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The Form Of Xingyi: A Horse Three Arrows Like Ben Lei

It has been more than 300 years since the traditional martial arts boxing has been circulated in the form of Italian boxing the author of the shape of the boxing master Liwenbin old gentleman of the still send the form of Italian boxing love, now with the shape of the five elements of a series of boxing three arrows as an example, to illustrate its unique charm and traditional martial arts culture style.

The three arrows of the Liwenbin, an old gentleman, have the following characteristics.

First, the subject of a tight button

"One horse and three arrows" is the fifth action in the form-meaning serial boxing, mainly from the upper step of the camel-shaped support (figure I), and the right to drill the fist (figure II), the progress of the cat on the tree (figure III) a horse three arrows like Ben Lei picture 13 action combination. These three moves are the left foot in front, the swift and violent march forward three big strides, each step is equal to the normal step one half, three big strides must wade into five steps half far, moreover the implication cut, the step, the trip, hangs, each strength essential. Therefore, in the foot called it "one horse three practice". Boxing through the cloud: "Practice boxing like horse Ben, a series of angry play." "This is the basis of the" three practices "at the foot of the name. And the hand from the holding palm, drill fist to the cat on the tree of the fist two hands dozen to be a disease and fierce, fully embodies the shape of the fist of the rapid and real burst of strength characteristics, and strength up to the hand (Shoot section), issued in the arrow target of sonorous voice. So the three actions on the hand are named "three Arrows". At the foot of the "three" step and the hands of the "Three Arrows" fist (palm) to the upper and lower consistency, internal and external consistency, and to coherent, potential such as Ben Ma, Magnificent. From this, liwenbin old man taught the "one horse three practice" completely conforms to the shape Italy sincere by "Arrow fist like Horse Ben, a series of angry play" requirements, said this kind of training is the form of the traditional style of boxing is deserved.

Second, in line with the fist reason

The essence of the shape and meaning fist is "Liuhe", namely inside Triad and outside Triad. Heart and Meaning, meaning and qi, qi and strength, this is triad, hand and foot, elbow and knee, shoulder and hip, this is outside Triad. Mr. Li taught a horse three arrows request fast disease, but the strength of the Liuhe must run through the always, two palm a fist and three strides, each movement is a strength, each action must achieve "hands and feet to the side is true" superb situation. Boxing through the cloud: "Dozen to far, gas to urge, boxing is cannon, Dragon folding body." "One horse three arrows of the first holding action and the left leg forward a big step is harmonious and complete consistent, and the next step on the right hand of the drill is left foot in front of the bend left Bow, played a dragon folding strength, and strength to a push in the end." Although it is a drill fist but like a cannonball from the bore shot out, strong and just solid. The next civet cat on the tree is on the right foot up pedal and implied cut, hanging, kicking and left palm before the fall, while the right palm recovery must borrow the left foot after the pedal and waist to the right twist, to the full force, this is the boxing by the requirements to achieve a "dragon fold Body" another embodiment.

Three, the drill turns the taste

The fist through the cloud: "I do not know the rise and fall in vain." "Here is the beginning and the fall, is a horse three arrows out of the fist and the palm of the trajectory are parabolic line." The gap between the highest and lowest points of the parabola is the beginning and the fall of the Boxing sutra. The punches and palms are all made out of the chest along the chest and mouth, in the process of palm or fist have turned, twist, wrap, fall, the line to the highest point that and the top of the brow and then turn down again, this is the shape of the fist fall, is the shape of the boxing, said the "Turn the waves." "Rob in the door seize position" step also contains from down to the top and then down the fall of strength, this is also the foot of the rise and fall. The fist through the cloud: "Move like a plow." "And Yue:" The plow thick five toe top. The three big strides of a three-arrow will be to exert the iron plough. First trip that is drilling, after the fall is turned, but also to come out of the "roll of the Wind" and "Up like arrows, fall like wind, the herd will not relax" the rapid. This is also fully embodies the "foot dozen seven break up to play three" shape Italian boxing characteristics.

Iv. actual combat as a basis

The Liwenbin of the old gentleman is not paying attention to SHIFA. Old Liwenbin old man in the demonstration of the art of Italian boxing never Shifa, but pay attention to a certain angle can give out the shape of the fist of the strength of combat, and this strength can withstand many Shifa attacks. However, because of our experience in order to enhance the actual combat, in the search for the rapid onset of the first real burst of strength, but also to seriously analyze the formal meaning of traditional routines in the actual use, in order to enrich their actual combat experience and the shape of the boxing strength. But remember that you cannot rigidly adhere to the Shifa, and that will make a dogmatic mistake.

The three arrows are based on the left backward mask (Fig Four, the camel-shaped mask), then the upper-step brace (camel-shaped). The actual combat skill is when the opponent one horse three arrows like the Thunder Picture 2 right fist to my face or the throat call, I use the camel to mask the hand to hang the opposite party's right fist (Figure V),). A horse three arrows like Ben Lei picture 3 to change the opponent's attacking hand direction. In the opponent's hand because of the sniper and want to back out of the hand of the moment, I will be a big step, while the left to cover the hand into the front of the palm, to fight the other side of the Men and chest. When the other side with their hands to block or hide my left hand, I hold the palm of the hand to use the "turn" of the pressure of the strength of the opponent down (Figure VI). The other side, such as again with the right hand to my face, I use the shape of the boxing "body moving like a rope" pull back the strength of the right hand drill fist under the left hand pressure, back to drag opponents blocked hand, the right fist to the other side of the face drilling (Fig Seven). See the other side drill fist straight to Men, only flash, hide, frame, stop, dial drill fist. At this time our right foot to intercept each other's calf, the left hand fist from the bottom to drill down to the aspect of the Ministry of the Rapid split, palm from the bottom up quickly into the palm downward, the right hand drill fist from the next block to pull the hand back to the waist (figure eight) a few swift and complete movement, step-by-step Press, inter-related, reflects a hit with Gu, Gu in the unique characteristics of playing, and sincere have drilled, step-by-step steps to reflect the spirit of the overwhelming opponent, this is the liwenbin old gentleman left us, in order to master the traditional martial arts culture and tireless efforts of the noble spirit.

Say a horse three arrows have style, is because it shows up to see and enjoyable. It is to achieve rapid disease is to be very fast, it is to do just the real is to each action complete and hit in place. Only these are not enough, but also in the rapid and solid foundation on the basis of a twist wrap drilling and Liuhe strength to, this is the most difficult to pursue the shape of the fist one horse three arrows of superb skill. Shape Italy fist predecessors so painstaking pursuit, because a horse three arrows every action is from the actual combat, and all to return to the actual combat application. The author and the same good at the skill when only use a few of these movements will win repeatedly.

Five, the rhythm is distinct

The whole rhythm of the serial boxing is rigorous, Duncuo trenchant, the action just real, speed and harmony, from the beginning of the serial fist to the camel-shaped palm back to hang, before the action is progressive collapse fist, backward collapse. These several fall punches require to achieve a strong and full strength, reflecting the obvious characteristics of the shape of the fist. Then is to step back to the white Crane wings, the left hand shot fist, the right hand after the withdrawal of the elbow is backward left eagle catch, and then is backward camel-shaped mask hands, these several movements required to do brisk, crisp, but the requirements of hands and feet to. From the back of the camel-shaped cover to start a little pause, is a horse three arrows to start the action. One horse and three arrows is the most important in the form of a serial boxing, is also the shape Italy serial boxing bright spot and the difficulty, it request will front of the just real, fast, the brisk, the swift disease characteristic unify as one, all these also formed a horse three to practice the vivid charm, the drill must play "The Practice horse like thunder" the vehemence. With a three-horse arrow and other action organic synthesis of this set of complete drill boxing, the true preservation and display of the metaphysical style of the classic boxing. It is no wonder that the predecessors of the form of the fist took the serial boxing as the first form of learning the shape of the fist.