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Taichi Is Not Arranged According To The Law Of Breathing

Taichi is not arranged according to the law of breathing
Taichi God, meaning, gas, is the three elements of its internal strength. The gas and breathing method, both to improve the internal strength, but also learn the important factors of the pole pole, it is the overall technical improvement and physical and mental health is essential. Taichi said: "can breathe and then be flexible." So, practice Taichi should be gradual, phased practice, master and use good breathing.
1 natural breathing stage
"Natural breathing" is the instinctive way of breathing. Beginners or Taichi two or three years should take such breathing methods. Practice Taichi, according to their usual habits, natural breathing, do not have to be bound by action.
Action, when the suction is sucked, when the call is called, all smooth and natural. This stage of the technical characteristics of the shape is "heavy does not mean", "practice does not refining gas." Such as premature attention to breathing with action, prone to suffocation, adverse health and learning action. At this stage, we should focus on grasping the action specifications, the action to learn accurately, will learn a solid frame, lay the foundation of the body, which is a key step to learn Taichi.
2 consciousness involved in the breathing phase
Refers to the natural breathing habits on the basis of Taichi, awareness of appropriate involvement in breathing and action with. At this stage, Taichi frame should be more skilled, playing Taichi complete coordination, coherent round living, harmonious and smooth not "power." This stage, the technical characteristics of the air is "to the conductor", "to body gas", "switch gas". The formation of "first outside the inside", "outside the guide" of the Taichi potential. At this time, consciousness can dominate the overall action of some of the elements, the cerebral cortex can take into account the breathing movement, under the guidance of consciousness, for some simple and open the obvious action to breathe with.
Breathing, the use of "abdominal deep breathing" way, each action began to inhale, the action is completed when the breath, that is, "open pull together call." And in the routine to gradually increase the proportion of breathing with action. In addition, according to the action essentials, repeated practice, to guide the body, to promote the opening of the meridian points, breathing within the air, so that breathing and action naturally combined with the initial formation of incomplete "Taichi potential breathing" (this time, Shape is not enough to harmonize). This stage, still do not pay too much attention to breathing action. The correct approach is that the best use of the situation, let it be, Remember that "meaning the spirit, not in the gas in the gas is lag."
3 Taichiquan breathing stage.
"Taichi breath" refers to the breathing and action (limb development, the accumulation of power, offensive and defensive awareness of the performance, etc.) closely with the breathing movement, is to learn a certain degree of natural formation of a breathing method. At this stage, the action has become the correct "power stereotypes", action norms, from the "outside the guide", "within the" outside the request of the Taichi law. This stage, the technical characteristics of the air is "to defend the gas", "gas to the body", "heavy meaning is not heavy." At this time, consciousness is the main action of the main elements of the coach, under the guidance of the guidance of consciousness, the formation of breathing with action, action guide breathing organic combination. Really do the "meaning of the gas to the gas with the", "inside and outside the match", and God, Italy, gas, strength, shape unity, and orderly full of extreme potential breathing.
Breathing to nasal inhalation, nose breath or nose and mouth at the same time breath, can not be used to inhale; breathing to deep, long, are, fine, slow; call with the exchange of exchange, there is a stop A brief transition to a curved arc. At this point, call or suck to be gentle, light, smooth and natural exchange. The basic form of breathing is the "gas Shen Dan Tian" abdominal breathing. The basic law of breathing is: the action when the limbs on the move, after the arrival of inspiratory, forward when the forward breath; chest diastolic breathing, breathing when the chest breath; When the release of breath
In the invention of strength, the general use of "abdominal anti-breathing" method, the first gas charge, and then gas to urge. That is combined with the body movements, inspiratory force in the pubic region; force, with the breath of urging, will save the sense of gas, power outbreak. At this stage, the main respiratory breathing, natural breathing supplement (from the regulatory role).
Taichi is not arranged according to the law of breathing, breathing and routine structure can not match everywhere. When practicing Taichi, you can not limit your breath by action. Should be born in mind the "gas to keep and harmless."