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The Heavy Hammer Work Of WingChun Quan

This practice, easy to the extreme, but its function is extremely macro, in a short period of time to enhance the strength of the boxing, reputation of the jack, of course too, but also shows that its strength can not be belittled, the most valuable is the penetrating force of the formation of the most beneficial. It's not difficult to get into a man's flight. More can enhance the strength of upper limb structure, to make the shape value strengthen, people attack me, I attack people Mo Royal. And to understand the initial force. What do you think? And how to swap around? Otherwise, the water for the dongting is ink, may not be able to let beginners know a one or two. Practice the law well, say that we do not laugh, not to scold me, because there are psycho need to explain carefully. Have we all practiced on the ground? Don't practice on the ground now, practice on the table. To double fist to support the table, open a palm around, the arms to a slightly straight, pay attention to the body hanging up, feet off the ground, the weight of all pressure in the fist. Alas, perhaps already started someone to scold, such dongdong who is not. The key is here. When the strength of the arms of the body propped up, the intention to let the arms of both shoulders relax, the more loose the better. At this time, you will feel the strength of the shoulders of the center of the back of the ridge, this is right, at this time, you try to move the two-bladder fan bone, with the strength of the fan bone, (pay attention to the arms relaxed, not the slightest force) support a strength, the body propped up. It's a little difficult at first, but it'll be handy in a few days. When you can freely use the strength of the fan bone to put your own body down, you can try to use a single side of the fan bone to support, left brace, right brace, when using a side of the fan bone can also be arbitrary to put down the body and can be free to change, congratulations, Force Yugenfa, Yin Songyang tight (because the arms to maintain a certain posture, in the state of force, Under the guidance of the idea of relaxation, naturally the perineum Songyang tight, when the loose loose, when tight tight,

The muscle is highly coordinated), the force from the inside change, through the shoulder reaches the back and so on things, you mastered most.

This practice is simple to make people laugh, so people always do not pay much attention, but, the Avenue

is common.

I have taught a school student who is often bullied by the weak side of thin body, because meet time is too short, can't teach too much, had to let him endure 10 minutes every day, other not teach, did not think, after two months, he unbearable, one hand, will a long bully his large social youth mandible crushed, So that people could be surrounded by eyes.