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Taichi Push Hands Three Essentials

Taichi push hands three essentials
Tai Chi for the fist, pushing hands, Sanshou three in one, fist and technical match consistent, boxing for the body, pushing hands for use. Take the action in the hands of the call to push the hands must be done, such as not greed owed, keep in use, from top to bottom with the next three sections of Liuhe, Brisk round, etc., pushing hands is the practice of martial arts, pushing the essentials summarized as follows.
(1) to static brake, because of people's potential
According to "and the old spectrum" records: Taichiquan training planes require calm mind, pushing hands to calm, the brain sober, the body to maintain the virtual state, wait and see, change to static, to identify each other's future and intentions. Know that he, calmly deal with each other ferocious, to avoid its edge, homeopathic cited. By its virtual, hit the gap, and will not be flustered, helpless and carelessness.
(2) sticky sticky sticky, poor rice to fill beans
According to "and the old spectrum" records: sticky sticky with tai chi must master the method. Dip is hand and hand stained. Tai chi hand is to take over the elbow, change each other to see elbow. Sticky sticky paint sticky, so that people have touched my hand can not leave it. Even the corner is not separated from the corner. With the trend of people that advance and retreat. Sticky sticky is light, spiritual, live It is the function of the question, listen to the strong, the situation is good, I Shun people back.
A piece of rice is a piece of rice is a tai chi in the teaching of oral, is to guide the hands to grasp the size of the momentum, the speed of the principle is sticky sticky way. Boxing said: people just I soft that go, I chen people that sticky sticky. In the fight only when I was able to "walk away", can not go to the top of the drop, can "sticky" live not to leave the enemy, sticky, such as security can make people back to me? Answer: poor rice A bean. In the trend of man
That the advance and retreat, give the other a little effort, spread on each other's body, so that the other side in a control of the strength, this strength can not be large, big easy to use; not small, small can not be connected, The strength of the "rice and beans" ratio. This strength of the essentials to master, the use of appropriate, is the question, tempted, listen to the law. To their strength if the go, there must be true and false changes in yin and yang, I will take advantage of the other side to find the center of gravity, control each other, so that passive beaten; to his strength if no sense plus or hard top, I hit by the potential. I am strong, I am still the first, "he does not move, has not moved, he moved, has been moving ; He has been moving, has been first "and other theories vivid and the image of the argument, easy to understand, philosophical esoteric.
(3) to what to Han. Eat what Han also Han
According to "and the old spectrum" records: to what to Han, eat Han also Han, is the tai chi in the hands of the more technical, with the language of life, the visualization of the push in the hands of the people have been hit, principle.
So what to Han, in line with people just my soft, to soft grams just martial arts principle. In the push, the other side with the force of the fierce hit or take my body a part, I put this part to each other. "To" the other side of the trend of no resistance, so that the other side of the force applied to me instantly in the invisible, that hit where the empty, nowhere to force. To the people from, to not simply to, if you want to give it, then it becomes a person to do cloth hit the state, then tai chi do not become a soft just, after the first hair, skillfully defended the boxing. "To" is to "want", from the person is to have been. In the course of the process, I formed a moment without force, this momentum is bound to come to nothing, can this fleeting, it reached by the purpose. Can be made by the right, that is, get the machine, without thinking, just follow the fist to go round arc, you can quickly change the direction of the other force, so that the power of the other side of the circle with my rotation into an angle is proportional to.