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The Method Of Gentle Practice In The Form Of Xingyi

Where to practice the shape of the beginning of the first station pile, or for the mixed-element pile, or three poses informal. Only the first practice of the three-style is also appropriate, cover because of the difficulty of single training, beginners to learn more easily hold your breath. A breath, then the blood must loose and, this is not exercise regimen. As for the details of the station pile, the party has said a lot, needless to say. Sages cloud: million law out of three poses, not an empty word. When I first heard the teacher said, "Stand up the three poses to what there is."

Standing down in 67, the words are not exaggerated. In addition, there is a method of first practice boxing. Most people follow the introduction of the first to learn the principles of strength, but the practice of ignoring a problem of emotional, and now the general teachers do not make too much emphasis, so many people always wandering in the Ming Jin stage. The true practice of the method of strength, first stand three moments or even half an hour to self-air, strength mastery, and then open shelves Lianquan. Practice when loose in the output, natural Shouhe, to not hold your breath, do not use humble force for. Beginners can not be faster, should be one-style practice, and strive to stabilize the body is not loose and uniform, breathing without loss of nature, the chest can not be tense, exerting force requirements tightness properly.

And every time after practice will take a walk to eliminate anger. First, I think it is an entry shortcut. It is quicker to comprehend the essence of the form of meaning boxing than to learn the first. Even if there is no great achievement, always do not flow into the left road, beginners may wish to try. The law is: the practice of the first to loosen the body, Qi Shen Hara, do not have to insist on the method of breathing capacity, to nature, every move to conform to the rules, neat not disorderly, loose shoulder down elbow, dial the top of the anus, open minded, loose waist and hip, movement stretching round live without losing nature. So practice for a period of time, the whole body natural and obliging, strength natural mastery. At this point must be in practice when the idea of micro-attention to the elbow, after the action in place to root section pine, the tip of the tight, in order to slowly will fall, that is, explosion strength practice out. Practice about one or two years later, you can take the strength to practice, but pay attention to the force can only issue four or five points, slowly gradually increase the strength and frequency. Remember, the force when the root section must be loose, the middle section must sink, fall, wrap, loose in the output, to soft use just to ease the principle of urgency can not be violated. The advantage of this practice is easier to understand the pubic region exerting force and strength of the yin and yang changes, and there is no body stiffness, dizziness, anger rising pain. But should pay attention to strength although soft, must be loose and unremitting, and not flow, the whole body without losing, posture must be quite dial, not soft collapse. Practice the strength for outside just inside soft, request shape hair bold, inside meaning soft natural. And the strength of the exercise should be in the whole body and then gradually achieve the shape although soft, inside Italy is a firm just, every move, round live and heavy, action in place, no matter whether the strength or not, always with just the consciousness, heart a little move, from the Hara trembling hug force.