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Qigong And Yoga

Qigong and yoga
Qigong literally understood, by the "gas" and "power" to form the word. What is "qi", it is understood as "material", "spirit", "field", "energy" and so on, can not be satisfied, can not express its true meaning. Gas, qi, qi and yang of the gas, air, momentum, solar terms, gas, gas, luck, aura, courage, five elements of the gas, anger, etc. From the "gas" the word is extremely rich in usage, we can see The word "qi" has been carrying too much of the implication of oriental philosophy. When the ancient Chinese people to express a mysterious thought, regardless of the spirit or material, are used to "gas" the most handy expression, "gas" is the "Road" is the most similar metaphor. Understand the gas is just the surface, the road is the goal, then we look at what is "Road", look at the history of Chinese philosophy, you can understand, "Road" is the ultimate existence, The highest state of mind, and the truth of our consciousness is pure consciousness. The word "work" represents a maneuverability in the structure of the word "Qigong". It shows that Qigong is not illusory or imaginary, but practical; it shows that people through continuous training, can achieve the "Tao" level.
 Yoga has been able to get the trust of the ancient Indians, because yoga is a technology, not a fantasy, but can practice, can be repeated operation and verification. In ancient India, yoga is the only way to pursue the highest wisdom, its authority can not be suspected. Although yoga has a lot of factions, what is Hatha Yoga, what is the specific yoga, what wins the king yoga, what is the trochanter yoga ........ But they are yoga. Their goals are consistent. In ancient India, yoga has a privileged position.

After discussing yoga, let's take a look at China's Qigong. In ancient China, there was no dominance of a certain kind of training method, although the emphasis on the ultimate truth of the ancient Chinese was not lost in the ancient Indians. Taoist mainstream of the so-called alchemy Dan law, breathing law; Confucian emphasis on meditation; and Buddhism is numerous, there are meditation, read spells, ideas and so on. In modern times, the word Qigong unified the above-mentioned different claims, which is a trend of the times. Qigong is the modern people for the ancient Chinese known as the guide, breathing, alchemy Dan, view, meditation, and so on and so on the method of mental and physical exercise after the use of the argument. Let us first analyze the word "Qigong". It is absolutely necessary to do so. Because when people have to explore what is the Qigong, when the Qigong sector and non-Qigong sector to explore Qigong, but ignored the most basic concept analysis.
 What is the relationship between Qigong and yoga? By analyzing their concept can understand that Qigong is actually yoga, yoga is Qigong, Qigong and yoga is actually one, in fact they are a kind of thing two expressions, is a thing developed under the two civilizations the result of. For there is only one truth, one for the truth, and Qigong and yoga is the door to truth. In the yoga, the truth is called "Vatican", "big", "Atama" and so on; in the Qigong system, the truth is called "Road", "true" and so on. The beginning of this article for yoga description of the theory, but also apply Qigong.

If not sure the relationship between Qigong and yoga. Then we look at the training methods of Qigong and yoga, Qigong pay attention to the "three tune", that is, "tune up", "interest rate", "self-aligning", by adjusting the body's posture, breathing, consciousness to abandon distractions, thus To achieve the "Road" realm. Yoga training method is the same ah, the front has been said: yoga training is the core part of people to adjust their body posture, breathing, focus on a certain point, and thus abandon the personal and distractions into the state of entry. Yoga and Qigong is actually the same thing, and there is no essential difference, some just some small difference Bale.