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Shaolin Qigong Gas Extraction Method

Shaolin qigong gas extraction method
 Shaolin qigong there are many types, many people in the practice, do not know how to choose, because each type of Shaolin Qigong have different practice methods have effect, so the choice must be based on their own practical needs, to To choose their own Shaolin Qigong classification ... ...
Preparation of gas production
(1) standing, Shaolin sitting in a chair or lying on the bed can be. Generally should take standing posture, feet apart shoulder width, feet slightly outside the character, knees bent, arms hanging down on both sides of the body, the body should be upright, so that the Baihui will be into a straight line, jaw micro Closing, tongue on the palate, lips light closed, visual front, micro closed eyes, smiling, natural breathing, remove distractions. The same time as
(2) Imagine yourself in a beautiful mountain above the landscape, meaning the body expansion becomes infinite, meaning the body to the sky cosmic infinite stretch, Shaolin the head stretched out to the universe over the Milky Way, feet into the Earth Center, through the Earth The Surrounded by misty white air at the foot of the fluttering wandering, then as if the bottom of my only one, around the sun and the moon around the stars and nothing outside the nothing. My body is full of the entire universe, imagine the whole body without the skin, the joints do not exist. And then think of their own gas from the skull rise, and the universe over the sun Huiguang energy flow, imagine the overhead sun, chest and the foot of the earth at the foot of the earth, the light flow of light will be light inside and outside the body light , Then the body is like a very bright light body in the universe to enlarge the light. In the future practice to maintain this state, in such a mood to practice you can make a long job quickly.
 (3) then inhale, Shaolin meaning whole body skin. With the breath of meditation "loose" word, to the meaning of the skin surface tension with the "loose" and gradually disappear, breathing to deep, long, uniform, fine. So relax and relax for 3 times, and then relax the whole body muscles, fascia, bones and joints, internal organs, the brain, each place to relax 3 times, and finally from the overall downward relaxation 3 times. The specific operation is with the breath of meditation "loose" word, intended to loose from the head to the foot. Such a cycle for relaxation. Such as self-feeling relaxed is not ideal, you can do it again to relax work. The same time as
(4) turn hands palm outward, Shaolin two palms from both sides from bottom to top along the universe skylight arc. Hands with the suction up slowly on the move, the idea of all the energetic Huaguang energy flow gathered in the top of the sky above the sky. With the exhaled palm down, meaning Huiguang energy flow down his hands down, head of the head "Baihui" points, when the hands of both hands relative to the front of the body down. Intentionally the top of the light energy flow from the head, neck, chest, abdomen, along the two legs down to the calf, soles of the feet "Yongquan" points and feet big toe out to the human heart, through the earth into the universe interstellar. At the same time both hands lead to the next position after the pubic region back on both sides of the body. Press the law for 30 minutes or so.
Most of the gas production methods are required to put the body into space, the intention of the gas slowly concealed their own body. As for the Huiguang color selection, Shaolin generally began to golden, gold-based. Practice time can be more than 30 minutes, but can also be ten minutes, or even a few minutes. At any time you can practice this work, such as walking and so on can be. Breathing can use natural breathing or abdominal breathing. After long-term cultivation, read power enhancement, the idea of cosmic Huiguang energy flow together, penetrate the patient after the head of the hundred points directly after the lesion, or directly into the ward, intended to spread out of illness, the condition improved. This regulates the patient's biological field, so that patients recover. Similarly, this method can also be a collective treatment, with power and so on. Gas production methods are more, Shaolin practitioners according to their specific circumstances to choose one or two methods of long-term practice, so as to practice kung fu to.