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The Essence Of Qigong Is The Homology Of Human Body And Spirit

The life view of the trinity of form, gas and God was first found in the ancient academic classics of the Western Han Dynasty, Huai nan Zi, which holds that human life is composed of three elements of form, qi and God, and the three elements are interrelated and affect each other.

This concept of life includes two levels of meaning, one, human life is composed of the form, gas, God, the three elements of the second, the human body shape, qi, god, these three elements are interrelated, mutual influence of a whole.

This idea is embodied in the theory of Qigong, that is, the essence of qigong practice is to combine the form, qi and God by means of the exercise and regulation of form, qi and God, so as to promote the body self organization to be balanced and orderly. And, its regulation form has three.

Regulate shape, make form, QI, god Trinity

In the form of exercise and regulation of the focus on the shape, but God, gas obedience to the form, and God in which also play a dominant role, so as to strengthen the function of the form. This practice requires the body to relax, the spirit of focus on the body, the idea of a move, the body with the move, so as to motivate the human body in the flow of air, thus ordering the human life function state. In this process, the God and the shape, the shape with the god movement, the Qi with the Zhuang movement, thus achieves the form, the QI, the god Trinity's Qigong state.

The regulation of the form can be divided into the following steps or levels: first, the phase of God's thought-form; Whether it is the form of God, the view of God or the shape of God, the purpose of the form is to make the human life reach the harmony of form, Qi and God, which is the optimal state of the self-organization of life.

Regulating Qi, making the Trinity of form, QI and God

In the exercise of Qi and regulation of the focus on QI, but God, form obedience to Qi, the same God in which also play a dominant role. This method of practice through God and QI, in order to form the gas, with the intention to lead the gas and the sound of Qi, and to achieve the form, QI, god Trinity of the state of Qigong. The so-called by the shape of the gas, is the movement through the body to motivate the flow of human gas, that is, "the introduction of the soft, gas-induced order and", the so-called "gas with the village move." The gas, one is to affect the meridian of QI, smooth the Meridian gas machine, and then adjust the human body life activities, the second is to guide the body structure surrounding the opening and closing of the gas and air, and the Take-off and landing of the gas machine. This process is a typical process of form, QI and God in the Trinity. And the intention of the gas is to use the idea of direct guidance of the gas machine directly, so that changes, the final result is the form, gas, God's integration into one

Controlling God, making the Trinity of form, QI and God

In the self-organization state of human body form, Qi and God Trinity Life Activity, God is the master of life activity, and qigong cultivation must be inseparable from the exercise and regulation of God. No matter what kind of door faction all over the ages attaches great importance to the use of consciousness in Qigong practice, will use consciousness as the first gist of practice. "Sing the Truth" said: "The Italian, indeed, from the heart of hair, meaning hair and heart empty, so also Yue intentionally if unintentional, meaning for the use of the big." At the beginning of Yang Sheng, meaning also, both born, take Yuanyang, meaning also. After the mining, the rendezvous of the House, Italy. After the meeting, into the Tingjian, meaning also, meaning for the use of the big. "" Yang out, meaning also, both out, with the false wind, Italy, the village of the hand, the opposite of the God room, meaning also, meaning for the use of the big. Thus, the whole process of practicing, the essence is the process of consciousness activities. Qigong practice makes human life reach the optimal state of the human life form, qi and God by means of the use of consciousness or static inaction, or consciousness guiding or intention keeping.