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Taichi Practice Rules And Radius

Taichi practice rules and radius
Most of the tai chi training group is only satisfied with the match gloves, do not pay attention to the rules of action, can not reach the tai chi should exercise effect, lost the true meaning of tai chi, lost the tai chi charm. This article tries to talk about personal opinions from the perspective of teaching and counseling.
Rules and rules
Taichi "rules" is the tai chi predecessors through practice, to create handed down to move and standardization of the special requirements. It is a strictly regulated rule, there is a unique theoretical system. All kinds of Taichi although the style, the characteristics of each feature, but the exercise can be summarized as: mind intentionally, Chiang Kai-shek, soft and slow, coherent round living, symmetrical coordination, the actual situation is clear, brisk calm, hardness and softness, breathing and action with The Taichi to practice superb, first of all from the rules to start. "Must first seek co-ordination in the rules, for a long time used to natural, clear rules and keep the rules, off the rules and the rules, since the enemy should be calm and exercise, such as transfer." You can see a tai chi style has a strict rules, Recklessly.
In the teaching and training of Taichi, we should pay attention to the basic action, the basic posture of the rules, to the practice boxer to clarify every action of each move use; to strictly regulate the tai chi hand style, Body type, shenfa. On this basis, step by step, repeated practice, and gradually in the coherent action in the basic action and posture integration, grasp the speed of action, routes and methods, and gradually achieve the body is comfortable, impartial, no time, action coherent round , From top to bottom with the whole body coordination. So be considered to be "clear rules and keep the rules" in order to achieve the basic requirements of Tai Chi.
How to get off the rules and rules?
If we "rules and rules" as a tai chi teaching process "shaping", then "off the rules and the rules" is "creative."
Here the "creative" has three meanings:
First, China's popular all kinds of tai chi is in accordance with the requirements and rules created, in line with the basic theory of tai chi and connotation requirements. It can be said that the creation of tai chi is a "creative".
Second, to combine the personal characteristics of the creative use of martial arts, the use of martial arts, that is, play a personal expertise, flexible use, reflecting the personality.
Third, the performance of Tai Chi "God". "Off" is detached meaning, is the originality of the performance of personality; and "together" with "contains" meaning. Original must follow a certain degree of law, rules, so "off" and "together" is complementary. Taichi in the "rules and rules" is to seek "shape", "off the rules and the rules" is seeking "God". "God" is a kind of pursuit of both inside and outside the unity of both the shape and spirit of the charm, the performance is a "arbitrary (ideas) no healing moment," the realm of charm.
From rules to radius
Tai Chi who also: regardless of the inside and outside from top to bottom, not from this side also round the disc, the side of the advance and retreat, with the side of the round of the round From the side to carry out, round for the compact, radius of the rules to the outside of this Zai. "Between the rules and the radius is reflected in a causal relationship, the rules are conditions, radius is the result. It is impossible to produce the latter without the former. The Eastern Jin Dynasty calligrapher Wang Xizhi on the study of calligraphy has such a sentence: "Fu Xue Shu words, to comply with the law." Because he wrote a book to comply with the correct law, painstaking research on the basis of previous experience to create The first line of the book, which was the world respect for the "holy book."
Practice boxing is the case. Throughout the ancient and modern, we have not found that do not follow the rules and can be in the martial arts sector into the flow of the century "famous". Square and round are two different shapes of geometry, in the tai chi in the just and soft, straight and song, anxious as a form of expression, radius and phase, out of nature, can show tai chi soothing soft, tight but not stiff Loose and unremitting, hardness and softness of the charm to. Obliterate the rules in a radius, poor metamorphosis in the fist, fit in the rationale, since the wonderful.