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The Centroid Of Wing Chun Quan

(1) midline theory: midline from the human head to the tail (tail keel) line. If the connection between the enemy and the line into a midline plane. With the "face-shape" we are in the offensive and defense is absolutely advantageous. In the offense, we along the midline with the "face-shaped" to the enemy midline attack, which is the shortest distance, the same fist speed, close to the natural faster hit. If we attack the enemy on the left or right, the other side can easily unload our power. But if we attack the middle of the enemy. The other side is very difficult to unload, and stress is heavier. In the defense, we keep the center line with the "face" and along the centerline plane to the separation of water methods to dissolve, this is the shortest way to eliminate the track.

(2) Facing face: The face is facing face. If you can not "face" (such as the aspect to the other direction) our face along the midline of the line to look at the other side of the shape of the line is "chasing shape." Wing Chun's enemies are as positive as possible. Whether the enemy surrounds me in any direction, we must face up to the enemy. The benefits are as follows: ① Defense: Simplify the enemy's attack on us. Because of the positive attack, the enemy is only limited to nine roads to attack us. The nine roads are the upper left, the Zozhong, the lower left, the upper, middle, middle, upper right, right and lower right. So we are more susceptible to the enemy's oncoming. ② OFFENSE: Coordinate with midline theory. We are more likely to hit targets and the enemy is more force-prone. ② hand quickly and shadow less, only the hands of the United States at the same time to reach the enemy, so do not turn when shot. Move the neck. So the shadow of the shot (aura) will be very small. And the right-hand is easy to take care of each other.

(3) Buried theory: Wing Chun shot or defensive most of the hand is pressed close to the centerline plane, the benefits are as follows: ①: Can grab the centerline to reach the shortest distance and the heaviest attack. ②: On the one hand, it has protected the body of several important parts, the other side of the line to reach the shortest distance defense;

(4) The theory: Yong Chun after the shot (whether the attack or the guard) hands and arms are no longer storing force, the hand step on the micro-music is to accept the step. In addition to being able to make an immediate attack on the same hands, it would be more difficult to defend the enemy from taking our joints and keeping a position.

(5) "To stay to send" the centroid. "To stay" the way the other side to us, we have to save the best, as far as possible to retain it, in order to use the Wing Chun Bridge hand feeling to control it. "To send" when the enemy is strong to us, we use the way to change the direction of the hit, so that its attack can not hit us, if possible we should be again to the potential of the change in the direction of delivery, so that the enemy lost power or use old.

(6) "Go straight" to the "Way": "Hand in" refers to when the other party suddenly will be connected to the bridge with my hands removed (no matter what). Whenever the other party "out", we should be the first time to rush out to attack the enemy directly to the "straight." "Zhu Stay to send" and "Go Straight", is from the practice of exercise from the hand out.

(7) the same period; when we eliminate each other's attack, we should at the same time in the possibility to attack the opponent. This will be from the passive to the initiative and achieve the post system.