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The Developing Process Of Qigong Regimen

1. Preliminary formation of guiding regimen theory in spring and Autumn Period

Qigong Ancient called guidance. and "guiding" the word, first seen in the "Chuang Tzu deliberately" "Blow 呴 Breath, self-release, bear through the bird stretched, for life just." The Seeker, the Peng Zu, the good of the test? The guidance is a kind of movement which takes the body movement as the main, cooperating with breathing, and pursuing the longevity.

As early as the spring and autumn Warring States period there are "moving" and "static", "Repose" and "nourishing shape" two different ways of fitness. The role of "Huang Di-nei jing" on "Qi" and "Traveling Qi" has been clearly expounded. such as the "spiritual pivot," said: "Like the flow of water, such as the month of the trip endlessly ..." Its overflow gas, inside Gai Tibetan mansion, outside Moisten Shami ". China's existing first "line Qi Jade", there are inscriptions 45 words, tells the whole process of QI. It shows that the guidance regimen has formed a certain natural experience theory in the spring and Autumn period.

2. The mature development of guiding health theory in Qin and Han dynasties

During the Qin and Han dynasties, the relationship between "form" and "God" was deeply explored in qigong regimen. In the Western Han Dynasty, Huai nan Zi and Huan Tan and Wang Guangqi's in the Eastern Han Dynasty, the theory of the relationship between "form" and "God" had a new development. The "guide map" and Hua Tuo's "Wuqinxi" unearthed in Mawangdui Han tomb marked the development of the guidance of Qin and Han dynasties.

The Eastern Han Hua Tuo, he inherited the pre-Qin "Lu Spring and Autumn" movement is not decline, the theory further elaborated on the principle of health. Hua Tuo has created "Wuqinxi" on the basis of inheriting and finishing the former, and has been widely circulated in modern times, and has developed a variety of schools. According to "kingdoms", he told Disciple Wuppe about the idea of keeping healthy, he thought: "The human body wants to work, but not to make the pole." Shake the valley of Qi, blood circulation, disease not health, such as the home axis immortal is also. Is the ancient fairy as the guide, bear Neck Strigidae gu, pull waist body move the joints in order to difficult old.

3. The Three Kingdoms, the Jin Dynasty and the northern and Southern Dynastiesguided health theory colorful

The Three Kingdoms, the Jin, the Northern and Southern Dynasties guide the rich and colorful, its main representative character is Ji Kang, Gehong. Ji Kang put forward "the form of God to stand, labor must form to save ... And breathe vomit, take food health, know shape God blind Date, both table and table. Ji Kang thought that the form God is interdependent, often does "breathes the breath" the qigong, and with the medicine treatment, can make "the body and mind is all healthy".

Gehong for guidance, vomit and other health care, he attaches great importance, he in the "hold Komarovii" in the "release stagnation" pointed out that "line qi can cure all diseases, ... Or can be a life, the most of the people, the fetus. The first "embryo-interest" method is proposed and its essentials are described in detail.

4. The development of guiding health theory in Sui, Tang and Five Dynasties has entered a new stage

During the Sui, Tang and Five Dynasties, the guidance of health science formed a more complete system. The Tang Dynasty Sun-Miao in the guidance theory also has a greater breakthrough, he believes that often practice QI guidance, can improve health, disease and longevity. He said in the "pillow of the Chinese": "Qi can cure all diseases, can go to plague ..." The most of them are the fetus. The method is roughly similar to that of Gehong. He's in pillow China? Guidance, said "lying up, flat gas is sitting, the hand fork mask, the head of the south, on the hand and fight, for the three", "flexor body four poles, reverse the side button, should be shook hundred, for the three". He thought that often do this kind of movement, "makes the human spermatogonial and, the blood circulation, the ethos is not human, does not have the disease".

5. The flourishing period of guiding regimen theory in song and Yuan dynasties

During the song and Yuan Dynasties, the tide of the people's health was aroused. Famous writers, guided health experts Su Shi and Ouyang Xiu wrote a lot of health works, such as "Health", "Health", "read Health" and so on. Su Shi in the "Teaching and War Shou", the world's potential compared to a, the fear of the too far is fragile, raising too jiao is lazy, "is so good health, so that it can escape and labor, step action, so that its body 狃 in the turn of the heat, and then may be strong, risk without injury." Ouyang Xiu also summed up in his own health practice, "labor its shape are all the years, Ann its short-lived" law, put forward "to the way of nature, nourishing the natural life." The guiding regimen of Song Dynasty not only carried forward the glorious thought of "moving with health" in ancient times, but also made many effective

Theory and methods of health preservation. such as the "eight Duan Jin" and Taoist monk Pu, "Xiao Lao", Chen Xiyi "December patience" and other fitness and health gymnastics.

6. breathing and promotion of guiding health theory in Ming and Qing dynasties

After the Ming Dynasty, because of the development of martial arts and the book of "Tao Zang", it also promoted the progress and development of the guidance, and contained eight kinds of guidance in "Eight notes of Compliance", in addition to being widely circulated in China and published in English in 1895. such as the Ming Dynasty Zhengde Luo Hong first wrote "Fairy biography 49", contains Hua Tuo "Five birds map" most detailed, and pointed out: "Mortal body uneasy, make this animal play, sweat out, disease is more." Qing Qianlong, Shen Jinshu in the "Miscellaneous source of Diseases," a book, the volume of the first list of "movement rules", including guidance, qigong and massage, and many of these methods are excerpted from the Ming Dynasty Caoshui wrote "The Secret to the Students" book.

During the Ming and Qing dynasties, the combination of Jinggong and Kung Fu and martial arts promoted the development of Taijiquan, which was circulated in the country by the unique style, and played an active role in health care. Jingshen owner Painted 24 "guide map", qigong, guidance, massage dissolved into a furnace, used for yangxin practice, deficiency, prevention and treatment of diseases and health and longevity, has a higher practical value. In this period, because of the unprecedented development of martial arts schools, regardless of the road, Buddhist monasteries, or cottage villages, there are the fashion of practicing martial arts, so that Wushu fitness has been a wide range of popularization, played a good fitness resist role.

7. After the founding of the PRC

After the founding of the People's Republic of China, the vast number of Chinese medicine experts and Guidance Qigong home to guide the treatment of health care mining, sorting and research, published a lot of monographs, achieved gratifying results.

If the establishment of guidance, Qigong Association or Research Institute, medical institutions to open the guidance of Out-patient clinics and Guidance section, Gao and other institutions to add guidance courses, sports institutions set up massage guidance laboratory. Medical experts and guidance experts on the basis of ancient guidance, inheritance and development, innovation, collation of rich content, a wide range of guided health work method. Many psychologists, archaeologists and guidance experts have done a lot of research on guided qigong, this paper studies the respiration, heart rate, blood, blood pressure, blood composition, digestive function, and the changes of central nervous system function before and after the practice of human guided qigong, and puts forward a new concept of "life information", which has achieved remarkable results.

8. Guide health and flourish to the world

Guided by health, from China, belong to the world. At present, it has been extended to more than 60 countries such as Japan, Korea, Thailand, UK, France, USA and Australia. International has more than 300,000 people to join the guiding Health team, leading the cause of health will be in Asia, Europe, Australia, heap continents, the Americas and other five continents healthy development, in order to explore the mysteries of human health and longevity to make greater contributions.