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Qigong Anti - Deviation And Qigong Correction

Qigong anti - deviation and Qigong correction
 Practicing Qigong, many people are afraid of partial. Some practitioners are often according to the book practice, and some books do not speak of anti-bias, correction of the law, all the way to ask, nor is the average person can do, once out, we must endure pain. Here, put forward some anti-bias, correction of the method for reference.
1. Ideas can not be overweight. Such as practicing soon, the body of a part of the heat, it would like to take it over "three off", through the Governor, the pursuit of illusion. This is called "intention" in Qigong. It should be recognized that Qigong has its own laws, meridian fluent, from the Qigong exercise in the natural formation, not the idea of thinking, overnight. So I do not advocate "to Italy to take the gas." To take the collar easily prone to: shaking his head shrugged, twisted back, dancing, tumbling somersault, cried, and even bow arch, buckling and so on and so on. At that time, they can not control, easy to cause falls, or even damage the internal organs, nerves. So the idea can not frivolous, should be static-based. Static to soothe the nerves, God is solid shape, in order to make the body healthy.
2. Control six, to prevent external interference. Six, is the eye, ears, nose, tongue, body, meaning. It is difficult to do so, but the sound of the outside world (especially noise, noise) can be controlled, not for its troubles, and even noise, become their favorite health music, Or fun music. Of course, Qigong this can not be done immediately. Long this time, not only the ears are not fans of five tones, and anti-noise interference, in the downtown to take quiet. Eyes do not fans of five colors, eyes to curtains half closed, flat view, but turn a blind eye. Static power can also be inside, not as "view of the tunnel", the practice of binocular as a thing, within the scene in the "back to the view", in order to "sight", and not in the vision as the pursuit of more can not pursue "Beauty", evil thoughts. The nose is not fans of flavors, practicing in the occasional flowers, pink incense, wine and meat into the nose, not evil Dayton Dayton, should take it lightly, do not mind that God does not disturb.
3. Preventive labor. Practice to prevent fatigue, Qigong feel tired that power recovery. In daily life to prevent over tired, but also to prevent injury due to internal injuries, for a long time injury bone, long line of injury, long injury, should be done to the work of the swap. Preventive labor must pay great attention to the room labor, that is, sex life. Sick people in the practice of medical treatment, the best suspension of 3 months, followed by control; disease-free people, but also to control, to pay attention to indulgence. Practice is an important part of the "training Jinhua fine", "practice refined gas" are for the full, gas foot. Jing is the essence of God, Jing Ji death, the most important thing.
4. Anti-exorcism. Pay attention to hot and cold, heat injury bone marrow, cold spleen meat. Pay attention to increase or decrease clothes, do not practice in the outlet, do not wear wet clothes practice, practice sweat after the sweat can not sit, do not practice in the hot sun, can not practice in the storms.
5. Pay attention to air and other. Practice Qigong, it is necessary to pay attention to gas machine, do not prevent the operation of air, such as clothes to be loose, do not have tight belt, strap, shoelaces, garter, do not wear tight shoes, high heels. Practice before the exclusion of urine, not in the big hungry, full, shocked, furious, too excited when practicing.
Practice time, there should be no chaos of the heart, Qigong no matter what surprises inside disturbed, ignored. There are surprises, such as quiet when someone greeted, some exclaimed, the car ring, masonry hit and so on, because the thought is prepared, even suddenly surprised, will immediately receive the mind, safe and sound. At the same time can do two days opening and closing, help to settle down. In order to practice safety, practice the best place to choose a quiet place. Some people in the practice of greeting, should calmly calm, or slow should be heard. Must not be frightened and hate anger, otherwise it will make air pulse disorder.
Practice in the ant line, insect climbing the feeling, Qigong more in the neck, face or skin, do not scratch by hand, so as not to impede the flow of qi and rendezvous. Adhere to practice down, ignored, they will gradually disappear. Practice, the so-called "eight touch": big, small, light, heavy, cool, hot, itching, hemp, are all the practice of feeling, do not have doubts, there is doubt that the signal disorder, Growers here.
Sitting in the chair when sitting on the chair or bedside, must be down to earth, not allowed to vacant, otherwise it will cause foot weight, low back pain, blood paralysis of the disease, or in the vacant illusion and fell to the ground,