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Shaolin Kung Fu Include What Routines

Shaolin martial arts out of the world, Shaolin martial arts all over the world. Shaolin kung fu after more than a thousand years of gestation and accumulation, not only rich in content, but also a wide range of routines. By nature can be broadly divided into internal strength, external work, hard work, dodge, qigong and so on. Internal strength to practice refined gas-based; external work, hard work refers to a local body part of the fierce exercise; dodge practicing longitudinal jump and distance; Qigong, including training and Yang Qi. Divided by skill boxing, stick surgery, gunsmiths, knife surgery, fencing, martial arts Sanda, equipment and equipment on a total of more than 100 kinds of training. These routines and hard and soft martial arts, due to the age-old, lost a lot, according to incomplete statistics have so far passed the following routines:

1, boxing

Boxing is the source of martial arts. Shaolin boxing martial arts include Rohan, Xiao Hongquan, Dahongquan, Lao Hongquan, Shaolin Five Fist, Five Fist, Zhaoyang Fist, Chain Fist, Gong Liquan, Tan Le, Soft Boxing, Liuhe Quan, Yuan Gong, Boxing, Taizu Changquan, artillery boxing, lie lying boxing, Shaolin boxing, plum boxing, Tongbei boxing, view tide boxing, diamond boxing, Qixingquan, practice boxing, drunk Eight Immortals, monkey boxing, mind boxing, long hammer, five Tiger boxing, fist Tiger boxing, black tiger boxing, chase arm, long kwan east boxing, dragon out of sea boxing, turning child boxing, eagle jaw claw boxing, boxing flow boxing. Summarized into four categories [Shaolin boxing, Tai Chi, Xingyi Quan, Ba Gua Zhang] and so on.

Shaolin martial arts are vigorous and powerful, just in a soft, unpretentious, conducive to actual combat, bidding is a potential non-playing or defense, no shelves. In the practice of Shaolin boxing, not subject to restrictions on the venue, there is "land lying on the ground," said that the style is mainly reflected in a "hard" word, offensive and defensive both to attack the main. Boxing does not emphasize the aesthetic appearance, just practical skills. Step forward and retreat flexible, agile, there is a punch line said. In the figure and punches, requiring novice song without song, straight but not straight, advance and retreat access, all comfortable. Footwork requires a solid and flexible, pay attention to the visual eyes, luck to gas Shen Dantian. Its action is as lightning, turn like a spin, stand as nail, jump like light fly. Shaolin boxing faction North and South factions, the South sent heavy fist, the North sent heavy legs, each faction is divided into many small factions.

2, stick surgery

Shaolin sticks have ape sticks, wind sticks, Qimei sticks, big pole, flag door sticks, small Yat sticks, big yotang sticks, Shaolin sticks, small plum sticks, Yunyang sticks, hilltop sticks, yinshou sticks, masculine Stick, Wuhu catch sheep sticks and so on. Pairs of sticks on the practice sticks, shuttlecock, six pole, broken stick twelve road. Stick a large, swept away a split whole body efforts. Stick up whirring wind, lively rhythm, stick law intensive, fast brave. It can not only improve physical fitness but also defeat the enemy. In the anti-enemy defenses of all generations, Shaolin sticks have played an important role.

3, gunfire

Gun king of ancient weapons. Shaolin guns have Shaolin guns, five tiger guns, night war guns, stove guns, barbed-door guns, golden double tongue guns, embarrassed guns, thirteen guns, eighteen guns, twenty-one guns, twenty-four Twenty-seven guns, thirty-one guns, thirty-six guns, forty-eight guns, eighty-four guns, six gunshots, ten guns, six guns, secret gunshots 36 , Leopard flower guns and so on. A pair of practicing gunfire on the gun, pistol, war gun, pole pair gun, Liuhe gun, thirty-six gun break practice, twenty-one gun on the stab and so on.

There is a verse of Shaolin gunmanship is: "Body show like a cat, tie a gun such as fighting tiger, gun a line, the gun out of archery, shooting a gun, such as the tiger, walking as climbing, pressure gun such as the tiger, Such as pick the dragon, his eyes to look high, natural and physical methods, block, take, Kang, point, collapse, pick, dial, all kinds of usage mystery.

4, knife surgery

Knife is one of the important weapons in ancient history, which knives known as the "hundred soldiers handsome." "Knife, such as the tiger, gun like a dragon," a knife exercise must have a style of exercise, mighty gas generous. Shaolin knives have spring and autumn knives, plum knives, Shaolin single-pole, Shaolin double-edged, courageous knife, the length of the knife, snow knife, knife stove, hold the moon knife, Mountain knife, six pole, eight pole, Taizu Wolong knife, Momen single knife, dovetail single knife, plum double hair knife, ground double pole knife, rolling knife, single knife long knife, five tiger Shaolin chasing knives. On the practice knife surgery on the knife, combo knife, single on the chopper, split on the knife, single pole into the double pole and so on. The use of the knife is wrapped around the brain wrapped around the brain, flip cleaved sweep, cloud hanging upstairs, racks wipe pick and so on, and a single knife, double knife to go, sword to see the top hand, split, tease, chop, Said.

5, fencing

Sword health, graceful, bold, since ancient times, far-reaching spread. Shaolin sword with Dharma sword, heaven and earth sword, sword chain, Taiyi sword, two sword, five sword, dragon sword, dragon sword, white ape sword, robe robes, Liu Xuande sword, Qingfeng sword, dragon Swords, martial arts and other swords. There are two pairs of sword practice sword, five sword on the thorn, Shaolin sword on the spike. Jianjue: "The sword is a dragon sword, walking sword to be good, gas to follow the sword line, eyes Jian Jian Jian, Shen Shen two feet steady, body and mind to be natural, such as flying sword Jianxing, Sword closing footage, sword thorns such as steel nails.

6, qigong

Qigong is a major category of Shaolin Kung Fu. The Qigong circulating in Shaolin Temple includes Yi Jin Jing, Xiao Wu Gong, Zhan Zong Gong, Yishou Yin and Yang Law, and Yuan Qigong.

Of course, in addition to these mentioned above, Shaolin Kung Fu contains a lot of routines, such as martial arts, hard and soft martial arts, equipment and equipment, martial arts practice routines and so on