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The History Of Mantis Fist

 Mantis Fist The mantis fist is one of the famous Chinese traditional martial arts genre, like a kind of boxing fist. It is one of the four famous fist in Shandong, is also the first batch of the State Sports General Administration of Wushu Sports Management Center included in the system research and finishing one of the traditional martial arts nine schools. The development of mantis fist is the combination of many martial arts schools in the late Ming and early Qing Dynasty, only by the boxing spectrum contains "eighteen boxing ancestors," said, can be said that the mantis boxing is the ancient Chinese martial arts culture Carrier, the study of this boxing martial arts for understanding the occasion of the Ming and Qing dynasties have a great help.

  Mantis boxing is a great treasure in traditional Chinese martial arts, is a wonderful work in Chinese martial arts. In her historical records of two hundred years of heritage, the descendants of the legendary heroes Yong Chung, the impact of growing.

  Mantis fist

  Li Zan Yuan, formerly known as Li Li, Qing Shunzhi emperor given the name of praise, the word public Bute, look stone. Junji twelve years (1655) test scholar. The following year in April, any mountain censor. Because of his speech straightforward, the emperor called "true censor". Kangxi thirteen years (1674) was promoted to the Ministry of War supervise the right assistant minister (is two goods). Li Zanyuan official positions, dignitaries prominent, but very strict rules. Had the title of "four do not poetry": "hands do not release poetry volume, body without costumes, heart do not think evil things, do not rely on shadows", for the teachings of the motto, so its 13 son (Zan Yuan total of 17 children, 6,7,8,9 child died) are no dandyism. Generation on behalf of abide by the family training, beginning with "three eight Jinshi" of the beauty.

  Mantis Fist Li Bingxiao, Li Zanyuan 17 son of a pulse of the mysterious sun, the Qing Emperor Qianlong, his childhood smart and studious, inherited the family, both civil and military, and proficient in medical care, and weak crown is attached to the name of the tribute. A year to participate in the township test is not, never abandoned from the military. Li Bingxiao this is open-minded person, he disappeared from Lin Quan, specifically to meet the world outside the high and rivers and lakes heroes. Coincides with chance coincidence, he simply monk for the Road, the number "ascending Taoist". Li Bingxiao dominate the world tour, visit the martial arts expert, humbly learn, assiduous, to explore the true meaning of Chinese martial arts, the world will be 18 martial arts through. He was from the Wu into the road to the end of Wu, finally culminated.

  Mantis fist

  Mantis Fist Mantis boxing was born in the late Ming and early Qing Dynasty, according to legend from the late Ming and early Qing Wang Lang (Shandong Qixia people in seven) created. In the seven Road, rich, cool martial arts, had invested thousands of families to Shaolin art, as one to serve the country. Helpless Qing soldiers off, serve the country without a door, he angrily returned to Shandong, organized the army, and the Qing court against. Once due to outnumbered, almost the whole army rejuvenated, went to the foot of the Laoshan alone, hiding in the fisherman's house, the Qing soldiers chase, in the seven hurry on Laoshan Huayan Temple, found in the same with the Shaolin Academy Yan Temple of the monks, in order to shelter, brothers out of the temple to see, quickly come in, so that seven put on the monk clothing, cut hair, dressed as a monk, and to open the water to his face red and swollen, told him to sleep In the Buddhist temple, covered with quilt, not out loud. Russia was sent to the Qing soldiers, the brothers said this is a new monk, suffering from smallpox disease, Qing officers were afraid of being infected, just look at the seven eyes to quit. Did not recognize him, concealed the Qing soldiers. Brothers for the seven said, outside the wind is still tight, called him simply in this monk, to avoid the limelight and then count, in seven promised, because he is the army leader, when the old secret to find him, in the seven simple, not easy See the customer, and the old minions under the secret, where to come to him, must write a "king" word, to the gatekeepers monk, gatekeepers are allowed to enter the monk. ("Wang" is the word "in the seven" overlap) later in the seven simply said his surname Wang, who called Wang Lang, "Lang" is the man's name, after the error for Wang Lang, "Wang Lang" Name has been circulating so far.

  Daquan boxing approach, mainly: hook, floor, mining, hanging, sticky, sticky, paste, rely on, Diao, into, collapse, playing twelve words tactics. Requirements: "do not Diao do not fight, a Diao fight, a dozen a few" chain attack.

  Mantis boxing style, in general, is fast and brave, categorically, courage to move forward momentum. Its characteristics are: is to meet the side strike, the actual situation of each other, both the length and length, hardness and softness, hands and feet, make people elusive, very hard to prevent; with a chain of closely opposing the way, so that the enemy without breathing space. The way is very rich, both large open big deal of long thugs, there are short and quick to steal the hand, both elbow by the capture, but also to beat. In the routine exercise, pay attention to fast and not chaos, just not stiff, soft and not soft. Routine rigorous structure, clever interface between the action. External work is iron sand palm, internal strength is Luo Han Gong. Often practice mantis boxing, you can cultivate people's strong fighting spirit and agile resilience.

  The core of traditional martial arts, leading the modern human learning fitness and the like must be the surgery.

  Carry forward the connotation of Chinese culture and martial arts.

  Mantis fist for the late Ming and Qing Dynasties Jiaodong Wang Lang (one that is Wang Wencheng, another said Wang Lang and Wang Wencheng belong to one) created, dating back more than three hundred years. According to legend, Wang Langzu teacher mantis cicadas cicadas move the movement, take its demeanor, given its yin and yang, just soft and virtual truth of the reason, applied to the upper and lower, around, before and after the advance of the law, the ancient eighteen techniques in one and create a mantis boxing The

  Mantis fist

  Mantis Fist In the mantis door ancient boxing "can make courage" (Liang Xuexiang in the Daoguang years) recorded as "the former Wang Lang teacher, as the cloned eight elbow, chaos, secret, but the actual situation is rigid, its invincible." In the "mantis boxing spectrum eighteen boxing ancestral name" mentioned "Wang Lang's mantis enemy". That is, in Daoguang years, know the mantis door founder, for Wang Lang.