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Simple Method Of Induction Of Qigong

Learn to exercise Qigong to now, also ten years, the body health, all over the warmth lele, oneself have what discomfort, can be in the formation of pathological changes before perceiving, and recuperation, make it disappear invisible. Looking back over the past 10 years, (in fact, the effect from the first day of practicing Qigong, ten years is just a happy and healthy life process) I summed up in the initial practice of Qigong, the straight road less detours of some personal insights, I hope to share with friends.

Just beginning to learn qigong people, are in the body turbid gas, Yin qi heavier people, so the first stage is to exclude these turbid yin Qi, the gas into the Qing Yang. This is the beginning of the beginner must do, but I found a lot of self-study qigong people, they are starting from the Jinggong, this will be a detour. Each faction has the means to rule out the qi of turbid Yin and to adopt the Qi of Qing Yang, are in the early morning, facing the east, by the mind to open the body's pores or holes, with breathing, suction when the body of the mind to pick up the gas, when the idea of the body row turbid Yin Qi, as for the shape posture and ideas, breathing coordination, each faction or different, But the fundamentals are the same. If not first through the open "excretion" process, it began to engage in closed training really gas, but also can, but is more around detours. When the body's turbid yin to eliminate almost, the body is healthy, feel the body refreshing, this time, you can enter the next stage. is to gather less platoon, if the first stage is to arrange the balance, then at this stage, we should pay attention to poly, that is, more into the Qi Qing yang. Many friends have been practicing preliminary exercise, but have stayed in the primary stage, it is because too rigid, just according to the practice, did not pay attention to their own changes, the primary disease gas (there are many kinds of disease, from coarse to subtle, need to practice in-depth, to gradually clear) row almost, we will gather training real gas, to the next stage again platoon, But they do not understand, constantly on the surface of the article, today's mining, tomorrow platoon out, such as bees to collect honey, is very hard-working, but can only do "hinges", to maintain the initial health, but difficult to deep, really start the body inside the treasure house. Gather the true gas, is need to practice, or as the rain fell on the body, wet, and then dry. The so-called "Lian" refers to the intention of the gas, whether it is to turn Sunday or the body breathing, or rotation, or flow, or impact lesions, as long as the gas movement, even if it is a smelting. When we first started refining, because the body meridian of the beginner is not sensitive, feel less or feel the flow of gas, is generally thought is just the activity of the idea, in fact, Qigong is "meaning to the gas", intentional on the gas, just start feeling not angry, is not really no gas. "Pai" In addition to the turbid Yin Qi, "gather" to clear Yang's gas, then "Lian" real gas, down to "raise" real gas. The real gas is like training, refining the soldiers, the total can not be dissolved? Put the soldiers in the barracks. The Hara is really gas "barracks", to the real gas back to the lower Hara, and then Italy, let the real gas exists under the Hara, at the same time the idea of collecting work.

 As beginners, the beginning stage, is "pai-poly-Lian-yang", you can first refine the "gathering" process, that is, ventilation, and then "Lian-yang", if time permits, can also be carried out. Many qigong methods seem to be very magical, the idea of a lot of work is very complex, in fact not necessarily, the introduction of Qigong is actually very simple, the rationale of the self-tong. At the same time, from the basis of Statement, the more concise the more advanced, like the foundation of the primary school, if the primary school gives you a physics, then the future development is limited (of course, my personal opinion), if the law designers to eliminate the self-righteous part, then the rest of the core of qigong, simple and straightforward.

The above is a beginner to practice Qigong line, concrete method, can continue to explore. With the idea of practicing Qigong, I have a plan to cultivate it. Qigong is a lot of work, but it doesn't change. Here's a simple, easy to work method ... Body breathing. Can be "pai-poly-Lian" step, and then with the agreement to keep Qi, you can easily get started, play to dispel disease fitness, strengthen the role of physique. Qigong emphasizes "body posture, breathing way, mind activity" namely "adjust body, breath, adjust the heart", the key of the body is to relax, to the level of relaxation; The key is breathing deep long, to depth to all levels, the general requirements of breathing into the lower abdomen, emphasizing "the root of interest" , in addition to the corresponding ideas, the key is not excessive death, to clear the spirit of soft, meaning like water.

The practice of body breathing can be combined into life, and can be carried out in a separate special time. If it is specialized time, then can use two feet slightly wider than the shoulder, the body naturally loose posture; The breath uses the reverse abdomen type breath, when inspiratory, the attention is sucks the abdomen, is not sucks the abdomen, the chest fluctuation best also reduces; at the same time the mind body's pores open, the universe's true gas from the capillary hole in the fine, enters the body, sinks into the Hara Use deep breathing, when you can not smoke, a little more closed for a while, then exhale, exhale, the idea gas from pores out, shot through the horizon. If the combination of life in the practice, then inhale, accept the abdomen, the idea of gas from the body into the skin, exhale, from the pores shot through the horizon, pay attention to breathing long. "Body breathing" is equivalent to the exhaust ventilation function, the body of the yin slag out of the gas, and the absorption process, the equivalent of Poly Gas, the universe of the gas to converge to the body, and control of the Hara to the capillary, to the skin of the line of gas trajectory, is equivalent to the process of "Lian".

The following combined with the Qi method, you can complete the introduction of qigong, dispel disease fitness. If it's a special time for body breathing, after practice, the idea first to keep the hara (eyebrows and ears up an inch in the brain of the intersection line area), over 3 minutes, with eyes to look down the hara (navel three inches of the abdominal cavity), and then the idea of gently guarding the hara, the time at least 3 minutes, if allowed time limit. Qigong method is from the depth of life understanding and exploration of the emergence of qigong pay attention to "the more advanced work method more concise", the key thing is often a word on the Ming.

The above is the recommended way to "gather and keep". Through the above process, can play the role of rousing, dispel disease fitness, while laying the foundation for advanced cultivation.