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Talking About The Ways Of Practicing Chinese Martial Arts On The Body

Talking about the Ways of Practicing Chinese Martial Arts on the Body
 "Sick treatment, disease-free physical", which is the role of Chinese Martial Arts summary of the summary. In recent years, with the widespread spread of Chinese Martial Arts, millions of practice practice to further confirm the previous Chinese Martial Arts prevention and treatment of the role of summary. The following describes the health of Chinese Martial Arts benefits.
1, preventive health care
"Yellow Emperor" said: "righteousness memory, evil can not dry", "spirit of the defenders, sick from the past." This shows that the practice of Chinese Martial Arts with the prevention of disease, the role of health care. Modern research has proved that the practice of Chinese Martial Arts has a clear elimination of physical and mental fatigue, restore physical strength and energy, improve work efficiency, enhance the body immunity, prevention of disease and so on. With the development of society, people's daily life is getting faster and faster, psychological tension is also increasing with each other. Long-term psychological tension will reduce the body's immune system, causing the body's physiological dysfunction, leading to functional and even organic disease.
Therefore, good at the tempered in the rhythm of learning to relax in a timely manner, fitness and disease prevention are very necessary. Chinese Martial Arts exercise can effectively play this role. Practice has proved that long-term practice of people are not easy to fatigue, usually always energetic, rarely suffering from colds and other diseases.
2, cultivate temperament
Chinese traditional Chinese Martial Arts emphasizes practice to cultivate, that is, to optimize people's emotions, will and character. This is both a practice to achieve good results of the premise, but also through the Chinese Martial Arts exercise can gradually get the direct benefits. Practice tells us that people in the Chinese Martial Arts into the quiet state, will experience a very pleasant and comfortable, not only the body's comfort, and the mood is very comfortable, the whole body and mind are immersed in a detached mood.
Long-term adherence to Chinese Martial Arts exercise, can play a cultivate sentiment, open mind, cultivate will, create a sound personality, enhance the role of psychological adaptability. Practice can also make people feel handy, efficient, but also help improve interpersonal relationships, improve mental health.
3, the development of intelligence
Chinese Martial Arts practice can develop human intelligence, which is in the ancient Chinese Martial Arts books have a lot of clear discussion. With the deepening of Chinese Martial Arts research, and gradually confirmed the role of Chinese Martial Arts. Through the Chinese Martial Arts exercise, can make the brain's fatigue faster to eliminate, so energetic, attention, sensory sensitivity, memory enhancement, thinking ability, which can improve the level of intelligence. Experts believe that Chinese Martial Arts may be an effective means to improve human intelligence.
4, longevity longevity
Chinese medicine that people to the elderly, Yin Jing virtual failure, real yuan gradually loss, the body of various functions are gradually diminished. There are some people for various reasons premature aging. Practice has proved that Chinese Martial Arts can mobilize and play the inherent potential of the body, postpone or delay aging, prevention and treatment of elderly mental retardation, improve the elderly physical and mental health, to achieve longevity effect.
In addition, Chinese Martial Arts can also be widely used in calligraphy, painting, song and dance, athletics, sports, playing musical instruments, acrobatic training and other fields, can help people engaged in these activities to enhance psychological stability, eliminate tension, mobilize physiological potential, The efficiency of its activities.