can regulate liver-qi, liver-qi depression, chest rib pain.

V: wrist-lift

Same as the third type.

Type VI: Left and right body flexion

Immediately above the style, the two arms on both sides into a word flat shoulder lift, palm of the sky, breathing natural. Then with the waist as the axis, the body slowly tilted sideways to the left side, while the left arm hanging down the left-hand side, the right arm with the body side of the continuous lift. Breathe naturally. The body slowly restored to the arms on both sides of the flat shoulder lift, breathing natural. Arms down to restore. Then make the side right tilting, the same action, the opposite direction. Left 3 times, right 3 times. This function can recuperate spleen and stomach, in disperses the gas. Indications: abdominal distension stagnation, indigestion.

Seventh: wrist-lift

Immediately above, repeat the third action once.

The eighth type: turn waist cloud hand

On the basis of the formula, lift your hands and breathe naturally. The body leans forward, extends the left palm, palm in the sky, from the right to the left to draw arc. Breathe naturally. Then, the body back, left with the body behind the back of the arc from the back of the head after the top over hundred points, the body back to the front, the left hand with the body to return to the original arc back to the waist, palm from beginning to finish. Natural respiration, the left hand back to the waist, that is, the right to draw arcs back to the waist, the same action, the opposite direction. About 3 times, cross, one after the palm only slowly downward, arms slowly droop to the body side reduction, breathing natural. This type can help Yang angry, Shu tendon, the indications of qi stagnation and blood stasis, meridian congestion (especially waist injury).

Nineth: Wrist-lift

On the basis of the above style, repeat the third action once.

The tenth type: expansion chest na Qi

On the basis of the above, two arms lift, palm in the sky, through the abdomen before the chest. Breathing naturally, up to the chest, palm back, fingertips upward, breathing natural. Stretch your palms up your ears and over your head. Breathe naturally. After the arm is straight, the palms turn to the front, half clenched, slowly down from the front to the shoulder level. Double Fist of palm, palm facing ground, double elbow dorsally enlarged chest to restore the original state, and then slowly down from the chest to the abdomen, breathing natural. Then the hands were drooping from the abdomen to the side of the body to restore. Then do it again for the second time and do it 6 times. This conditioning lung qi, shu chest depression. Indications of air tight, asthma.

11th: wrist-lift

On the basis of the above style, repeat the third action once.

Type 12th: Lifting Pile method

On the basis of the above, two arms up, palms upward, through the abdomen before lifting the chest. Breathe naturally. Raised to the chest, the palm of the back of the hand, fingertips, the palm of the hands along the ear upward extension arm, over the head, breathing natural. Two arms straight to the left and right side of the arc down, while the legs squat down, the hands of the palm of a big arc to knee closure, palm of the sky. Breathe naturally. Then slowly stood up, palms down, slowly decentralized, natural breathing. Both arms are slowly and vertically restored. Then do the second time, back loop do 6 times. This type can raise yin and promote blood circulation. Indications of Qi and blood deficiency.

13th: wrist-Lift

On the basis of the above, repeat the third action once.

The 14th type: collecting work

Two palms rub each other 10 times, both hands to refer to comb, comb hair 5 times. After work, rest 10 minutes, you can practice the first time.

The number of times described above is only for general consideration. According to the meridian diagram of Chinese Medicine, the number of times can be determined according to the body. 9 and 6 are complementary, 7 and 8 are diarrhea, 9 is invigorating Yang, 7 is invigorating Yang, 6 is nourishing Yin, 8 is nourishing Yin. 1 and 6 were in total, with 7 as peers, 3 with 8 fellow; 4 with 9 as friends. The above figures can be used for reference when exercising.