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Qigong Has A Healthy Brain

Qigong has a healthy brain

Qigong is even widely circulated in our country. It emphasizes harmony and perfection, attaches importance to the theory of Chinese medicine, such as "the unity of heaven and man", which is flexible, stable, slow and coherent, and involves all the muscles and joints of the body. Practice, emphasizing the meaning to guide action, serene and bring attention, action and natural coordination, breathing muscles need to maintain a certain relaxation and strength in storage, etc., through the practice to achieve the purpose of god health. "Shape and god", "unity of form and god" is the precondition of mental agility, so from the medical perspective, Qigong is beneficial to the brain.

Modern medical research proves that, when practicing qi gong, it can have a positive effect on the nervous system in the following ways.

(1) the exercise of Qigong can form a special focal point in the cerebral cortex, while the other regions are inhibited. When you practice Qigong, you need to be absorbed in your mind, and you intend to keep your mind on your stomach (i.e. to stay in the field), and to eliminate the need to "use your mind" and "quiet". This kind of consciousness and the method of combining physical exercise, is under the condition of the central nervous system stimulant increase, it makes the brain cortex functional areas to form a special excitement stove (excited) in certain areas concentrated in a small, while other areas in the inhibition of state. In this way, the brain can be fully rested, which can break the pathological excitement of the disease, repair and improve the function of the advanced nerve center, and play a healthy brain.

(2) practicing Qigong can have a benign effect on the plant nervous system. Deep breathing when practicing Qigong, but influence on vegetative nervous system function in (according to the Shanghai medical university physical teaching and research section of animal experiments have proved that the exhale parasympathetic nervous excitement, inhale sympathetic excitement), which can make the plant nerve system activity disorder adjustment and improvement.

(3) practicing Qigong can also improve the balance and coordination of human body movements. The coordination and balance requirements of Qigong movement are higher, which is a kind of exercise for the nervous system, which is conducive to the development of balance and coordination.

Of course, Qigong has a positive effect on cardiovascular system, respiratory system and digestive system. Therefore, practicing Qigong every morning is of great benefit to the health of middle-aged and old people.

Qigong is a kind of suitable for physical fitness, it play a good effect on the central nervous system, strengthen the blood circulation, reduce blood in the body, improve the process of digestion and metabolism. Adapt to a variety of chronic disease rehabilitation, almost of neurasthenia, neuralgia, high blood pressure, heart disease, gastrointestinal, liver disease, kidney disease, strain of lumbar muscles, rheumatism product, arthritis, diabetes, etc., has a good curative effect. It is an old and young salt appropriate health health movement. Improving human metabolism is an important health factor for Qigong. Many diseases of the elderly are inseparable from the lower metabolism. Therefore, to insist on the qi gong, to lower blood cholesterol content, to prevent the arterial pulse hardening has a good effect.