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The Benefits Of Taichi

The benefits of Taichi
One, self-knowledge ability
After practicing Taichi for a while, you should know more about the disease than before or before others. Occasionally in public places, the office, you should be better than others to feel the prevalence of cold virus, the early response to the measures.
Everyone to eat together, you can be more sensitive than others, a dish is not clean, belly will be uncomfortable, do not wait until the home diarrhea was found. The weather suddenly easy to get sick, you do not have to wait until the cold to know that someone else before you have to wear a dress to protect themselves. Occasionally sick, you can clearly know that they are born a minor illness or a serious illness, will not delay the timing of treatment, it will not try to be brave.
Second, self-healing ability
Occasionally a little sick, often practice Taichi you know how to let the body recover, do not need to report to the doctor to take no big use of medicine to eat. Not sick not to the hospital, but you know how to use the position method, breathing control and ideas to help the body early to restore health. And because the first self-knowledge of the exclusion, you can determine whether they are minor or serious illness, will not delay the disease.
Third, resistance to hunger
You do not silly hungry suffer, here is because the practice of Taichi, you can naturally reduce the amount of food, because the regular fasting, you occasionally hungry two meals a meal will not happen. Others are hungry dazzled hands soft feet soft, but you are laughing and comfortable. This is the natural ability to appear, do not deliberately hungry practice Oh.
Four, self-control
The face of the food will be harmful and the temptation of the past did not practice Taichi when you swing is very sad, and now practice the skill you should be able to easily resist the temptation to enjoy only part of their own body, but the amount, but not Erotic sensory enjoyment. In addition to food, face harm you loss of eyesight, ear of things, you can also be issued in the body when the alarm is enough, and my heart will not struggle with the previous, restless.
The benefits of children Taichi
1, increase lung capacity and immunity:
Children by practicing Taichi help to increase lung capacity and help improve asthma and tracheal sensitivity. For the haze of modern society, folding has a very good preventive effect.
2, correct shape and bad posture:
Taichi can exercise the flexibility, balance and flexibility of the body, while the muscular development, and bone growth is also very good. To correct the usual nest in the sofa watching TV to develop a bad habit of chest humpback. Many children 3 years old began to pay attention to the body, so that the bones can not be a good development, the internal organs will have an impact, leading to adolescent development affected.
Taichi with a very slow breathing, is a clean way, like your fat is a kind of garbage in the body. It is through three channels clean, one is the posture, we do a posture, there is a breathing, breathing is to exclude your breathing inside the garbage, there is a exclusion of the spirit of the garbage. Three channels together to clean up your garbage.