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The Causes And Correction Of Chinese Martial Arts Deviation

The Causes and Correction of Chinese Martial Arts Deviation
Practice Chinese Martial Arts is to achieve disease prevention and treatment, enhance physical fitness, longevity purposes. But a few people in the practice of some deviations, because there is no such aspects to correct the experience and methods, not only did not disease, but increase the pain. So some people on the Chinese Martial Arts can cure the loss of confidence, and even the Chinese Martial Arts speak nothing. In fact, this is not the problem of Chinese Martial Arts itself. Chinese Martial Arts can make people a deviation, indicating that practice has been a role, but this effect is not to achieve the purpose of treatment. This is just the beginning of a phenomenon, because the beginning of the practice of people, the body has a variety of different lesions, blood is not reconciled, the meridian is not smooth, internal organs are not fluent, or metabolic dysfunction, There will be a variety of reactions, this is a normal phenomenon. So practice people do not be afraid, through the correction will be good. If the practice of people in accordance with the requirements of Chinese Martial Arts to practice, there will be no deviation.
But there are very few people in the deviation, mainly because they are not in practice when the basic principles of Chinese Martial Arts, essentials and precautions, or the existence of anxious psychological, resulting in dizziness, Taishan pressure top, or headband Gold brains, drowsy sleepy, chest tightness suffocating, distraught, neck tightening, heavy shoulders, pubic region bulging, air group ridden, chest cold and heat, gas scurrying, out of control big move, leaking spermatorrhea and other phenomena, the Chinese Martial Arts community these phenomena Known as the practice of deviation (the ancients called "obsessed"). There is such a phenomenon, there are two ways to correct, one is the practitioners themselves correct; Second, the Chinese Martial Arts division to give correction. Both can lift the spirit of practitioners and physical pain.
To correctly understand the deviation of Chinese Martial Arts, we should correctly identify the normal Chinese Martial Arts effect and deviation response. Because the general Chinese Martial Arts effects and bias response, at first, only the subjective feeling of practitioners, and some of these feelings are more similar, and sometimes only the degree of difference, beginners really difficult to distinguish. Which need to be based on the specific situation of the practitioner and the characteristics of power law, to identify the identification. If the practitioner can master some of the medical knowledge and the basic principles of Chinese Martial Arts, will be very helpful to improve their ability to identify Chinese Martial Arts deviation. The following will be some common Chinese Martial Arts effect and bias response for a comparison for beginners reference.
Early Chinese Martial Arts are mostly limbs, soft, fatigue, fatigue and other feelings. These reactions are generally due to not adapt to the practice of posture, or the degree of physical relaxation is not enough. At this point how to according to the specific circumstances of the individual, to take the correct power posture, and master the relaxation, most people can be alleviated in the short term. If you learn Chinese Martial Arts after a long period of time still feel tired, severe cases and even lead to insomnia, or drowsiness and other symptoms, then you should be wary of whether the early performance of Chinese Martial Arts deviation, and should immediately go to the hospital for inspection, timely Diagnosis of disease, the implementation of corrective treatment.
In the process of Chinese Martial Arts, may produce some unusual feeling, such as local fever, numbness, cold, itching, and soreness and other feelings, the ancients called "eight touch" (cold, warm, light, Pain, itching, slippery, astringent), and some people even hiccups, loss of gas, muscle twitching and tears, runny nose and so on. These abnormal feeling is not necessarily a bad phenomenon, as long as the practitioner after the power of self-feeling good, comfortable, relaxed and happy, that is the performance of the practice of gas, also known as "gas". But if the practitioners received power, the abnormal feeling still does not disappear, or even gradually intensified, affecting the normal life mood, miserable, that is the performance of Chinese Martial Arts deviation. Also known as "within the gas more than", or "internal move." Caused by this phenomenon, generally because the practitioners blind pursuit of "gas" caused by. After the practice of a little attention to correct, or suspended for some time, will be able to ease.