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The Health Function Of Qigong

The modern study of qigong shows that Qigong has a positive effect, which can play a beneficial role in psychological effect, physiology effect, biochemistry and immunity, as well as physical effects. For the human body, Qigong's physiological and psychological effects on human body are very important for human health.

1. The physiological function of qigong

Qigong has the most significant physiological effects on the human respiratory system, cardiovascular systems and the neural network. At the same time, Qigong for the human digestive system, endocrine systems, immune function and so on have a certain benign role.

(1) Respiratory system. Qigong adjustment, breathing, regulating the heart of the three-tone, the breath is the regulation of respiration. Therefore, exercise Qigong has the most significant effect on the human respiratory system. A few years ago, 312 Qigong exercise were tested, through 6 months before and after 2 test results show that 6 months later, almost all qigong exercise of the lung capacity and respiratory capacity were significantly improved, and can improve the elderly prone to pathological breathing congestion.

(2) Cardiovascular system. The experiment shows that the exercise qigong can effectively slow down heart rate, regulate arrhythmia, improve myocardial hypoxia, regulate cardiac output, improve blood supply insufficiency, promote blood circulation, improve cerebrovascular elasticity and cerebral pulsatile blood flow, reduce blood viscosity, prevent ischemic apoplexy and coronary heart disease. Moreover, Qigong has a significant effect on the treatment of hypertension. As early as in 1959, the Shanghai Institute of Hypertension in 32 cases of ineffective patients with hypertension were tested, after 6 months of qigong exercise, most patients have been relieved of symptoms. The effect of qigong on blood pressure not only has a positive significance to the treatment of hypertension, but also explains the significance of Qigong for health and fitness.

(3) Nervous system. Regulating heart is the most important operation content in Qigong three-tone, so the function of qigong to nervous system also occupies an important position in modern scientific research of qigong. Qigong has the function of repairing and adjusting the Grosvenor-level nerve function of human body, meanwhile, Qigong is beneficial to the development of intelligence, the Grosvenor of sensory ability, the adjustment of plant nerve function and the improvement of nerve medium metabolism level.

2. The psychological function of qigong

In the process of qigong exercise, whether it is to adjust the heart, or Qi treatment, are closely related to modern psychotherapy. Practicing Qigong's pursuit of nothingness is conducive to the maintenance of indifferent and tranquil hearts. Exercise Qigong peace, serene psychological state, for the body's physical and mental health also has a good regulatory role. After the exercise of qigong and the practice of qigong, the use of the Minnesota Multi-person style checklist The results of comparative psychological tests conducted by EPQ, mental health self-assessment scale, depression self-assessment scale and anxiety self-assessment showed that Qigong exercises were in interpersonal relationship, depression, anxiety, hypochondria, hysteria, morbid personality, Neurasthenia and other indicators, compared to the control group did not practice Qigong has a significant difference.

Therefore, qigong exercise can not only play a significant role in human physiological health, but also help the formation of good personality of the exercise. The nihility realm pursued by Qigong is a very useful reminder for the modern people who pursue material and fame. Only maintain indifferent, tranquil mentality to abandon the excessive pursuit of material, to maintain physical and mental health, is the right way of health.