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The Genre Of The Praying Mantis Fist

Mantis boxing can be divided into the north to send mantis and Southern Praying Mantis. The north of the praying mantis boxing in Shandong Province, the south of a praying mantis, also known as Zhou's Praying Mantis Fist, is rumored to be Zhou Yanan of the Qing Dynasty Guangdong founder, and Nanquan are similar to each faction. Praying Mantis Fist formed the Six Praying Mantis fist (also known as "The Horse Monkey Praying Mantis Fist"), the seven star Praying Mantis Fist, the Plum Blossom Mantis Fist (also known as "The Taiji Praying Mantis Fist"), the pass arm Praying Mantis Fist, the wrestling Praying Mantis Fist, the light plate Praying mantis fist, eight steps According to the form of strength, seven-star praying Mantis boxing, Plum Blossom Mantis Fist, such as "Hard Praying mantis fist", such as the Praying Mantis fist is a "soft praying mantis fist".

The southern Praying Mantis is also known as Zhou's Praying Mantis Fist, is rumored to be the Qing Dynasty Guangdong Zhou Yanan initiated, its technology and theory and Shandong Chuan North sent Mantis is completely different, and with Nanquan technology is very similar. The above-mentioned north-South two-faction Mantis boxing, in the northern part of the praying mantis on the basis of many years Koep or mixed with other boxing, there are through the arm praying Mantis Boxing, wrestling Mantis fist, Light Plate Mantis Fist, eight-step praying mantis boxing and so on.

The Seven star Praying Mantis Fist and the Plum Blossom Mantis Fist are more similar in the combination structure of the action. These two kinds of praying mantis boxing's many routine names, the action combination, the attack and defense method and so on aspect are similar.

"Plum" name mainly from the plum blossom Praying mantis fist to make a pinch, more with a few strokes of continuous companionship, emphasizing strokes linked to a three-change, to live for, in return for high, coupled with the flexibility of the pace of the change is like blossoming plum blossom Ying Snow Open. Due to the strength of the law on "Shun Jin, Chao Jin, Soft," hired seven-star praying Mantis boxing in the softness and so on more in-depth, so some people call the plum Blossom Mantis Fist.

Shaolin Praying Mantis Boxing is one of the Shaolin Temple authentic boxing, belong to pictographic boxing, pay attention to elbow attack flexible, changeable, agile, flexible and rigid. Set boxing and self-cultivation in one, ingenious, with actual combat teaching, attack and defense freely, more practical!

In addition to the above-mentioned North and South two-faction Mantis boxing, in the northern part of the praying mantis on the basis of many years koep or with other boxing method, there are also through the arm praying Mantis Boxing, wrestling Mantis fist, Light Plate Mantis Fist, eight-step mantis fist, etc. Praying Mantis boxing faction although many, but all emphasize: Pictographic take Italy, heavy in take Italy; both rigid and flexible, strong just very soft, everywhere with elasticity, the length of both, up and down alternately, both inside and outside, to maintain the integrity of the situation; technique, footwork, leg method, secret connection and clever, steady and flexible, live in the fast, fast in the stability, stability in refinement. Praying Mantis boxing also emphasizes the shoulder, the elbow, live wrist, twist waist, sit crotch, buckle knee, boxing proverb has "waist out to walk, hip sit handsome mansion" and "move by leg, force is stored in crotch waist, wind resistance rain two arms shake" said. Its action requires Morpheus, hands, step fast, body fast, quick, a recruit to change three strokes, the length and use, momentum, unpredictable, force, rapid and sudden, elastic combination, full of elasticity, do just and not stiff, soft and not soft, crisp and not short, fast and barren. After the founding of the People's Republic of China, Mantis boxing was listed as a national martial arts performance and competition program.

Mantis boxing genre nowadays, mantis boxing derives many factions, mainly divided into [hard Mantis] (Seven Stars and Plum blossoms) and [Soft Mantis] (Wanglang). The former is dominated by strong and vigorous, and the latter with gentle moves. After the hard mantis derivative [secret door] [slam hand] and [light plate] and other door faction. In recent years also initiated [eight advances Mantis boxing], is by the seven Star faction ace Jiang Huarong in the early Republic of China (1912), coordinated [the Gossip fist] Wang Zhengking and [the form Italy boxing] [the back boxing] Chen MoU three people to create.

Liuhe refers to Triad (heart and meaning, meaning and gas, gas and force) outside the triad (hand and foot, elbow and knee joint, shoulder and hip), the Praying mantis fist to "change the meaning of deformation," the requirements of more severe rigorous, exquisite brisk, supple, ingenious; requirements Wang machine wheel, round like a ball, a move all move, a static all static, up and down, and internal and external unity. The main strength is distinct, dark, rigid, soft, slippery five strength, from the road and the formation of the combination of routines to see a more obvious evolution characteristics. The Praying Mantis fist with "Seven Stars" "The Plum Blossom" in the movement's combination structure, the routine content, the exercise style difference is bigger, in the rigid-flexible method choice more tends to be soft, therefore some call it "the Tender Mantis". The structure of the human body and the structure of the mantis, to the mantis characteristics in the human body to practice into "boxing", to avoid "animal", is bound to "take the meaning of".